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Hearth tax: Kent & Surrey

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To do

(1) Add Godstone, Surrey

(2) Research when and how Sandwich, Dover and Deale hearth tax returns were made. They are not included in Duncan Harrington's lent 1664 Lady day transcription of the Kent Hearth tax returns. Were the Cinque Port returns made separately? Have they been transcribed?


The towne of Ashford in the Lath of Scray

Ralph Clare 14
Samuell Wood 13
Mr Osmanton in an empty house 11
John Nower gent 9
Mr John Nowell 8
Robert Gibbs 8
Mr James Bate 7
Mr Edward Woodward 7
Joy Starr 7
Mr Hilkiah Reader 7
Ralph Dayton 7

Parish of Aylesford

Sir John Banks 25 hearths[1]
George Duke Esq 15
John Taylor 10

Parish of Bexley

S(i)r Rob(er)t Austin barr(one)t 29[2]
Henry Grimes gen(tleman) 10
Henry Carew 10

Parish of Bromfield

William Cage Esq(uire) in Leeds Castle 32

The Precinct of Christchurch Canterbury Within the lath of St. Augustine

Dr. Thomas Turner Deane 27
(and lots of ecclesiastical doctors in quite large houses)


S[i]r Anth[ony] Batteman knight 21 hearths[3]

S[i]r Anth[ony] Bateman 6 hearths (empty howse)

The Hundred of Chetham and Gillingham In the Lath of Aylesford The half hundred of Chetham

In ye King's pay house 14
Mr William Jenman 13
Mr Charles Boules 13
Peter Pett Esquire 12 hearths
Mr Henry Sheafe 12
Mr William Hempson 12
Captain John Brock 11
Mr Haward in 4 tenements 11
Captain John Crux 10
Nathaniel Holt 10
James Ansell 10
Mr Phillip Barrow 9
Mr Phineas Pett 9
Capt. Phineas Pett 8
John Knight 8
Capt. John Allen 8
Charles Smyth 8
Thomas Bensonn 8
Jihn Wood
Robert Castle 8
Thomas Stretton 7
Robert Fitzhugh 7
Thomas Fletcher 7
Walter Dyer 7
Richard Cooke 7

Parish of Chislehurst

The lower half hundred of Rokesley, Parish of Chislehurst

Sir Oliver Boteler 24 hearths
Sir Andrew Kneviton 9 hearths
Mr Thomas Blinkhorne 15 hearths
Mr Richard Edwards 12 hearths

Sir Richard Bettenson 15 hearths
Mr Ellis Conliffe 9 hearths
Alderman Maynell 8 hearths

Parish of Cudham

Biggest house is only 5 hearths
(see document for data)

Dane Borough

Robert Sprackling 8

Deptford (alias West Greenwich)

The Upper part of Deptford, in the hundred of Blackheath in the lath of Sutton at Hone

Robert Heath Esq 15 hearths
Mrs Pett 6 hearths[4]

John Bradshaw 4 hearths[5]
Capt[ain] Brookes 7 hearths

Capt[ain] Ruth 5 hearths
William Dod 8 hearths

Mr Rob[ert] Waith 12 hearths[6]

Mr Willi[am] Hoskins 6 hearths[7]

Capt[ain] Tobias Sackler 4 hearths

Dr Britten 8 hearths

S[i]r John Cutler 8 hearths[8]
James Sumner 5 hearths[9]
John Detheck 5 hearths

Mr Willi[am] Collett 11 hearths[10]

Math[ew] Pollentine 5 hearths

Mr Thomas Carter 14 hearths

Mrs Muster 13 hearths[11]

William Woodstock 8 hearths

Daniell Dunn 6 hearths

Widd[ow] Robbbins 11 hearths

Mr John Buckridge 7 hearths (fol 1v)

Mr Floud 11 (empty howse, chargable)

S[i]r Nicholas Crispe 3 hearths (empty house, chargable)

Cap[tain] Russell 4 hearths (empty house, chargable)

The Kings Slaught[er] house 4 hearths

The lower part of Deptford

See Greenwood Map of London, Lower Deptford, showing the King's Dock, including Mast Pond, Wet Dock, Upper Watergate, Middle Watergate, and Lower Watergate

John Burton 2 hearths[12]

Ben[jamin] Boate 6 hearths[13]

Will[iam] Meacham 2 hearths[14]

Capt[ain] W[illia]m Boddilow
Mr Tho[mas] Cowley[15]

S[i]r George Cartwright 26 hearths[16]

In the Masthouse 2 hearths (empty house; ?chargeable)

Mr Henry Hughes 32 hearths (empty house; ?chargeable)
S[i]r Nicholas Crispe 6 hearths (empty house; ?chargeable)

The Kings Payhouse 2 hearths (empty house; ?chargeable)

East Greenwich

See profile of Greenwich

See Greenwich section of John Roque's map of London (1695), copy by Samuel Travers (1810)

See Greenwood's Map of London, 1827, Greenwich

Church Wall

Abraham Dry 3 hearths[17]

William Lock 2 hearths[18]

Coombes Hill

William Hooker Esq. 23 hearths[19]

Mrs Judith Mason 29 hearths[20]

Mr Mark Cottell 23 hearths

Mr Christopher Culling 11 hearths
Mr Fran[cis] Primrose 12 hearths[21]
Mr Thomas Lanier 8 hearths
Mr Thomas Potter 14 hearths

London Street

Mr Joseph Hackwell 9 hearths[22]

Michael Yates 6 hearths[23]

Mr Thomas Plume cl[erk] 6 hearths[24]

Highstreet West

Judith Squibb 11 hearths[25]

Highstreet East

John Fuller 6 hearths[26]

Henry Upchurch 6 hearths[27]

Sir James Bunce 12 hearths[28]

Capt[ain] James Lambert 8 hearths[29]


John Watson 2 hearths[31]

Stable Street

Mr Francis Gunn 4 hearths[32]

Mr Thomas Boone 6 hearths[33]
Mr Robert Smyth 8 hearths[34]

Dock and Taverne Rowe

Benjamin Glanvill 12 hearths
Mr John Worrell 14 hearths

Capt[ain] John Dutton 5 hearths

Elizabeth Ball 12 hearths

Mr Thomas Smyth 6 hearths[35]

Hamond Chadwick 14 hearths[36]

Mr William Smyth 10 hearths

Mr Robert Bosvill

Crane South

Mr Tho[mas] Browne the Warden of the Collehe 30 hearths

Mr Christop[her] Musgrove 28 hearths

Capt[ain] George Cock 15 hearths[37]

East Lane East

Charles Broadrick 13 hearths
S[i]r William Boreman 11 hearths[38]
Mr Thomas Marr 9 hearths
Capt[ain] Edward Nash 9 hearths[39]

Timothy Low Esq 4 hearths[40]
Mrs Anne Neale 10 hearths
Capt[ain] John Terith 11 hearths
Mr Richard Clarke 9 hearths
Mr George Bake 9 hearths

Mr William Prittiman 10 hearths

Mr Edward Cledgett

S[i]r Theophilus Biddulph 21 hearths[41]

East Lane West

Mr Edward Packenham 17 hearths[42]

Mr Nicholas Cooke 13 hearths[43]

In East Greenwich

Edward Mathewes 2 hearths (not chargeable)[44]

John George 1 hearth (not chargeable)[45]

The Hundred of Larkefeild: In the Lath of Aylesford: Parish of East Malling

S(i)r Thomas Twysden 23 hearths[46]

East Peckham Upper Borough

S(i)r Roger Twisden Kt & Bart 30 hearths[47]

Parish of Farmborough

Thomas Broome serjt at Law? 16 hearths[48]

Borough of Goodnestone

Sir Thomas Engham 20 hearths
Sir John Boys 10 hearths

The lower half hundred of Totingtrough: Gravesend Towne

John Reddall 15
Mr Samuel Harwar 12
Thomas Bonn 11
William Naylor 9
James Guildford 8
Mr John Morris 8

(more large ones in West Street southside)

Some very large ones in Milton next Gravesend

The Hundred of Westgate in the Lath of St. Augustine Borough of Hackington

Coll(onel Thomas Colpepper 40
The Lady Harfleet 14

Halling Borough

William Clemence 17
Sir John Marsham 8
Thomas Hawes 8


John Harvy Esq 10 hearths
Geo[rge] Thomson Esq 21 hearths

Morrice Thompson Esq 15 hearths[49]
Peter Delonony 13 hearths[50]
Mr Benjamin Collier 8 hearths[51]

S[i]r John Lenthall 5 hearths[52]


S[i]r Will[iam] Wild 18 hearths[53]

Liberty of Riverhead

Mrs Culpepper 10 hearths[54]

The Towne of Maidstone In the lath of Aylesford The High Towne

Dame Ann Asteley 18
Mr William Bickford 17
Walter Giles 13
Mrs Dixon widdow 13
Mr Robert Brooke 10
Thomas Howting 9
Thomas Wood 9
John Downes 9
John Callant junior 8
Mr John Callant senior 8
Richard Duke Esquire 8
Mr Edward Maplisden 8
Mr Gervase Maplisden 8
Thomas Merriam 8
Robert Callant 8
Mr James Ruse 8
Mr George Ongley 7 hearths
William Charlton 7
John Goare 7
Dudly St Leager 7
Stephen Weekes 7
William Willard 7
Mr Gervase Maplesden junior 3
Edward Jury 7
George Maplesden 7
John Merriam 2

Mereworth Parish

In Mereworth Castle 23 hearths

Mr James Master 21 hearths[55]
Mr George Love 8[56]


Sr. Thomas Godfrey 16 hearths


John Boys Esq 18 hearths

Parish of North Cray

Mr Cooke 17
Mr Buggin 16

The Hundred of Cornillo In the Lathe of St Augustine The Upper Halfe Hundred Borough of Northbourne

Sir Richard Sandys 28 hearths

The Borough of Oxinoth in the Hundred of Hoo in Aylesford lath

Sir Humphrey Miller 18

Max: Dalyson Esquire 10 hearths[57]

Patrixbourne Borough

Sr. Arthur Slingsby 15[58]

Pluckly Borough

Sir Edward Dering Baronet at Surrenden 34 hearths

Parish of St Mary Cray

Mr Edward Manning 12
Mr Thomas Felton 11

Parish of St Paul's Cray

S(i)r Leonard Feerby Knt 15

Borough of Sittingbourne

Deane Borough

James Greenstreet 1

Borough of Socombe

Thomas Godfrey Esq 14 hearths

The precinct of the Cathedral Church of Rochester

Mr George Maplisden 5
(and some other larger ones)
The Bishop of Rochester 7

The City of Rochester Middle Borough

George Woodyer gent(leman) 18
George Allington 13
Mr Phillip Bartholomew 12
Robert Fowler Esq 11

St Clement Borough (Rochester)

John Gadge 16
John Cart 9

South Borough (Rochester)

Thomas Mott 19
William Bennett 13
John Plastow 8
Mr John Mabb 8

Northgate Borough (Rochester)

Mrs (Blank) Juett widdow 10

Southgate Borough (Rochester)

Sir Francis Clarke knight 15
Thomas Manly gentleman 12
George Newman Esquire 10
Robert Faunce gentleman 9
Richard Manly gentleman 9
Steeven Pine 8
Thomas Bennett 8

Eastgate Borough (Rochester)

Samuell Walsall 6
Mr Edward Booth 9
Mr Henry Wriothsley 11
Edward Fisher 8

Parish of Seale

S(i)r Tho(mas) Pierce Barron(e)t 13 hearths[59]
Daniel Newman gent 18
Henry Swaisland 9
Mr Richard Olliver 8
Mr Stowell 7
Widdow Cox 7
Nicholas Madox 6
Samuel Masters 6
Francis French 5
Margaret Bryant 5
Edward Cox 5
Richard Browne 5
Stephen Olliver 5
James Pelsett 5[60]
Mrs Brett 4
Lawrence Fench 4
Timothy Maynard 3 hearths[61]

Seavenokes Town

Earle of Dorsett 85
Francis Farnaby gent: 18
Thomas Lamberd Esq(uire) 14 hearths

Shorne Southborough

George Woodyer gent 13
Henry Parker gent 12
Gervaise Maplesden 7
Richard Balam cler(ke) 7

The Lowy of Tunbridge In the Lath of Aylesford Tunbridge Towne

William Dike Esq(uire) 11
Doctor Amherst 11[62]

The Hundred of Wingham In the Lath of St Augustine The Upper Halfe Hundred Borough of Wingham Street

Sir Henry Palmer Bart 28 hearths
Thomas Denn 4 hearths
Mrs Oxenden 1 hearths

Borough of Winghamwell

Sir Henry Oxenden 17 hearths
Mrs Harfleet widd(ow) 14

Twitham Borough

Henry Oxenden gent 11 hearths(presumably this is Brooks?)

The Hundred of Eastry in the Lath of St Augustine The Upper Halfe Hundred Eastry & Street

Sir George Sondes Knt. of ye Bath for ye parsonage 7

Borough of Hamwell


Sr Thomas Peyton 21 hearths

Parish of Denton

John Andrewes gent 19
Thomas Marsh 7
Henry Oxenden gt. 5 (sic) hearths

Borough of Bishopsbourne

Sr. Anthony Aucher 20
Sr. Richard Hatton 5

Barton Borough

Sr. Bazell (sic) Dixwell 20 hearths

Waldersheire Borough

Sr. Edward Monins Bart. 19 hearths[63]

West Langdon Borough

Richard Masters Esq. 13 hearths

Upper Hardres

Sr. Richard Hardres Bart 22 hearths
Mr. Christop(her) Hardres 7


Mr Christ[opher] Pett 10 hearths[64]

William Sheldon 8 hearths[65]

Mr Jerymy Blackman 15 hearths[66]

Will[iam] Cowdre 5 hearths[67]

Thomas Bowyer 4 hearths[68]

Joseph Goffe 4 hearths[69]

James Rowland 3 hearths[70]




Mr John Hebdon 14 hearths[71]

Mr Geo Willoughby in an empty howse 11 hearths[72]

Albertus Byron 6 hearths[73]


Sir Nicholas Carew Kgt 50 hearths[74]


William Frost 4 hearths[75]

Love Luckett 4 hearths[76]

John Evans 4 hearths[77]

Rich Lewin 6 hearths[78]

St Mary Magdalene (Bermondsey)

George Bilbee 3 hearths[79]

Moses Sisson 2 hearths[80]

Dock Head (Bermondsey)

Thomas King 4 hearths[81]

The Bishopps Liberty

The Lords Grace of Canterbury 59 hearths

Lady Needham 13 hearths

Phillip Valentine 10 hearths

Mr French 21 hearths

John Locke 4 hearths[82]

Lady Paul 11 hearths (howse empty)

Mr Rookes for the Kings Head 10 hearths (howse empty)doctor

Camberwell Liberty

Sir Edmond Bowyer Kgt 20 hearths[83]
John Scott Esq 17 hearths
Sir John Bowre 10 hearths
Mr Delves 17 hearths[84]
Dr Parr 10 hearths

Mr. Fox 13 hearths[[FootNote (Mr Fox. Just possibly Thomas Fox (b. ?, d. ca. 1672), merchant, of Camberwell. Mr. Fox, if correctly identified as Thomas Fox, merchant of Camberwell, may have corresponded with Sir George Oxenden in April 1667 (PROB 11/339 Eure 55-107 Will of Thomas Fox, Merchant of Camberwell, Surrey 31 July 1672; see PROB 4/2281 Fox, Anne, of Camberwell, Surrey, widow 1681 13 Jan. (1680); ["10th April 1667, Letter from Thomas Fox to Sir GO, London"])]]


Sir Edmond Hoskins Kgt 18 hearths[85]
Sir Edmond Hoskins More for a howse empty 6 hearths
Dixye Long Esq 1 hearth[86]
Dixye Long more for 2 howses empty 2 hearths

Mr David Odgar 8 hearths[87]


Dennis [Gauden] Esq 39 hearths[88]
Mr Peter Vandeputt 10 hearths [89]
Mr [...] Hearne 30 hearths

Croydon (town)

Arbp Canterbury 44 hearths


Gods Gift College 33 hearths
Mr Leonard Lydcoot 9 hearths

Mr. Geo Portman 10 hearths

Mr Rob West 11 hearths[90]


Earl Ancram the honourable Earle of Ancram 35 hearths
Sir Henry Capell 25 hearths
Sir Thomas Trevor 26 hearths
Mr Richard Mounteney 16 hearths[91]

Lambeth Deane

Howland Alias Roberts Esq 12 hearths[92]
Anne Lancellott 12 hearths

Jon Scaldwell for two howses 9 hearths[93]

Nath Cade 6 hearths[94]

The Lord of Loathberry 18 hearths

Sir John Bromfeild 6 hearths

John Greene 4 hearths[95]

John Collins 2 hearths[96]

Lambeth Marsh

Mr Walker 15 hearths
Mrs Lawrance 12 hearths

Mr Johnson 10 hearths
Mr Young 14 hearths

Mr Edm Clay 12 hearths[97]

Rowland Griffen 3 hearths[98]

Edmund Clay for a howse (no. of hearths unreadable)

South Lambeth & Foexehall

The Earle of Clarendon 28 hearths[99]
Hester Traduskine 11 hearths

Lady Jane Howard 6 hearths

Sir Ernest Byrom 6 hearths

Leathered (Leatherhead)

Sir Thomas Bludworth Kgt 12 hearths[100]


Sir Abraham [Cullen] Bart 6 hearths

Phillip Hulleyberry 1 hearth[101]

Mr Edw Terrey 7 hearths[102]

Gartride [Grovens] 3 hearths[103]

Mrs Jane Simmonds 4 hearths[104]

Mr Selby A howse empty 18 hearths[105]

The Prince's Liberty First Division

Mrs Dyson 14 hearths

John Dyson 9 hearths[106]

The Prince's Liberty Second Divison

Mr Jacobson 12 hearths
Mr Jasper Colthoofe 27 hearths

John Foote 3 hearths[107]

Cuthbert Ishmale [No. of hearths unreadable in original membrane][108]

William Crowder 3 hearths[109]


The Right Honourable Earl of Nottingham 13 hearths[110]
Mr Wymonsole 46 hearths[111]
Sir John Lawrence 31 hearths[112]
Sir Tho Chamberlaine 16 hearths[113]
Sir Willm Terringham 17 hearths[114]

Lady Ruse 9 hearths
Mr Peteward 20 hearths[115]

Mr Portman 17 hearths[116]

Mr Hamond 9 hearths[117]
Mr Clarke 11 hearths[118]
Mr Bridges 11 hearths[119]

Mr Roberts 12 hearths[120]
Mr Proby 11 hearths[121]

Alldermann Ridges 5 hearths

Mr White High Constable[122]

Mr Turner 9 hearths[123]

Mr Belt 10 hearths[124]
Mr White At Mill 10 hearths

Mrs Hubbard 14 hearths[125]

Walter Sissam jun 1 hearth[126]

Wid Simmons 3 hearths[127]

Edw. Jones 3 hearths[128]
John Mascall 6 hearths[129]

Walter Sissam 4 hearths[130]

Jeremy Jones 3 hearths[131]

John East 2 hearths[132]


Mr Ellis Crisp 24 hearths[133]

Mr Thomas Willsom 21 hearths[134]
Mr Kesterman 12 hearths

Wallington Hundred: Mitcham

George Smith Esq 14 hearths

Rich [Farrant] Esq 16 hearths

Mr Henry Hampson 12 hearths[135]

Mr William Garland 12 hearths[136]

Eliz Watts 3 hearths[137]
Eliz Watts for Sir Nicholas Carews house 6 hearths

Rob [Cranmar] Esq 15 hearths[138]

Mr Samuell Lamb 4 hearths[139]

William Greene esq 13 hearths[140]

Mr William Fletcher 15 hearths[141]

Sir Willm Cholmeley 13 hearths[142]

Howses empty

Mr Rob Cranmar A Tennement 5 hearths

Mr Sam Lamb A Tenement 3 hearths


Coll Robert Phillips 19 hearths
John Highlord Esq 15 hearths[143]
Mr Willm Vanburgh 17 hearths
Mr Willm Booth Rector 14 heaths[144]

Mr Tho Style 3 hearths

Normandy Tything (Normandy)

Sir John Glynne 21 hearths


Willm Hoskins Esq in his dwelling house 22 hearths[145]
Willm Hoskins Esq more in his howse late in the occupation of Mr Petty 11 hearths
Willm Hoskings Esq late in the occupation of Gyles Genkins 7 hearths
Willm Hoskins Esq more in his lodge 2 hearths

John Ridgway 5 hearths[146]


Dr Drake 7 hearths

Mr Finch 24 hearths[147]
Sir Thomas Nott 16 hearths[148]

Mr John Trumball 4 hearths

Earl Carlile (Earl of Carlile) 15 hearths[149]
Sir John Ray 21 hearths

Dr Rowle 8 hearths

Lady Duppar 11 hearths
Sir Thomas Thinn 12 hearths
Mr Thomas Wyld 14 hearths

Dr Turner 12 hearths

Lady Pastrige 23 hearths

Lord Viscount Lisle 34 hearths
Lord Crofts 22 hearths
Capt Blackman 10 hearths


See Greenwood map of London, quadrant e9u, showing centre of Rotherhithe and Thames

Richard Smith 5 hearths[150]

Mr Thomas Wilkins 3 hearths[151]

Henry Bingham 2 hearths[152]


The Right Honourable Countess of Devon 57 hearths[153]
Mrs Mary Harvey 20 hearths

Sir Eliab Harvey 7 hearths[154]


Geo Chute 20 hearths[155]
Mr Rich Downes 33 hearths

Thames Ditton Ember and Weston

Sir Rich Hatton 19 hearths
Edw Knipe Esq 30 hearths


Sir John Lowther 7 hearths
Sir Thomas Leigh 12 hearths
Dr Frier 9 hearths

Tooting Bec Liberty

Mr [Abra] Jaggard [...]

Mrs Eliz Lodwicke 9 hearths

Tootinge Graveney

Mrs Mary Maynard 17 hearths


Mr Oxenbridge 10 hearths

Sir Allen Brodericke 15 hearths[156]


The Earle of Bristoll (4 howses) 70 hearths[157]


Sir Francis Duncombe 14 hearths


Kent Hearth Tax, 1664

- Kent Hearth Tax Assessment Lady Day 1664: CKS: Q/RTh Transcribed and computerised by Duncan Harrington

CKS-U1107/9/1/16 Dering Manuscripts Part 2 sub-fonds OFFICIAL PAPERS series Taxation papers - Hearth Tax: 'Wingham lower half hundred Date 1662 Extent 2pp., 110 names'

CKS-U1107/9/1/17 Dering Manuscripts Part 2 sub-fonds OFFICIAL PAPERS series Taxation papers - Hearth Tax: 'Wingham upper half hundred Date 1662 Extent 6ff., 171 names'

Surrey Hearth Tax, 1664

Surrey hearth Tax transcript, Lady Day, 1664
Surname index
Statistical analysis
Historical analysis

Possible secondary sources

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Hearth Tax Online

Suffolk Hearth Tax Returns 1674, available as CD-ROM

James Mark Saurin Brooke, Arthur Washington Hallen, The transcript of the registers of the united parishes of S. Mary Woolnoth and S. Mary Woolchurch Haw: in the city of London, from their commencement 1538 to 1760 (London, 1886)

  1. Sir John Banks, London merchant (b. 1627, d. 1699). A correspondent of Sir George Oxenden. Sir John Bank's father-in-law was the London merchant Sir John Dethwicke, who had a property in Tottenham with seventeen hearths (PROB 11/452 Pott 129-167 Will of Sir John Banks of Aylesford, Kent 11 December 1699; 1st April 1663, Letter from John Bankes to Sir GO, London)
  2. S(i)r Rob(er)t Austin barr(one)t (PROB 11/322 Mico 139-184 Will of Sir Robert Austen of Bexley, Kent 01 December 1666)
  3. S[i]r Anth[ony] Batteman knight. Sir Anthony Bateman (b. 1616, d. 1687), London merchant & skinner; son of Robert Bateman, skinner, of St Dunstan in the East; elected an EEIC committee, April 17 1662; great losses in fire of 1666; bankrupt by 1675 and prisoner in King's Bench; in business with older brother William Bateman (b. 1614, d. ?1706) and younger brother Thomas Bateman (b. 1622, d. 1685); brother-in-law of Sir Andrew Riccard. He also had an eleven hearth London residence in St Dunstan in the east, the parish in which he was born. His brother and commercial partner Sir William Bateman had a thirteen hearth London residence nearby in the same parish ('Bateman, Anthony,' in J.R. Woodhead, 'Backwell - Byfield', The Rulers of London 1660-1689: A biographical record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London (1966), pp. 21-42, viewed 24/02712; 'A General Court of Adventurers, April 17, 1662' (Court Book, vol. xxiv, p. 482, in Ethel Bruce Sainsbury (ed.), A Calendar of the Court Minutes of the East India Company, 1660-1663 (Oxford, 1922), p. 200; 'Charleton,' in Kent hearth Tax, Lady day, 1664
  4. Mrs Pett. Just possible the widow of Peter Pett (b. ?, d. 1652), of Deptford, Kent. Peter Pett was master ship-builder at the Deptford yard from XXX till his death. This Peter Pett was half-cousin of Commissioner Phineas Pett (b. 1570, d. 1647), master-shipwright, Chatham 1605-29, Navy Commissioner, Chatham 1630-47 (PROB 11/224 Bowyer 196-244 Will of Peter Pett of Deptford, Kent 18 August 1652; see also PROB 11/362 Bath 1-59 Will of Ann Pett, Widow of Woolwich, Kent 07 January 1680; Latham & Mathews, The diary of Samuel Pepys: Companion (?London, 1983), pp. 325-326)
  5. John Bradshaw. Just possibly John Bradshaw, shipwright, of Deptford, Kent (PROB 4/10029 Bradshaw, John, of ?Deptford, Kent shipwright 1682 13 Jan.)
  6. Mr Rob[ert] Waith. Just possibly Robert Waith, gentleman, of Camberwell, Surrey (PROB 11/380 Cann 52-107 Will of Robert Waith, Gentleman of Camberwell, Surrey 02 November 1685)
  7. Mr Willi[am] Hoskins. Possibly William Hoskins (b. ?, d. ca. 1666), of Deptford, Kent (PROB 4/4539 Hoskins, William, of Deptford, Kent 1666 26 Feb.; no identifiable PRC will)
  8. S[i]r John Cutler. Sir John Cutler (b. 1607, d. 1693), bart. Son of Thomas Cutler, grocer, of London. John Cutler "of Deptford' was created baronet in 1660. Grocer; master of the Grocers four times; high sheriff of Kent, 1676; MP for Taunton, 1679-80, & Bodmin, 1689-93. Purchased Wimpole estate, Cambridgeshire, XXXX (PROB 11/413 Coker 1-46 Will of Sir John Cutler of Saint Margaret Westminster, Middlesex 29 April 1693; PROB 18/22/92 Probate lawsuit Boulter v Radnor, concerning the deceased Sir John Cutler. Allegation 1693; 'Cutler, John,' in J.R. Woodhead, 'Cade - Cutler', The Rulers of London 1660-1689: A biographical record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London (1966), pp. 42-56, viewed 24/02/12; see Pepys Diary)
  9. James Sumner. Probably James Sumner (b. ?, d. ca. 1666), yeoman (PROB 4/9890 Sumner, James, of Deptford, Kent, yeoman 1666 19 June Undated)
  10. Mr Willi[am] Collett. William Collett (b. ?, d. ca. 1670 or 1671), brewer, of Deptford alias West Greenwich (PROB 4/19179 Collett, William, of Deptford, Kent, brewer 1671 1 Feb.; PROB 11/333 Penn 67-128 Will of William Collett, Brewer of Deptford alias West Greenwich, Kent 13 September 1670)
  11. Mrs Muster. Possibly Ann Musters (b. ?, d. ca. 1674), of Deptford, Kent (PROB 5/4054 Musters, Anne, of Deptford, Kent 1674)
  12. John Burton. Just possibly John Burton (b. ?, d. ca. 1672), of Deptford, Kent (PROB 4/20299 PROB Burton, John, of Deptford, Kent 1672 6 Apr. Undated; no identifiable will
  13. Ben[jamin] Boate. Benjamin Boate (b. ca. 1610, d. ca. 1672 or 1673), caulker, of Deptford, Kent. In 1661, at the age of abt. 50, a widower, Benjamin Boate mar. Rebecca Haines, of St. Michael Queenhithe (Kent Hearth tax return, 1664, fol. 2v; PROB 4/22075 Boate, Benjamin, of Deptford, Kent Boate, Benjamin, of Deptford, Kent; PROB 5/1103 Boate, Benjamin, of Deptford, Kent, [caulker] [Registered will: PROB 11/338] 1673; PROB 11/338 Eure 1-54 Will of Benjamin Boate of Deptford, Kent 12 April 1672; 'Apr. 1, 1661', in J. L. Chester, Allegations for marriage licences issued by the dean and chapter of Westminster, 1558-1699 (London, 1886), p. 57)
  14. Will[iam] Meacham. Probably William Meacham (alias Machin), shipwright, of Deptford, Kent (Kent Hearth tax return, 1664, fol. 2v; PROB 4/8873 Meachin [Machin], William, of Deptford, Kent 1671 27 Nov. (1670); PROB 11/332 Penn 1-66 Will of William Machin, Shipwright of Deptford, Kent 30 April 1670
  15. Mr Tho[mas] Cowley. Thomas Cowley (b. ?, d. 1669), Clerk of the Cheque, at Deptford (Latham & Mathews, The diary of Samuel Pepys: Companion, vol. 10 (?London, 1983), p. 78; ?PROB 11/330 Coke 57-107 Will of Thomas Cowley of Chertsey, Surrey 01 September 1669)
  16. S[i]r George Cartwright. Sir George Carteret (alias Cartwright) (b. ca. 1610, d. 1680); Navy Treasurer (1660-1667); Master of Trinity House (1664-1665). Close to Clarendon. Latham & Mathews comment that Sir George Cartwright had four residences: a private house on the south side of Pall mall; an official resience as Vice-Chamberlain on the north side of the Great Court in Whitehall; a house in Deptford as Navy Treasurer, and Cranbourne Lodge, near Windsor, as Keeper of the Lodge (Latham & Mathews, The diary of Samuel Pepys: Companion, vol. 10 (?London, 1983), pp. 53-54)
  17. Abraham Dry. Possibly Abraham Dry (b. ?, d. ca. 1700), gardener (PROB 5/1216 DRY, Abraham, sen, of Greenwich, Kent, gardener (account only) [Administration act: PROB 6/76] 1700; plus PROB 5/1217, PROB 5/1218, PROB 5/1219, PROB 5/1220, and PROB 5/2914 (all dated 1700); 'Lease of a tenement in Churchfields, East Greenwich, late in the occupation of Abraham Dry, gardener (Includes a coloured plan showing the garden ground and 'Captain Stratton's House'),' LMA/4442/01/01/02/009 1747 - 1764; 'Counterpart lease of a tenement and garden in Brooks Marsh, Churchfields, East Greenwich, formerly in the occupation of Abraham Dry, junior,' LMA/4442/01/01/02/010 1746; LMA: PAPERS MARKED 'USELESS' AND ORIGINALLY NUMBERED 'ROAN C' IN 1780 LMA/4442/01/01/03 [n.d.]: Draft notes concerning the leases of Mr Dry alias Drye, Thomas Phillips and Joseph Hatch LMA/4442/01/01/03/005 1679)
  18. William Lock. Just possible William Lock (b. ?. d. X), labourer (PROB 4/7720 Lock, William, of East Greenwich, Kent, laborer 1678 15 Aug.)
  19. William Hooker Esq. William Hooker (b. ?, d. ca. 1697), London merchant, later Sir William; sheriff of London, 1665; Mayor of London, 1674; Lysons (1811: 330) states that Sir William Hooker "resided in Greenwich in a capital mansion which had been Sir Lancelot Lake's" (PROB 11/439 Pyne 133-177 Will of Sir William Hooker, late Lord Mayor of London 16 July 1697); Daniel Lysons, The environs of London, vol. ?, 2nd edn. (London, 1811), fn. 136, p. 330
  20. Mrs Judith Mason. Probably related to Mary Mason, widow, of East Greenwich. Either Judith or Mary are likely to have been the widow of Robert Mason (b. ?, d. ca. 1666), gentleman, of East Greenwich (PROB 11/350 Bence 1-54 Will of Judith Mason, Widow of East Greenwich, Kent 22 May 1676; PROB 11/320 Mico 47-91 Will of Robert Mason, Gentleman of East Greenwich, Kent 05 April 1666: see also PROB 4/21934 Mason, Robert, of [illeg.] 1666 16 July [illeg.])
  21. Mr Fran[cis] Primrose. Probably related to Frederick Primrose, doctor of physick, of East Greenwich ("(Quitclaim between) Thomas Lanier of East Greenwich, co. Kent, gent. and Jane his w.; (b) Frederick Primrose of East Greenwich, doctor of physic, ... Messuage or tenement and late barn, now wash-house and garden in East Greenwich, co. Kent on the W. side of East Gate Street in the occ. of (a) and all other messuages of (a) in East Greenwich") (East Sussex Record Office: The Danny Archives: DAN/1569 6 Dec. 1665
  22. Mr Joseph Hackwell. Possibly Joseph Hackwell, silk weaver, of East Greenwich, Kent (PROB 11/317 Hyde 57-107 PROB 11/317 03 July 1665
  23. Michael Yates. Probably Michael Yates (b. ?, d, ca. 1664), mariner, of East Greenwich, Kent (PROB 4/9897 Yates, Michael, of East Greenwich, Kent, marriner 1664 29 Aug.; no PRC will identified)
  24. Mr Thomas Plume cl[erk]. Thomas Plume (bap. 1630, d. 1704), vicar of Greenwich; presented to vicarage by Richard Cromwell, but subscribed to Act of conformity; vicar of Greenwich at death (PROB 11/481 Gee 45-85 Will of Thomas Plume, Doctor in Divinity, Minister of East Greenwich, Kent 03 March 1705; Lysons, 1811: 531); H. R. French, ‘Plume, Thomas (bap. 1630, d. 1704)’, ODNB (Oxford, 2004)
  25. Judith Squibb. Possibly related Thomas Squibb (b. ?, d. ca. 1673), gentleman, of East Greenwich, and to Mary Squibb (b. ?, d. ca. 1672), widow, of East Greenwich (PROB 11/311 Juxon 52-102 Will of Thomas Squibb, Gentleman of East Greenwich, Kent 12 May 1663; PROB 11/338 Eure 1-54 Will of Mary Squibb, Widow of East Greenwich, Kent 03 April 1672)
  26. John Fuller. John Fuller (b. ?, d. ca. 1678 or 1679), ??mercer, of East Greenwich, Kent (PROB 4/17247 Fuller, John, of East Greenwich, Kent 1679 29 Jan.; PROB 11/357 Reeve 56-105 Will of John Fuller, Mercer of East Greenwich, Kent 11 September 1678)
  27. Henry Upchurch. Henry Upchurch (b. ?, d, ca. 1674), of Greenwich, Kent (PROB 5/4059 Upchurch, Henry, of Greenwich, Kent 1674; )
  28. Sir James Bunce. Sir James Bunce, baronet, (b. ?, d. ca. 1674/75) of East Greenwich. His twelve hearth house was separated by one building, that of Mrs Sarah Groves (five hearths), from the eight hearth house of Captain James Lambert (PROB 5/1438 Bunce, Sir James, bart, [of East Greenwich, Kent, died in Middx] [Registered will: PROB 11/344] 1674; PROB 11/344 Bunce 1-53 Will of Sir James Bunce of East Greenwich, Kent 19 March 1674
  29. Capt[ain] James Lambert (b. ?, d. ca. 1665). Captain James Lambert, mariner, of East Greenwich (PROB 11/317 Hyde 57-107 Will of James Lambert, Mariner of East Greenwich, Kent 26 September 1665
  30. On Greenwood's 1827 8 in to mile map of London, Billingsgate runs west to east, just back from Thames water front, with a timber yard between it and the water
  31. John Watson. Possibly John Watson (b. ?, d. 1666 or 1667 , of Greenwich, Kent (PROB 4/15967 Watson, John, of Greenwich, Kent 1666 1 Feb. Undated)
  32. Mr Francis Gunn. Possibly Francis Gunn (b. ?, d. ca. 1674), baker, of East Greenwich (PROB 11/346 Bunce 104-150 Will of Francis Gunn, Baker of East Greenwich, Kent 29 December 1674
  33. Mr Thomas Boone. Just possibly Thomas Boone, London merchant, cousin and commercial partner of Christopher Boone, London merchant and relative of Sir George Oxenden and Elizabeth Dallison
  34. Mr Robert Smyth. Just possibly Robert Smith (b. ?, d. ca. 1668), butcher, of East Greenwich, and possibly related to Mr Thomas Smith of neighbouring Dock and Taverne Rowe, (possibly b. ?, d. ca. 1671, butcher), of East Greenwich (PROB 11/328 Hone 113-166 Will of Robert Smith, Butcher of East Greenwich, Kent November 1668)
  35. Mr Thomas Smyth. Just possibly Thomas Smith (b. ?, d. ca. 1671), butcher, of East Greenwich (PROB 5/1208 SMITH, Thomas, of East Greenwich, Kent, butcher [Registered will: PROB 11/337] 1671; PROB 11/337 Duke 102-158 Will of Thomas Smith, Butcher of East Greenwich, Kent 30 September 1671)
  36. Hamond Chadwick. Hamond Chadwick (b. ?, d. ca. 1667), vintner, of East Greenwich, Kent (PROB 11/343 Carr 117-178 Will of Hamond Chadwick, Vintner of East Greenwich, Kent 26 November 1667)
  37. Capt[ain] George Cock (b. ?, d. ca. 1679), London merchant and partner of Sir William Ryder in naval contracting and other ventures. Much commented on by Samuel Pepys. ( PROB 11/359 King 1-65 Will of George Cock, Merchant of Greenwich, Kent 03 April 1679)
  38. S[i]r William Boreman. Sir William Boreman (b. ?, d. ca. 1686), of East Greenwich. Lysons (1811: 535) suggests that Dr. Robert Boreman, rector of St Giles in the Fields, who was buried at Greenwich, was the brother of Sir William Boreman (PROB 11/384 Lloyd 91-135 Will of Sir William Boreman of East Greenwich, Kent 21 July 1686; see also PROB 11/373 Drax 52-101 Will of George Boreman of East Greenwich, Kent 12 May 1683; PROB 20/260 Boreman, Robert DD, c. 1675)
  39. Capt[ain] Edward Nash. Edward Nash, esq, of East Greenwich, Kent (PROB 4/10183 Nash, Edward, of East Greenwich, Kent, esq 1679 21 July; PROB 11/359 King 1-65 Will of Edward Nash of East Greenwich, Kent 04 April 1679)
  40. Timothy Low Esq. Timothy Lowe Esq (b. ?, d. 1669/70), of East Greenwich (PROB 4/8969 Lowe, Timothy of East Greenwich, Kent, esq. 1669 20 Mar.; PROB 11/329 Will of Timothy Lowe of East Greenwich, Kent 27 February 1669)
  41. Sir Theophilus Biddulph (b. ?, d. ca. 1683) (PROB 11/373 Drax 52-101 Will of Sir Theophilus Biddulph of West Combe, Kent 08 May 1683); see C 104/266 BUNDLE No 40: Bill of sale (with inventory) of Sir William Bassett of Claverton, Som, to Dame Susanna Biddulph of East Greenwich, London, widow, of plate and jewellery; declaration of trust of John Garret of London, merchant tailor; and defeasance to SirWilliam Bassett (marked 1-3). 1686-1698
  42. Mr Edward Packenham. Probably Edward Packenham (b. ?, d, ca. 1665), vintner, of East Greenwich (PROB 4/10155 Packenham, Edward, of East Greenwich, Kent 1665 17 June; PROB 11/317 Hyde 57-107 Will of Edward Packenham, Vintner of Greenwich, Kent 17 June 1665)
  43. Mr Nicholas Cooke. Nicholas Cooke (b. ?, d. ca. 1674), London merchant. Resident in East Greenwich at time of writing his will in 1673. A mansion in the possession of a Nicholas Cooke in 1704 was sold to Sir Ambrose Crowley, Alderman of London. This mansion was allegedly adjacent to Norfolk College, otherwise known as Trinity Hospital, founded by the Earl of Northampton in 1613. The College, and therefore Cooke's mansion, "stands by the river-side, at the east end of the town [of Greenwich]. Flinn (1962) suggests that the house sold to Ambrose Crowley had been bought, half-completed, in 1651 by the Spanish merchant Gregory Clement, who completed the building. The house was later transferred to George Boreman and then to Nicholas Cooke. Boreman appears to have been appointed Deputy Keeper of the Privy Lodgings and Standing Wardrobe at Greenwich in Dec. 1666. The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, holds several drawings of what became known as Crowley House, dating from the mid-C19th. The drawings show a C17th building on the waterfront in a state of delapidation, with possibly some C18th improvements. Accompanying text provided by the NMM, Greenwich, states that the house was begun in 1647 by the royalist merchant Sir Andrew Cogan, who sold it to the merchant Gregory Clement in 1651. Following his execution, as a regicide, in 1660, the house passed to George Bouwerman (sic) until 1677, when, by implication, it was acquired by Nicholas Cooke. This would mean that the house was not occupied by Nicholas Cooke, the SVJS investor, who died ca. 1673, but by his son. The NMM text states that Bouwerman used the Quay beside the house to the east, 'Ballast Quay', to ballast navy ships. Clearly it needs to be clarified when Bouwerman transferred the house ( PROB 11/344 Bunce 1-53 Will of Nicholas Cooke of East Greenwich, Kent 22 January 1674; Michael Walter Flinn, Men of iron: the Crowleys in the early iron industry (London, 1962), p. ?; Daniel Lysons, 'Millington's Iron Wharf', 'Greenwich', The Environs of London: Counties of Herts, Essex, and Kent, vol. 4 (1796), pp. XXX; R.O.Bucholz, 'Index of Officers: Ca-Ch'. Office-holders in Modern Britain: Volume 11 (revised): Court Officers, 1660-1837(2006), pp. 822-855; National Maritime Museum; Drawings by Clarkson Stanfield, dated ca.1854-59, NMM, Greenwich; PY3265 & PAH3264, viewed 29/02/12)
  44. Edward Mathewes. Possibly Edward Mathews (b. ?, d. 1666), who died in the Nightingale frigate (PROB 4/14919 Mathews, Edward, of Greenwich, ob. in the "Nightingale" frigatt 1666 2 Apr.)
  45. John George. Possibly John George (b. ?, d. ca. ?1666 or 1667), of Greenwich, who died at sea (PROB 4/21143 George, John, of Greenwich, ob. at sea 1666 19 Feb. Undated)
  46. S(i)r Thomas Twysden. (Possibly XXX; PROB 11/373 Drax 52-101 Will of Sir Thomas Twisden 04 June 1683; see related PROB 4/20147 Twysden, William, Sir, Bt., of [East Peckham, Kent] 1698 10 Feb.; PROB 18/5/48Probate lawsuit Twysden v Twysden, concerning the deceased Sir Roger Twysden, kt and bart of [Roydon Hall] East Peckham, Kent. Allegation 1673
  47. S(i)r Roger Twisden Kt & Bart. S(i)r Thomas Twysden (PROB 11/343 Pye 119-167 Will of Sir Roger Twysden of East Peckham, Kent 11 December 1673; PROB 11/343 Pye 119-167 Sentence of Sir Roger Twisden of East Peckham, Kent 11 December 1673; PROB 18/5/48Probate lawsuit Twysden v Twysden, concerning the deceased Sir Roger Twysden, kt and bart of [Roydon Hall] East Peckham, Kent. Allegation 1673; see related PROB 4/20147 Twysden, William, Sir, Bt., of [East Peckham, Kent] 1698 10 Feb.
  48. Thomas Broome. Thomas (later Sir Thomas) Broome (alias Brome), serjeant-at-law, Farnborough, Kent (PROB 11/344 Bunce 1-53 Will of Thomas Brome, Serjeant at Law of Farnborough, Kent 16 January 1674; PROB 18/6/6 Probate lawsuit Broome v Lee, concerning the deceased Sir Thomas Broome kt and serjeant at law, of Farnborough, Kent. Allegation 1674
  49. Morrice Thompson Esq. Maurice Thompson (b. ?, d. ca. 1676), London merchant (XXXX; PROB 11/351 Bence 55-108 Will of Maurice Thomson of Haversham, Buckinghamshire 09 May 1676)
  50. Peter Delonony. Just possibly Peter Delaney, dyer, of London. Son of John Delanoy, dyer, of Southwark. MP, Southwark, 1656-8; Ald. Vintry 1667/8, discharged; Presbyterian (PROB 11/349 Dycer 106-147 Will of Peter De Lannoy, Dyer of Saint Saviour Southwark, Surrey 22 November 1675; 'Delaney, Peter,' in J.R. Woodhead, 'Dakins - Dyer', The Rulers of London 1660-1689: A biographical record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London (1966), pp. 56-63, viewed 24/02/12
  51. Mr Benjamin Collier. Just possibly Benjamine Collyer, grocer, of London (PROB 4/6434 Collyer, Benjamin, the elder, of Lee, Kent 1687 29 July (1686); PROB 11/384 Lloyd 91-135 Will of Benjamine Collyer, Grocer of London 05 August 1686)
  52. S[i]r John Lenthall. Sir John Lenthall, of Southwark, Surrey (PROB 11/330 Coke 57-107 Will of Sir John Lenthall of Southwark, Surrey 22 May 1669)
  53. S[i]r Will[iam] Wild. Sir William Wild (b. ?, d. ?), bart., Recroder of London, Justice of the Common Pleas. Lysons (XXX), citing Hasted, states "Sir William Wild lived in an ancient mansion in the village, now pulled down" (Daniel Lysons, 'Lewisham', The Environs of London, vol. 4: Counties of Herts, Essex & Kent (1796), citing Hasted's History of Kent, vol. i. P. 74, viewed 02/03/12)
  54. Mrs Culpepper. Mrs Culpepper was presumably in the same house in Riverhead, Kent, as John Culpeper (b. ?, d. ca. 1693), of Riverhead, Kent (PROB 4/10115 Culpeper, John, of Riverhead in Seavenoake, Kent, esq. 1693 11 July)
  55. Mr James Master. James Master was a cousin of James Master, lawyer of Gray's Inn. His account books have been published. He lived at Yotes Court, Mereworth in Kent, a house he built in 1659 on the site of a former building which had been owned by his step-father Sir Thomas Walsingham (Biographical profile of James Master of Yotes Court, including a description of Yotes Court; PROB 11/399 Dyke 45-90 Will of James Master of Merwood, Kent 17 May 1690)
  56. Mr George Love. Possibly related to Ralph Love, gent., of Mereworth, Kent (PROB 4/9909 Love, Ralph, of Mereworth, Kent, gent 1690 5 Dec.)
  57. Maximilian Dalyson (alias Dallison. Son of Elizabeth Dallison and nephew of Sir George Oxenden. He corresponded once with Sir George Oxenden, in XXX. His wife, Frances Dalyson, nee Stanley, also corresponded once with Sir George Oxenden, in XXX. He lived with his wife and family in the Hamptons, a house he leased then acquired from his father-in-law, the Kent brewer Thomas Stanley ("Maximillian Dallison will" PROB 11/337 Duke 102-158 Will of Maximilian Dalyson of Hamptons in West Peckham, Kent 01 December 1671; 30th March 1663, Letter from Max Dalyson to Sir GO, Hampton; 25th March 1663, Letter from Frances Dalyson to Sir GO, Hamptons; biographical profile of Maximilian Dallison; biographical profile of Frances Dallison, nee Stanley)
  58. Sir Arthur Slingsby (PROB 5/1179 SLINGSBY, Sir Arthur, bart, of Bifrons, Patrixbourne, Kent (includes account) [Registered will: PROB 11/320] 1666; PROB 11/320 Mico 47-91 Will of Sir Arthur Slingesby of Bisron, Kent 01 March 1666)
  59. Sir Thomas Piece (alias Piers) (b. ?, d. ca. 1680), gentleman. Sir Thomas Piers was a brother-in-law of Sir George Oxenden and Elizabeth Dallison. He married Jane Oxenden, their sister around 1643. Following her early death, he married for a second time, to Audrey Master of Ospringe in May 1649. His home was at Stonepit(t)(s), near Seal, in North Kent, which he had inherited from his father, Lawrence Piers (See profile of Sir Thomas Piers and the Piers family; PROB 11/363 Bath 60–123 Will of Sir Thomas Piers of Seal, Kent 24 May 1680)
  60. James Pelsett. James Pelsett, yeoman, of Seale, Kent (PROB 4/15010 Pelsett, James, of Seale, Kent, yeoman 1669 14 Dec. (1669); see also PROB 4/10011 Pelsett, Hellen, of Under River in Seale, Kent, widdow 1681 11 July)
  61. Timothy Maynard. Timothy Maynard (b. ?, d. 1664) of Seale Kent (PROB 4/1605 Maynard, Timothy, of Seale, Kent 1664 28 Nov.
  62. Doctor Amherst. Probably Doctor Arthur Amherst (b. ?, d. ca. 1678 or 1680, doctor in Physic of Tonbridge, Kent (PROB 4/3473 Amherst, Arthur, of Tonbridge, Kent, Doctor in Physic Amherst, Arthur, of Tonbridge, Kent 1678 19 Aug.; PROB 11/363 Bath 60-123 Will of Doctor Arthur Amherst, Doctor in Physic, Doctor in Medicine of Tonbridge, Kent 16 June 1680)
  63. Sr. Edward Monins Bart. (PROB 4/15000 Monins, Sir Edward, Bt. of Waldershare, Kent 1668 21 Mar. (1666); PROB 5/1203 MONINS, Sir Edward, bart, of Waldershare, Kent [Registered will: PROB 11/322] 1669; PROB 11/322 Mico 139-184 Will of Sir Edward Mouins of Waldershare, Kent 03 December 1666)
  64. Mr Christ[opher] Pett . Christopher Pett (b. ?, d. ca. 1668), His Majesty's Master Shipwright of Deptford and Woolwich (PROB 11/326 Hone 1-57 Will of Christopher Pett, His Majesty's Master Shipwright of Deptford and Woolwich 04 April 1668)
  65. William Sheldon. William Sheldon (b. ?, d. ca. 1673), bachelor, of Woolwich, Kent (PROB 5/6131 Sheldon, William, of Woolwich, Kent (includes commission 1673); PROB 18/5/26 Probate lawsuit Sheldon v Rycroft, concerning the deceased William Sheldon, bachelor of Woolwich, Kent. Allegation 1673; PROB 18/5/92 ditto, interrogatory; PROB 18/5/96 ditto, nuncipative will; PROB 18/5/97 ditto, allegation; PROB 11/343 Pye 119-167 Sentence of William Sheldon, Batchelor of Woolwich, Kent 11 July 1673)
  66. Mr Jerymy Blackman. Jeremy Blackman (b. ?, d. ca. 1668), son of Captain Jeremy Blackman (b. ?, d. ca. 1656). He was in Surat with his father whilst Captain Jeremy Blackman was President at Surat (165X-165X). Captain Jeremy Blackman lived in St Andrew Undershaft, London. In his will, written in 1656, he mentioned his "dwellinghouse Tenements Warehouses and Premisses with Thappurtenances in Saint Mary Acts in London." But he also mentioned "the Sugarhouse in Woolwich" which he had puchased "in Comp:a with Master Luke Lucie and Captaine William Ryder." In 1655/56 Jeremy Blackman senior, together with Jacob Lucie and William Bovie, had acquired Tower Place in Woolwich, "formerly occupied by Sir William Barne, and wharf, warren, 1 1/2 acres marsh, 8 1/2 acres marsh in occupation of William Ackworth, 'The Falcon' in tenure of Thomas Nicholl etc. in Woolwich and Plumstead." In 1670 a payment was made by the Master of the Ordinance to Jeremy Blackman junior for losses and damages sustained by him "in his walls, dove house, meadows, warren, &c., at Woolwich." (London Metropolitan Archives: Wilson, Maryon-, family: CHARLTON ESTATE E/MW/C [n.d.]: ....Deeds relating to Tower Place and the Warren, Woolwich purchased by Sir William Langhorn in 1707 and 1708 [no ref. or date]: Bargain and sale E/MW/C/183 1655/6; W.J.J., 'BARNE, William (c.1558-1619), of Tower Place, Woolwich, Kent,' in History of Parliament online: members 1558-1603; Dec. 20. 1670, citing Warrants Early XVIII. p. 367, in William A. Shaw (ed.), 'Entry Book: December 1670', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3: 1669-1672 (1908), pp. 697-709, viewed 23/02/12; PROB 11/327 Hone 58-102 Will of Jeremy Blackman, Gentleman 31 August 1668; see also "The boundaries of Tower Place are given as follows: The sugar house and the great mansion house butting on the lane called Rolt's lane. The orchard butting on..." (Oliver Frederick Gillilan Hogg, The Royal Arsenal: its background, origin, and subsequent history, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1963), p. 190)
  67. Will[iam] Cowdre. Possibly William Cowdrey (b. ?, d. ca. 1678), cordwainer (PROB 11/358 Reeve 106-156 Will of William Cowdrey, Cordwainer of Woolwich, Kent 02 November 1678)
  68. Thomas Bowyer. Possibly Thomas Bowyer, anchorsmith, of Woolwich, Kent (PROB 5/4074 Bowyer, Thomas, of Woolwich, Kent, anchorsmith (includes account) 1687; no identifiable PRC will)
  69. Joseph Goffe. Joseph Gough (b. ?, d. ca. 1667/68), shipwright (PROB 4/19780 Goffe, Joseph, of Woolwich, Kent 1667 6 Mar. Undated; PROB 11/323 Carr1-58 Will of Joseph Gough, Shipwright of Woolwich, Kent 06 March 1667)
  70. James Rowland. James Rowland (b. ?, d. 1667/68, caulker, of Woolwich, Kent (PROB 4/16654 Rowland, James, of Woolwich, Kent 1667 16 Jan. Undated; PROB 11/323 Carr 1-58 Will of James Rowland, Caulker of Woolwich, Kent 16 January 1667)
  71. Mr John Hebdon. Juts possibly Sir John Hebdon (b. ?, d. ca. 1670), of Tooting, Surrey (PROB 4/16925 Hebdon, Sir John, kt., of Tooting, Surrey 1670 10 Nov.; PROB 11/333 Penn 67-128 Will of Sir John Hebdon of Tooting Graveney, Surrey 14 June 1670; see also PROB 11/363 Bath 60-123 Will of Thomas Hebdon of Archangel, Russia 15 May 1680)
  72. Mr Geo Willoughby. Possibly George Willoughby (b. ?. d. ca. 1695), London merchant, the cousin and heir of Christopher Willoughby, London merchant and Smirna Venture Joint Stock subscriber. At the time of the 1666 hearth tax Christopher Willoughby was living in a seventeen hearth house in Edmonton, though he also had a house in Bishopstone, Wiltshire. George Willoughby inherited this Wiltshire property, which he gave as his residence in his will (PROB 11/426 Irby 85-124 Will of Sir George Willoughby of Bishopstone, Wiltshire 04 June 1695; PROB 11/365 North 1-47 Will of Christopher Willoughby of Bishopstone, Wiltshire 17 February 1681)
  73. Albertus Byron. Albertus Byrne (alias Byron, Brine) (b. ?, d. ca. 1669), gentleman, of Battersea, Surrey (PROB 5/2825 BYRNE, Albertus, gent, of Battersea, Surrey 1669; PROB 11/330 Coke 57-107 Will of Albertus Brine 06 June 1669)
  74. Sir Nicholas Carew Kgt (PROB 11/390 Exton 1-44 Will of Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington, Surrey 19 March 1688)
  75. Probably William Frost, bachelor, and ship carpenter, of Redriffe, Surrey (PROB 4/24083 Frost, William of Redriffe in Surrey, batchelor Undated (30 June 1669; PROB 11/330 Coke 57-107 Will of William Frost, Ship Carpenter of Redriffe, Surrey 30 June 1669))
  76. Love Luckett. Probably Lovewell Lucket, of Redriffe, Surrey (PROB 4/2965 Lucket, Lovewell, of Redriffe, Surrey 1666 3 Aug.
  77. John Evans. Just possibly John Evans, trotterman, of Bermondsey, Surrey (PROB 4/2257 Evans, John, of St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey, trotterman 1667 9 May)
  78. Rich Lewin. Possibly Richard Lewin, haberdasher, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey (PROB 4/3316 Lewin, Richard, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, [Citizen and Haberdasher of London] 1669 27 Aug.; PROB 11/327 Hone 58-112 Will of Richard Lewin, Haberdasher of Saint Mary Magdalen in Bermondsey, Surrey 13 May 1668)
  79. George Bilbee. George Bilbee, leatherseller, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey (PROB 4/3262 Bilbee, George, of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey, leatherseller 1667 19 Feb.; PROB 11/323 Carr 1-58 Will of George Bilbe, Leather Seller of Saint Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey 19 February 1667)
  80. Moses Sisson. Moses Sisson, fellmonger, of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey (PROB 4/9431 Sisson, Moses, of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, fellmonger 1669 4 Oct.; PROB 11/331 Coke 108-166 Will of Moses Scisson, Fellmonger of Saint Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey 04 October 1669)
  81. Thomas King. Possibly Thomas King, mariner, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey (PROB 4/2280 King, Thomas, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, [mariner] 1665 23 Oct.; PROB 11/318 Hyde 108-162 Will of Thomas King, Mariner of Saint Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey 19 October 1665)
  82. John Locke. Possibly John Locke (b. ?, d. 1681), of Lambeth, Surrey, who may have been a weaver (PROB 4/21287 Lock, John, of Lambeth, Surrey 1681 8 Nov.); possibly PROB 11/365 North 1-47 Will of John Lock, Weaver of Lambeth, Surrey 03 February 1681
  83. Sir Edmond Bowyer Kgt. Sir Edmond Boywer (b.?, d. ca. 1681) (PROB 11/365 North 1-47 Will of Sir Edmund Bowyer of Camberwell, Surrey 26 March 1681; PROB 18/13/4 Probate lawsuit Bowyer v Bowyer, concerning the deceased Sir Edmund Bowyer kt of Camberwell, Surrey. Allegation and interrogatory 1681; PROB 4/2865 Palmer Mrs. Katherine, of Camerwell, Surrey, servant to the Rt. Worshipful Sir Edmond Bowyer 1663 3 July)
  84. Mr Delves. Just possibly Nicholas Delves (b. ?, d. ca. 1693) (PROB 4/671 Delves, [Delme] Nicholas, of Camberwell, Surrey 1694 17 Feb. (1690); PROB 11/417 Coker 175-222 Will of Nicholas Delves of Camberwell, Surrey 19 December 1693
  85. Sir Edmond Hoskins Kgt. Serjeant-at-law, friend and legal advisor to Elizabeth Dallison and Sir George Oxenden in the early 1660s. His widow, Elizabeth Hoskins, daughter of Sir Job Harby, a London merchant, corresponded with Sir George Oxenden after his sister's death. Her son, Thomas Hoskins, was with Sir George Oxenden in the East Indies, at Broach ( PROB 11/316 Hyde 1-56 Will of Sir Edmund Hoskins, Serjeant at Law 7th February 1665; X April 1667, Letter from Elizabeth Hoskins, Carshalton; 13th October 1667, Letter from Elizabeth Hoskins to Sir GO; 14th August 1665, Letter from Thomas Hoskins to Sir GO, Broach)
  86. Dixye Long Esq. Dixye Long, esq. (b. ?, d. 1664), of Carshalton, Surrey. Daniel Lysons records the monument of "Dixey Longe, Esq." on the north wall of the Chancel of Carshalton church (PROB 5/799 LONGE, Dixey, esq, [of Carshalton, Surrey] [Registered will: PROB 11/315] 1664; PROB 11/315 Bruce 97-143 Will of Dixye Long of Carshalton, Surrey 12 September 1664; Daniel Lysons, 'Carshalton', The Environs of London: vo1: County of Surrey (London, 1792), pp. 122-136, viewed 26/02/12
  87. Mr. David Odgar. David Otgher, gentleman, of Carshalton, Surrey (PROB 11/381 Cann 108-165 Will of David Otgher, Gentleman of Carshalton, Surrey 07 November 1685; PROB 5/2176 CLARKE, Elizabeth, of Carshalton, Surrey (includes account) 1686; PROB 18/18/25 Probate lawsuit Walker v Clarke and Otghar, concerning the deceased Elizabeth Clarke of Carshalton, Surrey. Allegation, interogatory and additional statement 1686)
  88. Dennis [Gauden] Esq. Dennis (later Sir Dennis) Gauden (alias Gawden) (b. 1600, d, 1688), of London and Clapham, Surrey. Edward Walford (1878) wrote: "The house, which was a large roomy edifice, with a noble gallery occupying the whole length of the building, was built by Sir Dennis for his brother, Dr. John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, the presumed author of "Eikon Basilikè;" and after his death, in 1662, it became the residence of Sir Dennis himself, who sold it to one "Will" Hewer, who rose from being Pepys' clerk to a high position in the civil service, but found his occupation gone at the Revolution. Sir Dennis still, however, lived here, "very handsomely, and friendly to everybody," writes Evelyn, who was often a guest at his table; and he died here a few months after the fall of the Stuarts. Pepys used often to visit here his friend Gauden, "Victualler of the Navy, afterwards Sheriff of London, and a knight." Under date July 25, 1663, he writes, in his "Diary:"—"Having intended this day to go to Banstead Downes to see a famous race, I sent Will to get himself ready to go with me; but I hear it is put off, because the Lords do sit in Parliament to-day. After some debate, Creed and I resolved to go to Clapham, to Mr. Gauden's. When I come there, the first thing was to show me his house, which is almost built. I find it very regular and finely contrived, and the gardens and offices about it as convenient and as full of good variety as ever I saw in my life. It is true he hath been censured for laying out so much money; but he tells me he built it for his brother, who is since dead (the bishop), who, when he should come to be Bishop of Winchester, which he was promised (to which bishopricke, at present, there is no house), he did intend to dwell here. By and by to dinner, and in comes Mr. Creed; I saluted his lady and the young ladies, and his sister, the bishop's widow, who was, it seems, Sir W. Russell's daughter, the Treasurer of the Navy, whom I find to be very well bred, and a woman of excellent discourse. Towards the evening we bade them adieu, and took horse, being resolved that, instead of the race which fails us, we would go to Epsom." Later on, it seems, Pepys took up his residence here with his friend Hewer. John Evelyn writes again in his "Diary," under date Sept. 23rd, 1700: "I went to visit Mr. Pepys, at Clapham, where he has a very noble and wonderfully well-furnished house, especially with Indian and Chinese curiosities: the offices and gardens well accommodated for pleasure and retirement." Three years later, namely, on the 26th of May, 1703, Evelyn made the following entry in his "Diary:"—"This day died Mr. Sam. Pepys, a very worthy, industrious, and curious person, none in England exceeding him in knowledge of the Navy, in which he had passed thro' all the most considerable offices, Clerk of the Acts and Secretary of the Admiralty, all of which he performed with greate integrity. When K. James II. went out of England, he laid down his office and would serve no more, but withdrawing himselfe from all public affaires, he liv'd at Clapham with his partner, Mr. Hewer, formerly his clerk, in a very noble house and sweete place, where he enjoy'd the fruite of his labours in greate prosperity. He was universally belov'd, hospitable, generous, learned in many things, skill'd in music, a very greate cherisher of learned men of whom he had the conversation. His library and collection of other curiosities were of the most considerable, the models of ships especially." He was buried, as already stated, in St. Olave's Church, Hart Street. Lord Braybrooke, in his "Memoir of Samuel Pepys," tells us that when he removed to Mr. Hewer's house at Clapham, he left a large portion of his correspondence behind him in York Buildings, in the custody of a friend. This correspondence eventually found its way into the Bodleian Library, at Oxford. It only remains to add that Hewer's house was pulled down about the middle of the last century." L&M, vol. 10, 1983: 154 states that Sir Dennis Gauden's principal London house was until 1671 by the Victualling Office in East Smithfield. In 1671 he built a house and victualler's yard in Deptford. This subsequently became the site of the Naval Victualling Office (PROB 5/3027 GORDON (sic), Sir Dennis, kt, of Clapham, Surrey 1688; PROB 11/392 Exton 87-130 Will of Sir Dennis Ganden or Gawden of Clapham, Surrey 17 August 1688; 'Brixton and Clapham,' in Edward Walford, 'Brixton and Clapham', Old and New London: Volume 6 (1878), pp. 319-327, viewed 21/02/12; John Cary, New and accurate plan of London and Westminster and the Borough of Southwark (London, 1818), segment 3.8; size: 28 1/2" x 48 1/2" folding map; scale 6 1/2" to 1 mile. First pub. in 1787, subsequently revised. Sec 3.8 shows the Victualling Office, Deptford and Kings Yard, pub. 2006, UCLA Department of Epidemiology, high res. ver., viewed 02/03/12)
  89. Mr Peter Vandeputt. Probably Peter Vandeput, London merchant. See PROB 11/331 Coke 108-166 Sentence of Peter Vandeputt of Saint Olave Hart Street, City of London 22 May 1669; see also Peter Vandeputt 14 hearths, St Margaret Oaten, London (1666). Mentioned by Major (later Sir) Thomas Chambrelan, a frequent correspondent with Sir George Oxenden, in 1656, Papers sent by Major Thomas Chamberlain to John Thurloe
  90. Mr Rob West . Robert West, of Dulwich, Surrey, died at St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey (PROB 5/2100 WEST, Robert, of Dulwich, Surrey, died in St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey (includes account and commission) 1684)
  91. Mr Richard Mounteney. Richard Mounteney, esq. (b. ?, d. ca. 1684), of Kew, Surrey (PROB 4/1932 Mounteney, Richard, of Kewe, Surrey, esq. 1684 22 Dec.; PROB 11/372 Drax 1-51 Will of Richard Mounteney of Kew, Surrey 09 March 1683; PROB 18/15/62 Probate lawsuit Mounteney v Mounteney and others, concerning the deceased Richard Mounteney senior esq of Kew, Surrey, but died in the Liberty of the Tower. Allegation 1683)
  92. Howland Alias Roberts Esq. Probably Walter Howland alias Roberts (b. ?, d. ca. 1693) (PROB 4/7581 Howland, alias Roberts, Walter, of Bristow Causeway in Lambeth, Surrey, esq. 1693 31 Oct. (1692)
  93. Jon Scaldwell . Jon Scaldwell is probably related to Mrs Dorothy Scaldwell of Bristow Cawsey, Lambeth (PROB 4/25196 Scaldwell, Mrs Dorothy of Bristow Cawsey in Lambeth, Surrey, widdow 25 Oct 1683 (29 Oct 1683)
  94. Nath Cade. Nathaniel Cade (b. ?, d. ca.1669) (PROB 4/3788 Cade, Nathaniel, of Lambeth, Surrey 1669 6 July)
  95. John Greene. Just possibly John Greene (b. ?, d. ca. 1669 (PROB 4/9690 Greene, John, of Lambeth, Surrey 1669 7 Dec. Undated)
  96. John Collins. Just possibly John Collins (b. ?, d. ca. 1672), wax chandler (PROB 4/17043 Collins, John, of Lambeth, Surrey, wax-chandler 1672 4 July))
  97. Edmund Clay. Edmund Clay, Esq., of Lambeth Marsh, Surrey (PROB 4/16876 Clay, Edmund, of Lambeth Marsh in Lambeth, Surrey, esq. 1669 21 July; PROB 11/328 Hone 113-166 Will of Edmond or Edmund Clay of Lambeth Marsh, Surrey 15 October 1668
  98. Rowland Griffen. Possibly Rowland Griffifth, gardner, of lambeth Marsh, Surrey ( PROB 11/323 Carr 1-58 Will of Rowland Griffith, Gardner of Lambeth Marsh, Surrey 22 April 1667
  99. The Earle of Clarendon. Sir Orlando Bridgman, lawyer; Elizabeth Dallison had various dealings with Bridgman regarding her brother's legal matters, and also regarding her daughter's jointure, which was under threat of removal due to the attaint of her daughter's husband for treason (PROB 11/345 Bunce 54-103 Will of Sir Orlando Bridgeman, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal 04 July 1674)) (XXXX)
  100. Sir Thomas Bludworth Kgt. Sir Thomas Bludworth, London merchant; correspondent with Sir George Oxenden; London house in Mayden Lane, St Martin le Grand (22 hearths, 1666 (Sir Thomas Bludworth will PROB 11/370 Cottle 55-110 Will of Sir Thomas Bludworth, Alderman of London 10 July 1682; 22nd March 1662/63, Letter from Thomas Bludworth to Sir GO, London)
  101. Phillip Hulleyberry. Possibly a relative of Philip Hullenber, tapestry worker, of Mortlake, Surrey (PROB 4/1071 Hullenber, Philip, of Mortlake, Surrey, tapestry worker 1662 22 May (1661); see also PROB 4/5731 Hullenberch, Joan, of Mortlake, Surrey, widow 1662 7 [?May]; PROB 4/2488 Groten, Gartred, of Mortlake, Surrey, widow 1665 4 Nov.)
  102. Mr Edw Terrey. Edward Terry, citizen of London and vintner, Mortlake, Surrey (PROB 4/4641 Terry, Edward, of Moreclack, Surrey, Citizen and Vintner of London 1666 14 Nov.)
  103. Gartride [Grovens]. Gartred Groten (alias Grovens), widow, of Mortlake, Surrey (PROB 4/2488 Groten, Gartred, of Mortlake, Surrey, widow 1665 4 Nov.)
  104. Mrs Jane Simmonds. Jane Symonds (alias Simmonds), of Mortlake, Surrey (PROB 4/6621 Symonds, Jane, of Mortlake, Surrey 1668 7 Oct.)
  105. Mr Selby. Just possibly Anthony Selby, sugar refiner, of Mortlake, Surrey (PROB 4/19628 Selby, Anthony, of Mortlake, Surrey, [sugar refiner] 1680 2 June [illeg.])
  106. John Dyson. Possibly John Dyson, merchant, of lambeth, Surrey (PROB 4/17767 Dyson, John, of Lambeth, Surrey, merchant 1673 27 Nov. (167?); see possibly related PROB 11/380 Cann 52-107 Will of Sarah Dyson, Widow of Lambeth, Surrey 08 May 1685
  107. John Foote. Possibly John Foote (b. ?, d. ca. 1664) (PROB 4/3801 Foote, John, of Lambeth, Surrey 1664 26 April)
  108. Cuthbert Ishmale. Cuthbert Ismall (alias Ismale, alias Ishmale) (b. ?, d. ca. 1670) (PROB 4/5775 Ishmall, Cuthbert, of [?Vauxer] Hall in Lambeth, Midd., victualler 1670 3 Sept.; PROB 11/333 Penn 67-128 Will of Cuthbert Ismall or Ismale, Victualler of Lambeth, Surrey 17 August 1670)
  109. William Crowder. Probably William Crowder, starchmaker, of Lambeth, Surrey (PROB 4/21593 Crowder, William, of Lambeth, [Surrey], starchmaker 1669 14 May; PROB 11/329 Coke 1-56 Will of William Crowder, Starchmaker of Lambeth, Surrey 15 January 1669
  110. The Right Honourable Earl of Nottingham. Charles Howard (b. 1610, d. 1681), the third Earl of Nottingham. Son of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, by his father's second wife, Margaret Stuart. He inherited the title of Earl of Nottingham in 1642, following the death of his half-brother, Charles Howard, 2nd Earl of Nottingham (b. 1579, d. 1641) (PROB 11/366 North 48-94 Will of The Right Honorable Charles Earl of Nottingham 27 April 1681)
  111. Mr Wymonsole. Mr Wymonsole may have been William Wymondesold (b. ?, d. ca. 1664), of Putney, Surrey, who died around the time of the 1664 hearth tax telling. Alternatively he may have been Dawes Wymondesold, later Sir Dawes Wymondesold (b. ?, d. ca. 1675), of Putney, who presumably was William Wymondesold's heir. A post-mortem inventory survives for the second of the two men (PROB 4/3128 Wymondesold, Sir Dawes, of Putney, Surrey 1675 18 Dec.; PROB 11/314 Bruce 49-96 Will of William Wymondesold of Putney, Surrey 11 June 1664; PROB 11/349 Dycer 106-147 Will of Sir Dawes Wymondesold of Putney, Surrey 22 February 1675; PROB 18/7/94 Probate lawsuit Wymondesold v Wymondsold, concerning the deceased Sir Davies Wymondesold, kt of Putney, Surrey. Allegation 1675); see also PROB 5/1257 Wymondsoll or Wymondsole, Thomas, esq, of Lambeth, Surrey, [merchant] [Registered will: PROB 11/448] 1698); & PROB 11/388 Foot 90-132 Will of Sir Robert Wymondsold of Putney, Surrey 07 September 1687)
  112. Sir John Lawrence. Sir John Lawrence (b. ?, d. 1692/93), London merchant. A post-mortem inventory has survived for the Putney residence. In addition to the Putney mansion, he had a substantial house in Great St. Helen's, which was recorded in the 1666 Hearth Tax assesment with twenty-six hearths (PROB 5/2301 Lawrence, Sir John, kt, of Putney, Surrey (includes account) 1694); 'Lawrence, John,' in J.R. Woodhead, 'Lambert - Lytler', The Rulers of London 1660-1689: A biographical record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London (1966), pp. 104-101, viewed 22/02/12
  113. Sir Tho Chamberlaine. Sir Thomas Chambrelan (alias Chamberlaine) (b. 1599, d. 1671), London merchant, relative and correspondent of Sir George Oxenden. Son of Abraham Chamberlain, merchant of St Helen, Bishopsgate, and Hester, daughter of Thomas Papillon. His son-in-laws were Sir Arthur Ingram and Michael Godfrey, both London merchants. During the contagion of 1665, Sir Arthur Ingram joined his father-in-law at Chambrelan's Putney house, as recounted by Chambrelan in a letter to Sir George Oxenden dated March 8th, 1665/66. Sir Arthur Ingram's normal residence was on the north side of Fenchurch street, in the parish of St Dionis, Backchurch, where he had a twenty hearth home. Chambrelan also had a sixteen hearth house on the south side of Lombard Street in St. Andrew's Undershaft ( PROB 11/337 Duke 102-158 Will of Sir Thomas Chambrelan of London 07 December 1671; 29th September 1662, Letter from Thomas Chambrelan to Sir GO; 29th March 1663, Letter from Thomas Chambrelan to Sir GO, London; 29th March 1663, Letter from Thomas Chambrelan to Sir GO, continuation; 8th March 1665/66, Letter from Thomas Chambrelan to Sir GO, Putney; 'Chamberlain, Thomas,' in J.R. Woodhead, 'Cade - Cutler', The Rulers of London 1660-1689: A biographical record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London (1966), pp. 42-56, viewed 22/02/12)
  114. Sir Willm Terringham. Probably Sir William Tyringham (alias Teringham, Terringham) (b. 1618, d. 1685). Fourth surviving son of Sir Thomas Tyringham of Tyringham and Frances, daughter of Sir Thomas Gorges of Longford Castle, Wiltshire. Succeeded to heavily mortgaged Buckinghamshire estate in 1645. Made a Knight of the Bath at Charles II's coronation in 1661. His second wife (m. bef. 1655) was Sarah Martin, the widow of James Martin, fishmonger, of London and Putney. Elected MP at a by-election post 1660. Re-elected There is no trace of probate records for Sir William Terringham. Sir William Terringham worshipped at the nearby parish church of Mortlake. In 1676, he requested of Robert Wyseman, Dean and Commissary of Croydon and Shoreham, that he might build a pew for himself and his family in the great gallery on the north side of the church. he requested a second pew for his servants, to be behind the first (Surrey History Centre: Mortlake Parish Records II: Copy of faculty by Robert Wyseman, Dean and Commissary of Croydon and Shoreham of Gilbert [Seldon], Archbishop of Canterbury to Sir William Terringham 2414/3/39 [?c.1786]; PROB 11/122 Capell 66-124 Will of Francis Tirringham, Gentleman of Leicester, Leicestershire 17 November 1613; 'TYRINGHAM (TERINGHAM), William (1618-85), of Tyringham, Bucks.,' in The history of parliament online, vol. 1660-1690: members)
  115. Mr Peteward. Mr Peteward was either John Pettiward (b. ?, d. ca. 1671) or Roger Pettiward (b. ?, d. ca. 1675), both gentleman, of Putney (PROB 11/337 Duke 102-158 Will of John Pettyward or Pettiward of Putney, Surrey 11 December 1671; PROB 11/349 Will of Roger Pettiward, Gentleman of Putney, Surrey 09 February 1675; PROB 4/9252 Pettiward, Roger, of Putney, Surrey, gent 1675 7 May; PROB 5/1894 PETTIWARD, Roger, gent, of Putney, Surrey [Registered will: PROB 11/349] [Sentence: PROB 11/349] 1675); PROB 18/7/96 Probate lawsuit Pettyward v Pettyward, concerning the deceased Roger Pettiward, [gent] of Putney, Surrey. Allegation 1675)
  116. Mr Portman. Just possibly John Portman (b. ?, d. 1683), London Goldsmith, whose town house was on Great Lombard street. J.R. Woodhead (1966), in his profile of Portman, does not mention a Putney residence. John Portman probably died intestate ('Portman, John' in J.R. Woodhead (ed.), 'Pack - Pyers', The Rulers of London 1660-1689: A biographical record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London (1966), pp. 124-134, viewed 14/02/12)
  117. Mr Hamond. Possibly Cordwell Hamond (b. ?, d. ca. 1681), gentleman, of Putney, Surrey (PROB 11/366 North 48-94 Will of Cordwell Hamond, Gentleman of Putney, Surrey 06 June 1681; E 115/190/86 Certificate of residence showing Cordwell Hammon to be liable for taxation in Surrey, and not in the ward of Billingsgate, London, the previous area of tax liability. (Any information not given in this certificate comes from its old pouch, no 309.) Date: 16 Charles I 1640-1641)
  118. Mr Clarke. Possibly the future Sir Francis Clarke ((b. 1622, d. ca. 1690), who was knighted in 1665, after the Surrey hearth tax return for Lady Day, 1664. Sir Francis Clarke had a ten hearth residence on the south side of "Fanchurch Strett" (1666). J.R. Woodhead (1966) states that Sir Francis Clarke was of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate and Putney, giving dates of 1668 and 1677 for data supporting St. Helen's, Bishopsgate. However, in Woodhead to the contrary, Sir Francis Clarke's pre-1666 fire residence was definitely Fenchurch Street (PROB 11/340 Eure 108-157 Will of Dame Mary Clarke, Widow of Putney, Surrey 07 December 1672; 'Clarke, Francis (A)', in J.R. Woodhead, 'Cade - Cutler', The Rulers of London 1660-1689: A biographical record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London (1966)
  119. Mr Bridges. Possibly Mr Noah Bridges (b. ?, d. 1674), of Putney, Surrey (PROB 11/346 Bunce 104-150 Will of Noah Bridges of Putney, Surrey 10 November 1674
  120. Mr Roberts. Edith Roberts (b. ?, d. ca. 1666), widow, of Putney, Surrey, possibly the widow of Mr Roberts (PROB 11/321 Mico 92-138 Will of Edith Roberts, Widow of Putney, Surrey 13 July 1666)
  121. Mr Proby. Peter Proby, merchant taylor of London and Putney. He was married to the daughter of Sir Richard and Grace Ford, who in 1666 were resident at Seething Lane adjacent to the Naval Office, in an eighteen hearth house. At the time of writing her will in 16XX, Dame Grace Ford was "of Rowhampton, Surrey," near the Putney home of her daughter and son-in-law Peter Proby (PROB 11/378 Hare 141-180 Will of Peter Proby, Merchant Taylor of London 21 November 1684; PROB 5/1892 PROBY, Peter, of Putney, Surrey, merchant tailor, died in London (includes commission) [Registered will: PROB 11/378; Administration with will annexed d b n Feb 1686, Jun 1690] 1684; see also PROB 11/371 Cottle 111-163 Sentence of Grace Ford, Widow of Rowhampton London 16 February 1682; PROB 18/13/52 Probate lawsuit Ford and Oveatt v Proby otherwise Ford and others, concerning the deceased Dame Grace Ford, widow of Roehampton, Surrey, relict of Sir Richard Ford kt. Allegation and interrogatory 1681)
  122. Mr White High Constable. Possibly James White, brewer, of Putney, Surrey. Possibly related to Henry White, who appears on the 1626 map of Putney as "M:r Hen:r White," and who was chosen high sheriff of Surrey in 1653. However, he was dead by 1658(PROB 11/334 Penn 129-184 Will of James White, Brewer of Putney, Surrey 16 December 1670; see also PROB 11/362 Bath 1-59 Will of Elizabeth White, Widow of Putney, Surrey 12 March 1680; PROB 11/278 Wootton 314-362 Will of Henry White of Putney, Surrey 27 May 1658)
  123. Mr Turner. John Turner, London merchant, marr. Martha Pettiward (b.?, d. 1669 or 1670), of Putney, Surrey. John Turner was assigned the Putney house by Richard Jones, esq., of Putney in March 1657 for a consideration of 400 pounds. Jones himself had acquired the original 21 year lease in 1651 from William Wymondesold of Putney. In the original lease the property was described as a "New built brick house in the town of Putney between the houses and grounds there in the occupations of Mrs Yardley, widow, south and Henry White, north, with the garden, orchard, stable and coach house and 2 closes of land (9a) one (5a) abutting W on the walls of the premises and the other (4a) abutting W on the former, ranging between the road to Richmond and the common fields." A schedule of fixtures and fittings was attached to the original lease. John Turner appears to have died intestate, with administration being granted to his widow, Martha. A port mortem inventory exists, as does correspondence following her husband's death, between Martha Turner and (PROB 4/13351 Turner, John, of Putney, Surrey 1670 24 Sept.; East Sussex Record Office: Archives of the Frewen Family of Brickwall in Northiam (FRE/1 - FRE/1126): Family (no ref. or date): Miscellaneous early deeds: deeds of the Turner family (no ref. or date): (1) Lease for 21 years, annual rent £20 FRE/501 1 Nov 1653 (2) Assignment of leases for £400 FRE/502 25 Mar 1657; see also PROB 11/397 Ent 139-189 Will of William Turner of Putney, Surrey 09 December 1689)
  124. Mr Belt. Just possibly Daniel Belt (b. ?, d. ca. 1697), of Putney, Surrey (PROB 11/439 Pyne 133-177 Will of Daniel Belt of Putney, Surrey 08 July 1697)
  125. Mrs Hubbard. Possibly Jane Hubbert (?alias Hubbard) (b. ?, d. ca. 1668), widow of Hugh Hubbert (b. ?, d. ca. 1664), both of Putney, Surrey (PROB 11/328 Hone 113-166 Will of Jane Hubbert, Widow of Putney, Surrey 30 September 1668; PROB 11/315 Bruce 97-143 Will of Hugh Hubbert of Putney, Surrey 14 December 1664)
  126. Walter Sissam jun. Just possibly Walter Sysum (?alias Sissam), mariner, of Putney, Surrey (PROB 11/438 Pyne 89-132 Will of Walter Sysum, Mariner and now belonging to His Majesty's Ship Boyne of Putney, Surrey 14 May 1697
  127. Wid Simmons. Hester Symonds (alias Simmons), of Putney, Surrey, widow of Steven Symonds of Putney. (PROB 5/2124 SYMONDS alias SIMMONS, Hester, of Putney, Surrey 1666; Lambeth Palace Library: Symonds; (Simmons, Symmonds, Symons), Hester (Putney, Surrey): widow of Stephen Simmons VH 96/2523 4 Sep 1665: will probate; see also Lambeth Palace Library: Symonds; (Simmons, Symmonds, Symons), Hester (Putney, Surrey): widow of Stephen Simmons VH 96/2523 4 Sep 1665: will, inventory)
  128. Edw. Jones. Just possibly related to Ellen Jones, widow of Putney, deceased 1669 (Lambeth Palace Library: peculiar jurisdiction: Deaneries of Croydon and Shoreham: Jones, Ellen (Putney, co. Surrey); widow VH 96/1488 5 May 1669: will, inventory)
  129. John Mascall. Probably John Maskall (alias Mascall) (b. ?, d. ca. 1687), poulterer, of Putney, Surrey. His widow was probably Frydisweede Mascall (b. ?, d. ca. 1695) (PROB 11/388 Foot 90-132 Will of John Maskall, Poulterer of Putney, Surrey 22 August 1687; PROB 11/425 Irby 42-84 Will of Frydisweede Mascall, Widow of Putney, Surrey 27 May 1695)
  130. Walter Sissam. See Walter Sissam jun 1 hearth, also of Putney, Surrey. One of the two is likely to have been a mariner, perhaps both (PROB 11/438 Pyne 89-132 Will of Walter Sysum, Mariner and now belonging to His Majesty's Ship Boyne of Putney, Surrey 14 May 1697)
  131. Jeremy Jones. Possibly Jeremiah Jones (b. ?, d. ca. 1595), waterman, of Putney, Surrey (PROB 11/414 Coker 47-90 Will of Jeremiah Jones, Waterman now belonging to Their Majesty's Ship Ossory of Putney, Surrey 17 March 1693)
  132. John East. John East, a waterman of Putney, Surrey, was a co-signator to a settlement bond for 40 pounds in December 1670 (Surrey History Centre: Mortlake Parish Records II: Overseers 2414/6 [n.d.]: Settlement bond 2414/6/16 15 Dec 1670
  133. Mr Ellis Crisp. Probably Ellis Crisp(e), the son of Sir Nicholas Crispe, customs farmer, and probably brother-in-law of Sir Nicholas Strode, who was resident at St. James, Clerkenwell (15 hearths, and Chepsted house, Kent (26 hearths). Sir Nicholas Crispe stated in his will, written in 1666, that his son "Ellys Crisp" was deceased. The willl of Elias Crispe proved 1689 is therefore likely to be that of a relative (PROB 11/397 Ent 139-189 Will of Elias Crispe, Merchant of London 06 December 1689); see also PROB 4/5324 Crispe, Thomas, of the City of London, ob at Mortlake, Surrey, merchant 1689 24 Oct. (1688)
  134. Mr Thomas Willsom. Thomas Wilson was probably related to Robert Wilson (PROB 11/303 May 1-53 Will of Robert Wilson of Merton, Surrey 29 March 1661)
  135. Just possibly PROB 11/404 Vere 48-92 Will of Henry Hampson, Merchant of London 28 March 1691)
  136. Mr William Garland. William Garland was a gentleman of Mitcham (PROB 11/317 Hyde 57-107 Will of William Garland, Gentleman of Mitcham, Surrey 17 July 1665; see also PROB 11/330 Coke 57-107 Will of Agatha Garland, Widow of Mitcham, Surrey 25 June 1669)
  137. Eliz Watts. Elizabeth Watts was probably the widow of Ralph Watts of Mitcham, Surrey (PROB 4/7571 Watts, Elizabeth, of [Mitcham] Surrey, widow 1664 8 July; PROB 11/309 Laud 108-162 Will of Ralph Watts, Gentleman of Mitcham, Surrey 23 December 1662)
  138. Robert Cranmer, London merchant and Smirna Venture Joint Stock subscriber. Writing his will in February 1665/66, Robert Cranmer appointed as his executors "my saide eldest Sonne Robert Cranmore and my very goode freinde and neighbour Henry Hampson of Mitcham in the County of Surrey esquire." ( PROB 11/320 Mico 47-91 Will of Robert Cranmore of Mitcham, Surrey 12 April 1666; PROB 5/2160 Inventory of Robert Cranmere, 1665, ff. 1-5)
  139. Mr Samuell Lamb. Samuell Lamb was a gentleman of Mitcham (PROB 4/3970 Lambe, Samuell, of Mitcham, Surrey, gent. 1687 13 Oct.)
  140. William Greene Esq. Presumably Sir William Greene. Robert Cranmer appointed Sir William Greene one of his two overseers, when writing his will in Febraury 1665/66: "Sir William Greene of Mitcham aforesaid Baronett and Mr Joseph White of the same place gent overseers of this my last will and testament" (PROB 11/337 Duke 102-158 Will of Sir William Greene of Mitcham, Surrey 07 December 1671)
  141. Mr William Fletcher. William Fletcher was a gentleman of Mitcham (PROB 11/363 Bath 60-123 Will of William Fletcher, Gentleman of Mitcham, Surrey 23 June 1680)
  142. Sir Willm Cholmeley. Sir William Cholmeley, Bt., of Whitby, Yorkshire, died at Mitcham June 18th, 1664 (PROB 4/2700 Cholmeley, Sir William, Bt., [of Whitbey] York, ob at Mitcham 1664 18 June; no associated PRC will has been found)
  143. John Highlord Esq. Thomas Stile, a London merchant, mentioned "my Sonne in Lawe John Highlord Esq:r" in his will, which he wrote in November 1656. Thomas Stile described himself as "in the Countie of Surrey Esquire," and referred to "my twoe Coaches and my Coachhorses togeather with the Lease of the house in Morden which I doe live at present," which he bequeathed to his son Maurice Stile. Thomas Style's widow decribed herself as "of Mordon in the County of Surrey" (Probably PROB 11/358 Reeve 106-156 Will of John Highlord of Mitcham, Surrey 21 November 1678; PROB 11/266 Ruthen 260-310 Will of Thomas Style or Stile of Surrey 25 July 1657; PROB 11/285 Wootton 674-720 Will of Martha Style, Widow of Morden, Surrey 16 January 1658; PROB 11/292 Pell 300-349 Will of Maurice Style, Gentleman of Edmonton, Middlesex 08 June 1659; PROB 4/4651 Style, Henry, of the City of London, ob at Mitcham, Surrey, mercer 1675 6 Sept.)
  144. Mr Willm Booth Rector. William Booth, clerk, of Morden, Surrey (PROB 4/3024 Booth, William, of Morden, Surrey, clerk 1671 21 July; PROB 11/335 Duke 1-53 Will of William Booth, Clerk of Morden, Surrey 13 March 1671)
  145. Willm Hoskins Esq. Edmund Hoskins, of Oxted, gent. was probably related to William Hoskins (PROB 20/1332 Hoskins, Edmund: Oxted, Suss., gent. 1673)
  146. John Ridgway. Probably John Ridgway, Innholder, of Oxted (PROB 4/18082 Ridgway, John, of [Oxted, Surrey] inholder 1673 6 June)
  147. Mr Finch. Just possibly George Finch, merchant, of Richmond, Surrey (PROB 4/20149 Finch, George, of [Richmond, Surrey], merchant 1688 2 May
  148. Sir Thomas Nott)
  149. Earl Carlile (Earl of Carlile)
  150. Richard Smith. Possibly Richard Smith, mariner, of Redriffe, Surrey (PROB 4/15636 Smith, Richard, of Redriffe, Surrey, marriner 1673 5 Mar.; PROB 5/665 SMITH, Richard, of Rotherhithe, Surrey, mariner [Registered will: PROB 11/341] 1673); PROB 11/341 Pye 1-52 Will of Richard Smith, Mariner 05 March 1673
  151. Thomas Wilkins. Probably Thomas Wilkins, smith, of Redriffe, Surrey (PROB 4/25718 Wilkins, Thomas of Redriffe, Surrey, smith Undated (14 Nov 1666)
  152. Henry Bingham. Possibly Henry Bingham, mariner (PROB 5/2059 BINGHAM, Henry, of Rotherhithe, Surrey, died at sea, mariner (includes account) 1667)
  153. The Right Honourable Countess of Devon. Probably, Christian, the second Countess of Devonshire. Roehampton House had been built by the year 1624 by David Papillon, father of Thomas Papillon, Sir George Oxenden's friend and correspondent. Papillon sold the house to Richard Weston (b. 1577, d. 1635), later the first Earl of Portland, who expanded the grounds to include a deer park. The architect Sir Balthasar Gerbier designed new interiors and worked on the garden. A letter from Gerbier to Weston, dated January 19th, 1630, describes aspects of the house and its setting. The house was sold in 1640 to Sir Abraham Daws, probably in trust for Sir Thomas Daws, who was resident at Roehampton House for most of the 1640s. Daws' unpublished diary survives from the 1640s. In 1648, Christian, the second countess of Devonshire, rented and subsequently purchased Roehampton House. In 1689 the house was sold by the Devonshire family to Sir Jeffrey Jeffreys, a London aldeman and ?merchant (English Heritage Register of Special Historic Interest: XXX; Surrey Archaeol Collect 1926; V.B. Redston, 'The diary of Sir Thomas Dawes,' in Surrey Archaeological Society, Surrey archaeological collections, vol. 37, pt. 1 (Guilford, 1926), pp. 1-36, including 'Map of Putney in 1626,' fac. p. 2; PROB 11/252 Berkeley 1-52 Will of Sir Thomas Dawes, Gentleman of His Most Royal Majesty's His Honorable Privy Chamber in Ordinary and Collector or Customs of His said Majesty's customer inward in the Port of London and Surveyor of all the Customs in all His Majesty's Outports of Putney, Surrey 25 January 1656; PROB 36/2 Dowager Countess of Devonshire 1674; PROB 11/190 Cambell 86-131 Will of Elizabeth Countess of Devon, Dowager 07 November 1642)
  154. Sir Eliab Harvey. The seven hearth house is probably that of the brother of the physician, William Harvey (b. 1578, d. 1657). William Harvey died at Roehampton in 1657. There was an Elias Harvey (b. ?, d. ca. 1664), whose inventory was recorded at St. Peter le Poer, 1664. There is a record relating to marriage settlement, dated April 29th, 1679, between, as the first party, Edward Harvey of Combe Nevill, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, and as the second party, Sir Eliab Harvey of Chigwell, Essex, Kt., Elizabeth Harvey his eldest daughter, Michaell Harvey of Clifton, Dorset, esquire, William Harvey of Roehampton, esquire, Edward Deering of Surrenden Deering, Kent, esquire. (PROB 4/9044 Harvey, Elias, of St. Peter the Poore, London, esq. 1664 2 Nov.; PROB 11/291 Pell 249-299 Will of William Harvey, Doctor of Physic of London 02 May 1659; Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies:...Copy Release (Marriage Settlement) D-D/16/4 29th April, 1679; PROB 11/570 XXXX Will of William Harvey of Roehampton, Surrey 03 September 1719)
  155. Geo Chute. Possibly George Chute of Lambeth (b.?, d. ca. 1684) (no post-mortem inventory; PROB 11/375 Hare 1-47 Will of George Chute of Lambeth, Surrey 17 January 1684; see also PROB 11/396 Ent 92-138 Will of George Chute of Streatham, Surrey 04 July 1689)
  156. Sir Allen Brodericke (PROB 11/364 Bath 124-185 Will of Sir Allen Brodericke or Broderike of Wandsworth, Surrey 26 November 1680)
  157. The Earle of Bristoll. Possibly George Digby (b. ?, d. ca. 1677), Earl of Bristol (PROB 11/353 Hale 1-43 Will of George Digby Earle of Bristol 10 April 1677)