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The Property:Firstname is for use in pages in the Semantic biography category in the MarineLives wiki

This property has type Text.

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Abell Longden +Abell  +
Abraham Crane +Abraham  +
Abraham Gaultier +Abraham  +
Abraham Greaves +Abraham  +
Abraham Rutter +Abraham  +
Abraham Skelton +Abraham  +
Adam Beale +Adam  +
Adriaen Goltsmit +Adriaen  +
Adrian Franck +Franck  +
Adrian Revelle +Adrian  +
Adrian Valzolio de Jonge +Adrian  +
Albertus Skynner +Albertus  +
Alexander Baareffoott +Alexander  +
Alexander Cocke +Alexander  +
Alexander Fowler +Alexander  +
Alexander Robinson +Alexander  +
Alexander Steptow +Alexander  +
Ambrose Ellet +Ambrose  +
Ambrose Pomeroy +Ambrose  +
Andrew Beake +Andrew  +
Andrew Bowman +Andrew  +
Andrew Harris +Andrew  +
Andrew Shan +Andrew  +
Andrew Wise +Andrew  +
Anthony Deane +Anthony  +
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