Saint Botolph Algate

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This page summarises data in the MarineLives wiki regarding the parish of Saint Botolph Algate.

The parish of Saint Botolph Algate is located in London.

This table aggregates data from all semantic biographies in the MarineLives wiki relating to the parish of Saint Botolph Algate
Full nameFirstnameLastnameBirth yearBirth placeRes streetRes parishRes townRes countyOccupationMariner occupationHas literacyDep start
John BettonJohnBetton1601Saint Botolph AlgateLondonWhite bakerMarkeHCA 13/70 f.448v Annotate
Thomas BryanThomasBryan1630Saint Botolph AlgateLondonMarinerCooperSignatureHCA 13/70 f.494r Annotate
Thomas ChantrallThomasChantrall1632Saint Botolph AlgateLondonCooperCooper's mateSignatureHCA 13/71 f.487v Annotate
John CozensJohnCozens1630Saint Botolph AlgateLondonMarinerOne of the Company
Presumably common man
MarkeHCA 13/72 f.205r Annotate
Richard DavisRichardDavis1625Saint Botolph AlgateLondonLightermanSignatureHCA 13/70 f.689v Annotate
Edmond ReynolldsEdmondReynollds1607Saint Botolph AlgateLondonCooperSignatureHCA 13/71 f.484r Annotate
John WallravenJohnWallraven28 May 1630Saint Botolph AlgateLondonChirurgionSignatureHCA 13/70 f.17v Annotate