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Account book listing cavalry horses and arms subscribed for the parliamentary army under the system known as the Propositions. This is a fair copy compiled by the commissaries John Smith and Thomas Richardson from several original account books that no longer survive. Folios 43r, 49r, 91v and 132r note where some of the original books began and ended. This copy was submitted to the Committee for Taking Accounts of the Whole Kingdom on 26 April 1644.

Many of the horses were probably listed directly with Smith and Richardson in London, but the book also includes some lists compiled by local commissaries outside London:

  • Thomas Westall and Thomas Sanders in Buckinghamshire, August 1642, starts on f.49v
  • William Singleton and Thomas Pury in Gloucester, September 1642, starts on f.99r
  • John Luchocke, George Blunt and Anthony Leycester in Oxfordshire, October 1642, starts on f.121r

Geographical patterns in the lists, such as large clusters in Essex in August and September 1642, could suggest that other local lists have been silently merged with the main account.

At best the entries give:

  • subscriber's name, address and occupation or status
  • a description of the horse
  • the rider's name
  • a list of arms and equipment
  • the value of the horse and arms

Many entries omit some of these details. Some horses came without arms, and many came without riders.

The account does not include any record of which units received the horses. Folio 132r gives the total number of horses listed in this book as 3,757.

The manuscript includes an original index of people which has not been included in these transcripts.

This Volume currently contains 3 pages.

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