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C 10/488/141 +Addressed to the right hon:ble Edward Earle of Clarendon Lord High Chancellor of England Y:e orators S:r John Lewis of London Kn:t and Barronett, S:r James Maddifford Kn:t and Barronett, S:r George Smith of London kn:t S:r George Oxenden Knight Thomas Hussey of London Esq Henry Sparstow of London Esq Daniell Pennington [??] Jonathan Dawes, Phillip Mirell [Mirsell?] and Richard Binly of London Merchants and part owners of the good shipp called the ''Loyall Merchant'' of London, That wheras in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty two your orators saidd shipp being strong and thight (sic), and well and sufficient and fitting for along voyage; And the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading in the East Indies knoweing of the sufficiency of your orators said shipp, and being desirous to hyre the same of your orators for a voyage into the East Indies, it was agreed by charter party and entered of a ffraight xxx date the [BLANK IN DOCUMENT] day of [BLANK IN DOCUMENT] in the said yeare one thousand six hundred and sixty two made betweene your orators Thomas Hussey and Daniel Pennington on behalfe of themselves and xxxx xxx xxx xxx parte, That the saidd Shipp and furniture should with the first convenient winde and weather after the tenth of March then next comeing, or as soone after the xxxx day of the said Company should appoint to depart from xxxx with all such Bullion goods and Merchandise as the said Governor and Company or theire Assignees should lade and putt aboard her, And that the said Shipp after such her departure from Gravesend aforesaid should xxxx xxx and eather should serve (the dainger of of the sea accepted) directly faste for the port of Surratt in the East Indies or parts and places within the limmitts of the companies charter to which shee should bee appointed by the said Governor and Company theire ffactors or Assignees (the west coast of Sumatra only excepted & where the said shipp was not to goo) and should att all or any of these places whereunto shee should bee ordered , not only discharge all such Bullion goods & merchandise as should be laden or putt aboard her for Accompt of the said Governor and Company, And afterwards to any other ports and places within the limitts of the Companies charter to which shee should be appointed by the said Governor and Company fro themselves and their surrogates Did by the said Charter partie covenant and agree to and with the orators theire Executants and Adminstrators well and truly to pay or cause to be paid unto your orators in London ffraight for & upon xxeyne Tun of goods that should be brought home in the said Shipp for the Accompt of the said Governor and Company to the port of London as followeth (that is to say) for salt peeter (sic), sugar, pepper cowries and Tumerick and all other gxxffxx good whatsoever the sume of eighteene pounds of lawfull momey of England p Tun and for callicoes Audxxx spxxx and all other fine goods whatsoever the sum of twenty two of like money p Tun And after the said respective rates for every greater or lesser quantity than the Tun accompting the Tunnage of all and every the goods and merchandizes that should bee laden upon the said Shipp according to the liste usuall Tunnage of the East India Company and not otherwise And that the said sumes of eighteen pounds and two and twenty pounds p Tun upon goods returning with said shipp shopuld bee in full satisfaction of all goods brought home carried out in the said Shipp for Accompt of the aid Governor and Company And that the fraight that should become due, should bee paid as followeth (that is to say) one moyety (sic) or halfe parte thereof with in six dayes next after the rightfull and due discharge into the said companies warehouses and possession of all the goods and merchandizes that had been laden aboard the said Shipp att any port or place in India or elsewhere during the said voyage homewards bound for any Accompt whatsoever , And the other moyety or half parte therof within sixety dayes then next followeing , or soe soone after either of the said times as your orators should demand the sume, And your orators justly shewe unto your Lopp [Worp?} That it was by the said charter partie covenanted by your orators who underwritt the said charterparty and the said Nicholas Millett to and with the said Company theire successors and assignees that these should not bee laden or putt aboard the said Shipp by themselves or any other whomsoever to bee carried in the saidd shipp for or towards the East Indies any sorte of woolen clothes xxx xxxx or any woolen stuffes, Lead, Brimston, Allum, quick silver vermillion, corrals, Amber, nor Elephants tooth, but for only as should bee laden for the Accompt of the said Governor and Company , And further that there should not bee laden into the said Shipp att any port or place in India or elsewhere to bee returned for England or carried from port to port in India or elsewhere , any Callicoes, Indigo, Cinamon, cloves, cardamons, xxxxxx, salt peeter, Black pepper, Nutmegg, Mace, Cotton yarns, alfia Lignum, Cinamon XX Matt Tram boone [?] Cinnamon Barks of all sorts Alloes Seratrina [?] Bengall taffetaes Gownes or xxxx ginghams or any of them, But for only as should bee laden and xxxx for Accompt of the said Governor and Company , And that if any of the said goods beforementioned to bee prohinited should defacto (sic) bee laden aboard , carried out brought home or carried from port to port in the said Shipp or any part therof charge [??] [unfortunately this word is very faint at the RH edge of the large parchment, but charge is logical] your said orators and the said Millett theire Executors and Administrators should bee taken to have broken theire said covenant, and should pay and allow for the breach therof unto the said Governor and Company the Successor and Assignees the sevrall summes following (that is to say) ffor every woolen cloth ten pounds, for every cloth each five pounds, for every peece of woolen stuffe three pounds and soo in proportion for every greater or lesser quantity than a whole peece, for beads (sic) ten shillings p centain (sic), Brimston and Allum ffifteene shillings p centaine, Quick silver, vermillion & elephants tooth two shillings p pound, and for corrall and Amber ten shillings p pound, for every peece of callicoe comonly called long cloth five and twenty shillings p peece, for Surratt callicoes, or any other sort of callicoes of whatsort sooever they bee, ten shillings p peece, the xxxx xxx, for xxx and salt peeter six pence p pound, mace five shillings p pound, & afphia (sic) Lignum (sic) Cinnamon Je [?] matt and Tramboone cinamon two shillings p pound Larks [?] of all sorts twelve pence p pound Alloes Lorah [??] ten pounds xxx every peece conteined to bee xxx according as it as usually certaine of in his Mat:s Custome house for Indigo cardamons cinamon , cloves cotton yarn benjamin and Nutmegg tenn shillings p pound, Black pepper p centain Bengall taffaties ten shillings p peece Cowries twelve pence p pound and for coloure of [could be returne of] Ginghams five shillings p peece And your said orators and the said Millett were by the said xxxx xxxxx allowed to carrie in the said Shipp for theire or some of theire owne Accompt only in the said voyage and not for the Accompt or Accompts of any merchant strainger or other merchant or peson whatsoever xxx what the xxxcome consigned to the said Governor and Company ) the quantity of five and twenty Tuns and noe more in other xxxx or kinde of goods; provided it were not in any of the commodities before mentioned and pticularly named and agreed upon to be carried for the said Governor and Comany only, And the goods soo allowed to bee for the Accompt of your said orators , and the said Millett, to be delivered all of them unto the said companyes possession to be viewed att the Shippes returne and accompt be delivered att a monthes xx to your orators and the said Nicholas Millett or soe soone after as they should demand the same, And that if xxxx what said Millett and Shipps company should bring from India or elsewhere in the said shipp any greater quantity of goods than the said five and twenty tuns allowed as aforesaid then they should xxxxx allow unto the aid Governor and Company or there successors forty pounds p Tunn fraight for all such goods as should xxxx  +
C 5/15/3 f.1 +To the right hon:ble the Lord Commissioner of the great Seale of England Humbly complaineing showeth unto yo:r lordshipps yo:r dayly Orator Tobell Aylmer of the parish of S:t Martyns Ludgate London Esquire, That whereas heretofore that is to say in or about the month of November in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred forty and nyne S:r ffrancis Williamson knightUNIQd1f8c8247444ed92-ref-000006F5-QINU Edward Clovyll of London Esquire Edmund Lascelles and Phineas Rogers or some or one of them haveinge occasion for money did by themselves or by some other person or psons imployed by them repaire unto yo:r orator, knoweing yo:r orator besides his owne estate was trusted with the disposeinge of the moneys of one Dorothy Reeve widdowUNIQd1f8c8247444ed92-ref-000006F8-QINU and acquainted yo:r orator with theire present occasions which was then p:rtended to be for the assistance of the said Clovill in a suite which was pretended he had in this hon:ble Co:rt uppon the receiving whereof the said S:r ffrancis was to have a ffarme called Saybridge farme or some other farme & certaine whereof yo:r orator now remembreth not, but the same is well knowne unto all the said pties, And in regard thereof the said S:r ffrancis was to be bound for the money, And then p:rtended the said S:r ffrancis to be a man of a very great estate and requested yo:r orator to furnish them with the some of one hundred and twenty pounds or some other such lyke somme to be repayed with Interest, And yo:r orator not then haveing p:rsent money of his owne to assist them with and not knoweing the said S.r ffrancis nor ever haveinge soo much as seene him, did ?require after the ability of the said S:r ffrancis, and hearringe he was a man of a good estate did thereuppon repaire unto the said Dorothy Reeve, and ácquainted her therewith who then seemed well pleased to lett out soo much money att interest unto them, And one John ?Hagdone of London Scrivener was imployed in the business to drawe a bond from them the said Edward Clovyll and S:r ffrancis Williamson to the said Dorothy Reeve, in which said bond the sd S:r ffrancis w:mson & Edward Clovyll did on or about the fifteenth day of November in the said yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred forty and nyne become bound unto the sd Dorothy Reeve in some penalty for the payment of the somme of one hundred twenty and foure pounds and sixteene shillings, upon the eighteenth day of May then next followinge, And yo:r orator hath heard ánd doth beleive that the said S:r ffrancis had formerly from the said Edward Clovyll to save him harmless from the bond aforesaid in case he did not recover in his said suite and lett the sd S:r ffrancis have the said farme or to some or other effect & purpose the certainty whereof yo:r orator cannot discover, But now soe it is may it please yo:r Lopps That the said moneys not beinge paid att the tyme by the condicon of the said bond limitted, and the said Dorothy Reeve beinge inforced to sue for & recover her said moneys soe lent as aforesd, then the said Edward Clovyll ánd S.r ffrancis Wmsson by commbynation with the said Phineas Rogers and Edmond Lascells intendinge to defeate yo:r orator of the sd somme, & unjustly to devide & share it amongst themselves, have & doe p:rtend & give out in speech as in That the sd S:r ffrancis became bound in the sd bond att the request of yo:r orator, and that yo:r orator did promise the s:d S:r ffrancis W:msson that if he would become bound therein, to save and keepe harmeless him the said S:r ffrancis of and from the said bond, or some promise to the like effect, whereas in trusth yo:r orator did never see or know the said S:r ffrancis, untill the tyme of the sealinge of the said bond, when yo:r orator was a witness only to the sealinge and delivery of the said bond, And the said Lascells who is p:rtended to be the Cheefe Witnesse to prove the said p:rtended promisse is, or was ingaged to save harmles the said S:r ffrancis Williamson from the sd bond & helpe him to the sd farme. & now haveinge agreed to devide the moneys amongst themselves, intend by the combynacon aforesaid to lay the whole burden uppon yo:r orator, and to make him pay the said moneys contrary to all right equity and good conscience. In tender consideration whereof and for that yo:r orator is altogether remediles elswhere but before yo:r Lopps in the hon:ble Co:rt where it is only prop to releive against ?franck combynacons of this nature the which are alwayes contrived in private & cannot be discovered but by the oath of the partyes themselves, & which yo.r orator cannot have but by the ayd and ássistance of the hon:ble Co:rt To the end therefiore that they may be compelled thereunto, And that the said S:r ffrancis, and the other Condeferats may severally sett forth whether yo:r orator had ever any acquaintance or communicaon with the said S:r ffrancis W:msson or the said Lascells before the sealinge & delivery of the said bond & att what tyme or tymes & where the same was, in whose p:rsence & uppon what occation, and may uppon theire oathes discover what moneys they or any of them, & which of them, have already received or are to receive of the said moneys in case yo:r orator ?is compelled to make repayment to the said S:r ffrancis, or uppon what other condition or agreement, and may alsoe discover theire pticular pts or share where they, and every or any of them were or are to have of the said moneys which should happen to be recovered of yo:r orator by the meanes and practice aforesaid, And that the said S:r ffrancis W:msson may uppon his oath sett forth what share he had of the said money and what counter security from the sd Edward Clovyll or the sd Lascells or any other pson and whom, And whether he became bound uppon yo:r orators intreaty or by what other meanes and uppon what other consideration. That thereuppon & uppon such other proofes & ?Acquaintances of yo:r orator shalbe enabled to pduce yo:r orator may be releived in all and singular the p:rmisses accordinge to equity, May it therefore please yo:r Lopps the p:rmisses considered to grannt unto yo:r orator one writt or more writts of Subpena to be directed unto them the sd S:r ffrancis W:msson Edward Clovyll Edmond Lascells and Phineas Rogers & every of them, commandinge them & every of them psonally to be and appeare before yo.r Lordshipps in the high Cor:t of Chancery att XXXX XXXX and there to answeare the prmisses, And further to stand to and abyde such order and direction therein As to yo:r Lopps XXXXXXXX to ágree with equity & good conscience, And yo:r orator shall pray yo.r Lopps hea?th xr. Jo: Vince  +
C 5/15/3 f.2 +The joynt and severall answeres of S:r ffrancis Williamson knight Edmund Lascell Esq:r and Phineas Rogers three of the defts to the bill of complainte of Tobell Aylmer Esq:r complaynante// All advantage now and at all answer unto and uniust XXXX satisfacconn pson or psons that hee beinge desire this defendant summe or summes Edward Clavell faithfull promise XXX ffrancis Dorothy the Complaynant settled and Complaynante now enioyeth above menconned bill menconned arise: And to bee paid Common Law is still in force Clovell did give estate of thesaid Clovell harmelesse him called this deft ever intended is before borrowed whatsoever these defendants say that the Reeve betweene effectuall dismissed theire reasonable costs and charges in this behalfe wrongfully susteyned// TIMO: POLLARD [Signature; botton RH side]  +
C 6/130/5 f.1 +125 23:th of October 1654<br /> XXXXXXX To the right honorable the Lords XXXXX for the greate Seale<br /> of England XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX your honors your dayly Orator Tobell Aylmer of London Citizen and Draper That where Edward Cloville of West Haningfield in y:e County of Essex XXXX about the beginning of June in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred fourty seaven, having acquaintance with your Orator and pretending great occations to use a considerable summ of money, and having then some XXXXXX upon him, and being indebted as he then pretended to XXXXX ?with XXXXXXXX summs of money which he did then pretend that he had a desire to dischargde, and affirming unto your Orator that he had a good estate of freehold in the Mannor of Westhaningfeild, and in severall lands and tenem:ts thereto belonging in the County of Essex of the yearely value of six score poundes by the yeare, and upwards, He the said Edward did proposXXXXX to your Orator to furnish him y:e said Clovile, with three hundred poundes where by he XXXXth XXXX and disingagXX himselfe from all other persons and he did offer to make your Orator a Lease of his said Mansion House in Wethaningfeild and other the landes and premisses, in consideration of the summe, and did faithfully promisse your Orator that he would satisfy or otherwise discharge in such Judgements Statutes and other incumbrances whatsoever, which might make the said Lands and tenemen:ts, or any part of them in any wise liable to or charged with any the debts of him the said Clovile to any person or persons whatsoever where upon your Orator at the earnest desire and request of the said Edward Clovile, and for his present advantage: and for the payment and dischardge of his said debts and incombrances aforesaid did contract with the said Edward Clovile for a lease of the said capitall messuage and premisses for fifteene yeares, if the said Edward Clovile shouldsoe long live and in pursuance thereof your Orator did pay unto the said Clovile the summ of three hundred poundes And the said Clovile by Indenture dated on or about the thirteenth day of July in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred fourty and seaven did ?devise grant bargaine and sell to your Orator all that his Capital messuage or Mansion house commonly called Clovile Hall, with the appurtenances in the parish of Westhaningfeild aforesaid, and alsoe all those lands called the parke conteyning by estimaccon fourescore acres more or less being ?parrcell of the said Mannor, lyeing and being in the parish of West hanningfeild aforesaid, To have and to hold, unto your Orator and his assignes from the ffeast of the Nativity of S:t John the Baptist then last past, Unto the end and Terme of fifteene yeares if the said Clovile should soe long live at the yearely rent of one pepper corne, if demanded as by the said lease if your Orator had the same to produce in or at large ?in right and would appeare: By vertue of which said Lease, your Orator was legally possessed of the said Messuage and premisses and having paid the said fine of three hundred pounds ought in all equity and good conscience to have enioyed the same, and to have taken and received the rentes yssues and profitts thereof: But now ?soe it is may it please your L:pps that the said Edward Clovile after he had received the sd three hundred poundes from your Orator did not onely refuse to deliver your Orato possession of the said Capital Messuage landes and tenements aforesaid but intending to ?deceive your said Orator of his moneys and of all interest and benefitt that he might have in the said Lands ?shall by indirect meanes: not onely kept the possession of the said Capital Messuage from your Orator by the space of seaven yeares last past and hath taken all the profitts thereof to his owne use, but hath alsoe by sinister meanes got into his handes and possession the said originall Indentures of Lease made unto your Orator of the premisses as aforesaid, where by your Orator was and is disabled to recover the same at Law and in further ??presentation of his ?ewell Intentions to your Orator he the said Edward Clovile hath combined and confederated with ??Joane ??Riddrseall widd the relict and exe:x of ???John ??Riddrseall her late husband deceased and Edward ??Baffe Citizen and [copyist has left a blank in document] of London and with other persons to your Orator not knowne: whose names he prayes may be inserted into this bill with XXXX words to charge them: when they shall be discovered: And they the said [ADD TEXT] of his said messuages and Lands during the whole terme to him demised, and [ADD TEXT] estates thereof among themselves or they have sett up severall pretended [ADD TEXT] against the said Edward Clovile in the court of upper bench in the yeare XX [ADD TEXT] the combinaccon aforesaid and at the solicitaton of the said ??Baffe hath caused [ADD TEXT] tooke out a writt of Elegit against the said Edward Clovile and upon an XXX [ADD TEXT] the XXXX to find him the said Edward Clovile to be seised of the said messuage [ADD TEXT] the sd Sherriffe to extend the said Capitall Messuage all the landes and tenements [ADD TEXT] deliver seisin and possession thereof to some person unknowne to your Orator [ADD TEXT] anytime since seised of any other landes and tenements then XXXX [ADD TEXT] the said Clovile himselfe and at the charges of him or the said Edward [ADD TEXT] Clovile or the said Joseph Kidderseall, was without any consideraton and not [ADD TEXT] money due ?thereon and the said XXXXX ought to be discharged and [ADD TEXT] having conference with your Orator concerning your Orators being then XXXX XXXX of possession for about the space of five yeares your Orator XXXXX some excepton in XXX would take some course at Law or otherwise to receive his possession of the premisses as in iustice and equity was lawfull to him to doe, he the said Clovile then threatened your Orator and bid him take what he course he would for that he the said Clovile knew XXXX enough to keepe your Orator out of possession and that there were more Judgements against him the said Clovile before the said Lease, which then lay dormant but should be XXXXX time enough to hinder your Orator or used words to that effect, and according to that expression, he the said Edward Clovile hath since that time by the combinaccon aforesaid procured the said Judgm:t to be ???relieved, and the ??presencon aforesaid to be had there upon and the said Clovile doth at his owne charge defend and maintaine the pretended title which he hath sett on foot (OR, feet) and doth still keep up, in the name of the said Joane Kidderseall and yet in the meane time he himselfe continues in the possession of the said messuage lands and premisses and takes and receives to his owne use the profit of the same or some great part thereof and the residue thereof by the combinaccon aforesaid is divided betweene ye said Joane Kiddersoall and the said Edward ?Basse or some of them. And he the said Clovile hath given out speeches that if your Orator should not XXX this judgm:t yet he can charge the said messuage lands and tenements with severall other Judgm:ts for considerable sums of money: one at the suite of one [scribe has left a blank in the original] XXXXX, one other Judgm:t at the suite of XXXXXXX an other at the suite of one [scribe has left a blank in the original] Crossing XXXXX against him the said Clovile before the lease made to your Orator as aforesaid which he thretenes to sett on ??foot And further sayes that he cares not what your Orator can doe against him: XXX that he having taken his oath upon the late suite XXXXXX Art. for releife of prXXXXXXX y:t he the said Clovile is not worth five poundes your Orator cannot deteyne him in prison for any debt due to him Soe that your Orator by these direct and indirect meanes and combinaccon is likely to be ??defrauded of his whole money to his very wrong and oppression: and contrary to all equity and good conscience. In tender consideraccon whereof, and fo y:t your Orator is remedilesse at the Common Law to discover in whose hands and custody the said Lease is, or to compell the said Edward Clovile Joane XXXidoall and Edward ?Xasse, and other the said confederates to discover what Judgm:ts or other ??incumbrances there is upon the said messuage Landes and other the demised premisses and whether the same be reall or wholy feigned to defraud your Orator, nor can your Orator be ??reseined against the said Judgm:t or against the said combinaccon but by the ?iustice and equity of ?XXXX hon:ble Court: To the end therefore the said Edward Clavile Jeane Kiddersoale and Edward Xasse and other the said confederates when they are XXXXXX may true and perfect Answeare make to all and every XXXXXXXXXXXXXX that they may sett forth upon what consideraton the said XXXX was obteyned and how much money is really and bona fide due thereupon & by whose meanes & at whose charges the same hath bin of late XXXXXXXXXX and sett XXXXX w:t other lands and tenements this said Edward Clovile was at the time of the obteyning of the XXXX iudgm:t or at any time since seized of; And to the end that they may sett forth w:t other Judgem:ts XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX part thereof proceeding your Orators title, and to the end your Orator may be restored and settled in the ?peaceable and quiet possession of the premisses and may have satisfaccon unto him for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the XXXXXXXXXXX of the said Lease and may by order of this honob:le Court enioy the same during y.e continuance thereof free from all incumberances & to the end your Orator XXXXXXXXXXX premisses limited personally to be and appeare before your honors in the high Court of Chancery equity and good conscience and your Orators shall pray XXX Geo: Lee  +
C 6/130/5 f.2 +The Joynt and Severall Answeares of Edward Clovill and Edward Basse two of the defts to the Bill of Commplte of Tobell Aylmer Commplte The said defts say and either of them for themselfe sayth that the Bill of Commplt Exhibited against them in this honourable Co:rt is uncerteyne and insufficient in the Law to bee Answered unto and the matters therein Conteyned untrue And// XXXXXX therein Contrived more of purpose to put these defts to trouble and expences in Law then for any good or iust cause as they conceive Neverthelesse If these defts shall bee compelled by this honourable Co:rt to make any further Answeares All and all// manner of advantage of Excepconns to the manifest and apparant Impositonns and uncerteintyes in the said Bill of Complaynt to them these defts now and at all tymes hereafter saved and reserved ffor a full and psent Answeare// to the said Bill of Complte And for a full and hpsent declarcon of the trewth They theis defts doo ioyntly and severally say as followeth And the said Edward Clovell for himselfe sayt That hee beleeveth that it may// bee true that hee did in or about the tyme in the Bill of Complte menconned say that hee had occasion to use a considerable summe of money And that hee was indebted to severall psons in severall SXXXXX// of money and that hee had a desire to dischardge them And that hee had a good Estate in the Manno:r of West Hannfeild and other lands thereunto belonging during life and not otherwise But doth not knowe// or remember that he desired the Complte to lend him Three hundred pounds And denyeth that hee made any promise to him to ?discharge himselfe from all other psons as in the Bill is alleadged or that hee// [did promisse the Complte that (this phrase has been struck through by the original scribe)] But doth confesse that hee did promise to make the Complte a lease of his said mansion house in Westhamfeild and other Lands for the secureing and repaym:t of such moneyes as// the Complte should lend unto him this deft And sayth that hee doth not remember that hee in consideracon thereof did promise the complte to satisfy and dischardg all such Judgm:ts Statutes and other// Incumbrances that ought make the said Lands and Tenemt lyable or chardged with his this defts debts as by the said Bill is untrewly suggested But this deft sayth That true it is That the complaynante// did contract with him this deft for a Lease of the said Capitall Messuage and Lands thereunto belonging for the Tearme of ffifteene yeeres for the secureing of such money as the complaynant// p:rtended was oweing unto him by this defendt And that hee should lend unto him this defendt with covenant or provisoe therein to bee inserted That upon paymt thereof such Lease to be voyd// And this defent sayth that in puruance of that contract hee did in or about the tyme in the Bill menconned demise grannt bargaine and sell to the complte All that Capitall Messuage or// mansion house comonly called Clovell Hall with the appurtenances in the pish of Westhnnfeild And all that land called the Parke belonging to the said Manno:r and lyeing and being in Westhannfeild To have// and to hould unto the complte and his Assignes from the feast day of the Nativity of S:t John Baptist in the Bill of Complte menconned for the Tearme of ffifteene yeares then next ensueing with a provisoe// covenant or condicon in the said Indenture conteyned that if this deft did satisfy and pay unto the now complte his executors or assignes the summe of ffifty pounds yearels evey yeare dureing the tyme and Tearme of// seaven yeares then the said Lease of ffifteene yeares to be voyd As by the said Indenture of Lease If the same may be produced To which for more certeinty this defendt referreth himselfe It will more playnely// appeare And this defendt saith That hee beleeveth That it is expressed by the said deed that it was made uppon the consideracon of the summe of Three hundred pounds But this defendt sayth that hee// never receaved any such summe neither was made upon any other consideracon than is in his Answeares hereafter is set forth vidlt A Bill of Reckoning upon Accompt for Seventy pounds p:rtended// to bee layd out and disbursed and parte done by the complte for him this defte And the summe of Threescore pounds by him likewise p:rtended to bee due unto him for Interest And payd by him to this defendt// at or about the tyme the summe of Threescore and ffifteene pounds and threescore pounds of that money this deft did leave and deposite in the hands of M:r John Rigden the Complts Attorney for the dischardging of// Judgments And the compltes accompt for growing Interest of that money dureing the sd seaven yeares soe much as did make up the same the Summe of three hundred pounds And this deft sayth That it was then// agreed to by the complte with this defte That hee this deft should possesse and enioy the said Messuage and Parke and proffitt of all the demised premisses for the Tearme of seaven yeares this deft sayth That it was then// unto the complte the summe of ffifty pounds yearely according to the condicon or covenant in the said Indenture And it was to have beene expressed in the said Indenture If it bee not but beleeve it is But for// the more certeinty this defendt referreth himselfe to the said Indenture And that by vertue of such Agreement and by and with the Consent of the Complte hee did keepe the possession of the said Capitall Messuage// Parke and demised Lands And did not by Indirect meanes deteyne the possession thereof As by the said Bill is ??presently suggested And this defendt sayth That hee did satisfy and pay for the first halfe yeare of the// beginning of the said Lease the summe of twenty and five pounds And dureing the tyme that this defendt did keepe the possession hee the complt had payd unto him by Thomas Whitehead twenty pounds by this// defendts appoyntm:t And twenty pounds foorth of S:r Richard ?Everards money And ffifty pound payd unto him by John Adley Merchant All which summes were payd by this defts appoyntm:t for and toward// the satisffaccon of the said ffifty pounds a yeare dureing the said seaven yeares And for the Summe of One Hundred pounds against him and XXXXXXXXXXXXXX  +


E 190/46/2 f.10r Annotate +'''Eodem xixth October 1657.''' '''Feversham''' ''Edward'' of Feversham George Balden Master}<br /> '''10''' Daniel Judd ind xx Barrells of Gunpowde<br /> }}<br /> v hundred pelts and xxxx dozen of shovells Per}<br /> Cert x October 1657} ''Richard and Margrett'' of Whitstable William Ric{?X] Master}<br /> '''11''' Thomas Reynolds ind fourty quarters of wheat xv}<br /> quarters of English flax seed x quarters of Oates Per}<br /> Cert. xiiijth October 1657} '''Milton''' ''Speedwell'' of Milton Richard Sammon Master}<br /> '''12''' Thomas Cooper ind x quarters of wheat fourty quarters}<br /> of meale and xvj Baggs of hopps containing}<br /> xxxvj ''C'' weight. Per Cert. xvth of October 1657.} ''Robert'' of Quinborough Richard Man Master}<br /> '''13''' Idem ind xx quarters of wheat and thirty quarters of Oates}<br /> Per Cert xth October 1657} '''Newcastle''' ''Hopefull Mary'' of Ipswich Edward Jolly Master}<br /> '''14''' Timothy Tizack ind One pack quantity fifty vj Northern}<br /> Cottons Per Cert xviijth September 1657.} '''Leigh''' ''Neptune'' of Leigh Cornelius Patteysonne Master}<br /> '''15''' Thomas Greene ind xij quarters of Beanes Tenn}<br /> quarters of Oates and seaven quarters of Wheat Per Cert.}<br /> xiijth October 1657} ''John and Suzan'' of Crokese a ferry John England Master}<br /> '''16''' Robert Reeve ind xxxx quarters of Oates. x quarters of}<br /> wheat v quarters of Pease 5 quarters of seed Per Cert xijth}<br /> October 1657} '''October the xxth: 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Newcastle''' ''Transport'' of London Robert Graves Master}<br /> '''1''' Idem ind one ''C''. xxviij Chaldron of Coales}<br /> Per Cert xijth September 1657} ''Mary'' of Sandwich Richard Harris Master}<br /> '''2''' Idem ind xxiij Chaldron of Coales ij weyes of}<br /> white salt vj sacks quantity One hundred weight of Sheepes}<br /> wool and xx firkins of Butter Per Cert.}<br /> iiijth of Septembeer. 1657.}  +
E 190/46/2 f.10v Annotate +'''Eodem xxth October 1657.''' '''Sandwich''' ''Mary'' of Sandwich Richard Harris Master}<br /> '''3''' Jeffrey Wells ind xx quarters of wheat and one}<br /> ''C'' and fifty quarters of Mault Per Cert xvth October 1657.} ''Hopewell'' of Sandwich William Reynolds Master}<br /> '''4''' Richard Mosse ind xx quarters of wheat one ''C'' quarters}<br /> of Mault viij quarters of Beanes Per Cert xvij October <u>1657</u>} '''Donwich''' ''Margrett'' of Southwold Edward Evered Master}<br /> '''5''' John Gold Ind ij ''C'' and lxvj firkins of Butter}<br /> viij ''C'' and xxiiij Cheeses vj thousand and 1/2 of}<br /> Fish ij Bedds and j Chest Per Cert xiijth October 1657.} '''Ipswich''' ''John and Margrett'' of Ipswich John Lambly Master senior Robert Greene Ind}<br /> '''6''' xvj firkins of Butter one Load of household}<br /> goods, two tuns of English pottashes Per Cert xij October 1657} '''Cowes''' ''Thomas'' of Hasting Thomas Hide Master}<br /> '''7''' Idem ind fourty Tunn of Tobackoe Pipe Clay}<br /> Per Cert. xxviijth September 1657} '''Faversham''' ''John'' of Whitstable William Carlton Master}<br /> '''8''' Edward Mills ind xxx quarters of wheat Per Cert}<br /> xijth day of October 1657} '''Kingston<br /> super Hull''' ''Goodspeed'' of Hull Thomas Mold Master}<br /> '''9''' Thomas Barombrough ind lxix firkins of Butter}<br /> Per Cert vjth October 1657} '''October xxjth: 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Rochester''' ''Maidstone delight'' of Maidstone Robert Hall Master}<br /> '''1''' Edmund Colvill ind lxxx Baggs hopps one Tun}<br /> of Spirits. five mands fruit, one Load householdstuffe}<br /> one [?Dicker] Leather one bagg of Thread weight 8 ''ll''}<br /> ij hogsheads one Barrell old metall one barrell of}<br /> returned sugar and j Barrell of Bees wax Per Cert}<br /> xvijth October 1657.} '''Milton''' ''Thomas of Milton'' Edmund Smith Master}<br /> '''2''' Idem ind five quarters of wheate x quarters of meale<br /> and xvj Baggs of Hopps quantity xxxvj ''C'' weight. Per Cert xvij October <u>1657</u><br /> more one trusse of linnen Cloth returned xvj baggs}<br /> of Hopps Per Ceert xix October 1657} '''Newcastle''' ''Swan'' of London John Absalom Master}<br /> '''3''' Idem ind xxiij Chaldron of Coales Per Cent. xvth September <u>1657</u>}  +
E 190/46/2 f.11r Annotate +'''Eodem xxjth. October 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Newcastle''' ''Hope'' of Danzke Robert Danske Master}<br /> '''4''' Idem ind One ''C'' and twentie Chaldron of Coales}<br /> Per Cert xjth September} '''October xxijth 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Feversham''' ''William'' of Whitstable John Cockman Master}<br /> '''1''' William Gitmore ind xxxx quarters of wheat xxx}<br /> quarters of Oates. x quarters of pease: x quarters of Barlie}<br /> v quarters of tares Per cert: xiiijth October 1657.} '''Newcastle''' ''John'' of Poole John Bosell Master}<br /> '''2''' Idem ind xij Chaldron of Coales Per Cent.}<br /> xxviijth of September 1657.} '''October the xxiijth. 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Rochester''' ''Remembrance'' of Maidstone John Maynard master}<br /> '''1''' Widdow Grimesteed ind xxxiiij baggs of hopps}<br /> iij ten Iron and one Load Tanns Per Cert. xxj October <u>1657</u>} ''Maiden Adventures'' of Newhide Edward Fetherston Master}<br /> '''2''' Edmund Colvitt ind fifty ij baggs iij ends of hopps}<br /> and xxvij Load of Faggottd Per Cert xxj October 1657.} <br /> '''October xxiiijth. 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Margate''' ''Anne'' of Margate Adrian Moyse master}<br /> '''1''' david Austin Ind fifty quarters of Mault and tenn}<br /> of Wheat Per Cert. xxjth October 1657} '''Rochester''' ''Thomas'' of Rochester William King Master}<br /> '''2''' Richard Beckinsale ind xxvij quarters of wheate}<br /> Per cert xxij of October 1657.} '''Leigh''' ''Neptune'' of Leigh Thomas Jordaine Master}<br /> '''3''' Mathew Clift ind xiij weyes of Cheese Per}<br /> Cert. xxjth of October 1657.} '''October xxvjth 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Feversham''' ''Ellin'' of Feversham Thomas Balden Master}<br /> '''1''' Richard Lewin ind xv baggs of English wool}<br /> xxxv ''C'' weight. one sack pease one bagg Garden<br /> seed lx [?X] ofEnglish flax Per Cert. 23 October 1657} ''Dorothy'' of Feversham Wiliam Iles Master}<br /> '''2''' John Keete ind vj sacks of English flox iij ''C'' weight}<br /> xxx quarters of wheat vj quarters of pease Per Cert the<br /> xxiijd October 1657}  +
E 190/46/2 f.11v Annotate +'''Eodem xxvjth October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Dover''' ''Charles'' of Dover Thomas kyle Master}<br /> '''4''' Mathew Gibbons ind x quarter. tares. xx quarters wheate}<br /> xx quarters of Malt one load Browne paper iiij baggs of}<br /> wool quantity xij ''C'' pounds weight. viij dozen of Calveskinns and}<br /> halfe a load of household goods. Per Cent: xxth October <u>1657.</u>} '''Ipswich''' ''Speedwell'' of Ipswich William Armor Master}<br /> '''5''' William Feast ind. xx firkins of Butter iij packetts}<br /> Bedding j thousand oxe hornes halfe a Load housholdstuffe}<br /> iiij barrells and xxxx bushells apples loose, also 1/2 a quarter}<br /> Currance and ij parcells of Raisens returned Per Cert. xxth October <u>1657</u>} '''Maldon''' ''Tymothy'' of Maldon Jacob Peverill Master}<br /> '''6''' Thomas Burt ind xx quarters of wheat x quarters of Oates}<br /> xiiij Mands of Apples and one old Copper Per Cert xvjth October <u>1657</u>} '''Sandwich''' ''Speedwell'' of Sandwich William Wiles Master}<br /> '''7''' Edward Day ind lxxx quarters Mault Per Cert}<br /> xxjth October 1657} '''xxjth (sic) October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Margate''' ''William and Sarah'' of Margate James Trapham <aster}<br /> '''8''' William Parker ind fourty quarters of wheate lxxx quarters of}<br /> maut v quarters of Beanes Per Cert xxiijd October 1657.} '''Ipswich''' ''Marigold'' of Ipswich John Lamly Master}<br /> '''9''' iiij ''C'' lxxvj firkins of Buter xxij ''C'' Cheeses vij}<br /> baggs of Flox iij ''C'' weight of Carriott seed half a Load}<br /> hoouseholdstuffe iiij quarters of Pease Per cert xxth October <u>1657</u>} '''Leigh''' ''John and Elizabeth'' of London William Marshall Master}<br /> '''10''' James Quilter ind ij parcells quantity ij hundred weight}<br /> of worsted and woollen yarne Per Cert. xxijth October 1657} '''October xxvijth : 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADIMNG] '''Rochester''' '''Rochester'''  +
E 190/46/2 f.12r Annotate +'''Eodem xxvijth October <u>1657</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Rochester''' '''Feversham''' '''October the xxix. 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Colchester''' '''Maldon''' '''Milton''' '''Leigh''' '''Woodbridge'''  +
E 190/46/2 f.12v Annotate +'''October xxxth: 1657''' '''Sandwich''' ''Elizabeth'' of Sandwich Thomas Pinder Master}<br /> '''1''' Richard Callico ind xxx quarters of wheat ij ''C''}<br /> xx quarters of Mault and iiij quarters of Base Per Ceret}<br /> xxijth October 1657.} '''Feversham''' ''Anne'' of Feversham Richard [BLANK IN MANUSCRIPT] Master}<br /> '''2''' James Franklyn ind lxxx quarters of wheat lx quarters of}<br /> mault v quarters of Barly v quarters of Oates fourty dozen of}<br /> tannd Calveskinns j Trunk of Apparrell.} ''Fortune'' of Whitstable John Barker Master}<br /> '''3''' Richard Knowles ind xxv quarters of wheate and}<br /> xv of Oates. Per Cert. xxth October 1657.} '''Shoram''' ''John and Sarah'' of London John Gibbs Master}<br /> '''4''' James Buckold ind fifty Load of Timber and}<br /> and Planks Per Cert: xvijth October 1657} '''October xxxi 1657.''' '''Sandwich''' ''Elizabeth'' of Sandwich William Croux Master}<br /> '''1''' John Brooman ind xx quarters wheat xxxx quarters Beanes}<br /> and pease j ''C'' quarters of mault v quarters of Oates and iij quarters of<br /> Canaryseed Per Cert. xxviijth October 1657.} ''Mary Anne'' of Sandwich John Broome Master}<br /> '''2''' John Do[?XX] ind x quarters wheat j ''C'' quarters Mault}<br /> v quarters Beanes and iiij quarters Tares more j barr and a hogshead}<br /> of Old Pewter Per Cert xxvjth October 1657.} '''Rochester''' ''James Aloe'' of Stoake James Wells Master}<br /> '''3''' Roger Russell ind xx quarters of Meale xx quarters}<br /> of Barly x quarters of wheate and xxxx quarters of Oates}<br /> Per Cert. xvjth October 1657  +
E 190/46/2 f.1r Annotate +London [LH MARGIN] '''Goods wares and Merchandize, brought into this Port of London by<br /> Coast Cocquetts and Transires from the Outports and from<br /> Scotland from the 1st October 1657 to the 25th<br /> June, 1658 inclusive.''' '''1 October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Ipswich''' [LH MARGIN] ''Marygold'' of Ipswich John Lainly Master}<br /> '''1''' dennis Gawden indigenous [?X]ij ''C'' iiij ''xx'' firkins butter xvij ''Cwtt'' Cheese}<br /> six peeces English pouldanis j hogsheads English spiritts per Cert xxvj}<br /> September 1657} '''Rochester''' ''Blessing'' of Newhite Thomas Ward Master}<br /> '''2''' Edmund Caluin indigenous xx [''?n''] plaine Tyles lxxv baggs}<br /> of English hopps ij chests iij baggs of Clothes and Lynnen}<br /> per Cert, xxix th September ult} '''ffeversham''' ''William'' of Whitstable William Gilmore Master}<br /> '''3''' Item mr xxx quarters Oates xx quarters mault ij quarters Pease per Cert}<br /> xxviij September ult} '''Leigh''' ''Neptune'' of Leigh Cornelius Pattenson Master}<br /> '''4''' Idem mr xxx quarters of Oates xij quarters beanes and vj quarters wheat}<br /> per Cert xxviij September 1657 '''Leith''' ''John'' of Preston Georg Nicholson Master}<br /> '''5''' James Riddell indigenous l Chalder white Salt per Cert 17th <u>July 1657</u>} '''Milton''' ''Seaflower'' of Milton George Aldree Master}<br /> '''6''' James Lambert merchant ix loads faggotts tenn baggs}<br /> Tann and vij ''quarters'' wheate per Cert xxviij September ult} '''Newcastle''' ''Unity'' of depthford Tho: fflowes Master}<br /> '''7''' John Heeth indigenous one pack q [''?X''] ij ''C'' ''wtt'' Scotish Linnen yarne}<br /> per Cert xxvth August 1657} ''ffreindshipp'' of Woodbridge Henry Redgrave Master}<br /> '''8''' Cxxviij Chalder of Coles per Cert x th September ult}  +
E 190/46/2 f.1v Annotate +'''ij th October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Newcastle''' ''Vanity'' of Ipswich Edmond Hamond Master}<br /> '''1''' Clviij Chaldren of Coales per Cert xxviij August <u>1657</u><br /> }}<br /> ''Lilly'' of Ipswich Thomas Ward Master}<br /> '''2''' lxl Chaldren Coales per Cert ijth September 1657} '''Sunderland''' ''John'' of Rye William White Master} '''3''' Tenn Chaldren 0f Coales per Cert vth September ult} '''ffeversham''' ''Ellen'' of ffeversham Thomas Balder Master}<br /> '''4''' Richard Lewin md xix baggs English wooll [?quantity] l ''C'' weight}<br /> ij dozen of Buckskins iij bundles sheepe skinns [?quantity] iiij dozen}<br /> ij leads and ij basketts old pewter [?quantity] v ''C wtt'', iij brass potts}<br /> halfe a hundred weight of English hopps, per Cert 26th September ult} '''Rochester''' ''William and Anne'' of Millayle Robert Cozens Master}<br /> '''5''' Richard Watt md lix baggs two [?end] hopps and ij loads}<br /> of hoopes per Cert xxixth September ult} '''Margate''' ''ffarwell'' of Margate Ralph Tebb Master}<br /> '''6''' david Austen md xxx quarters Wheate and lx quarters of mault}<br /> per Cert xxixth September ult} '''iij October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Dover''' ''Richard and Susan'' of Dover Christopher dawson Master}<br /> '''1''' henry Winter md j load of Browne paper one}<br /> load of houshold goods ij basketts and j barr of old pewter}<br /> quarter iij ''C'' weight xxiijth September ult '''Brunt Island''' ''hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master}<br /> '''2''' Idem m[?r] eighty Tonn of Coales per Cert xxixth August}<br /> 1657} '''Poole''' ''Hannah'' of Brightholmston Phillip Michell Master}<br /> '''3''' Thomas Cornell md xxx Tonns of Tobacco pipe=}<br /> Clay per Cert viijth September ult\] '''Aldbrugh''' ''Nightingall'' of Albrugh ffrancis Johnson Master}<br /> '''4''' Idem Master xlij loads of Plancks and Tymber xxvij bolts}<br /> of sacking cloth j baskett of old pewter ix firkins butter}<br /> three hafe ferkins of butter j ferkins of eggs iij [?hamps] j hatt}<br /> and Case j box per Cert xxth September 1657}  +
E 190/46/2 f.2r Annotate +'''Eodem iijth October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Bristoll''' ''Gilbert'' of London William Crafford Master}<br /> '''5''' Edmond Corbett md ij ''C'' xxxj baggs Shoomack net<br /> }}<br /> five hundred and two hundred ij quarters and xix ''li'' per Cert xij of}<br /> June 1657 duties paid per se 14th February <u>1657</u>} '''Ipswich''' ''William'' of Ipswich Anthony Cason Master}<br /> '''6''' John Chamberlaaine md fine Load Tymber xij quarters of}<br /> wheate and ij ferkins of butter per Cert xixth September ult} '''Rochester''' ''Sarah'' of Rochester Peter Gay Master}<br /> '''7''' Captaine John Lambert md C iiij [?XX] xiij Sticks of Ligmun vita and}<br /> xxx sticks of Lignum vita [?Xunt] iij Tomms wch came from}<br /> Jamaica per Cert xviij September ult} ''John and Anne'' of Rochester John Dunning Master}<br /> '''8''' John Lambert md xxiiij ''C''weight of Gomera Tobacco and lxxvij ''li''}<br /> iij ''C'' and xxx hides, sixteen Tonn of ffustick, xviij ''C''weight of}<br /> old Cast Copper, which came from Jamaica per Cert the}<br /> xvijth September 1657} '''ffeversham''' ''Anne'' of ffeversham Richard [?B]ilting Master}<br /> '''9''' John Knowles j ''C'' and tenn quarters wheate xl quarters Oates vij quarters}<br /> of barley Per Cert xxth September 1657} '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master}<br /> '''10''' Richard Louthen md j Tonn of Talow Per Cert j September}<br /> 1657} '''5th October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockart Master}<br /> '''1''' Richard Cox md ij fardles quarter iij ''C'' ells of Linnen cloth}<br /> one trunck one box of wearing Apparell per Cert jst September ult} ''Hope'' pred<br /> '''2''' Nicholas Coates md ij ''C'' and l ells Scotsh Linnen cloth}<br /> two Port mantles ij Pair of Pistolls and one fowlinge}<br /> peece per Cert jst September 1657 ''Hope'' pred<br /> '''3''' Nicholas Coates md five hundred ells of Tuking and}<br /> pladding j trunck j box ij portmantles quarter wearing apparell}<br /> per Cert xxiiij September 1657} ''Hope'' pred<br /> '''4''' James Patenson md ij packs quarter iij ''C'' Spindles of Scotch<br /> lynnen yarne xvj peeces Lynnen cloth quater ij ''C'' xx ells and}<br /> tenn Gotes skins per Cert iij September ult  +
E 190/46/2 f.2v Annotate +'''Eodem Vth October <u>1657</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master}<br /> '''5''' Samuell Eldred md j pack quarter xx webbs of Canvas}<br /> per Cert ijth September ult} '''ffeversham''' ''Blessing'' of ffeversham John Norfleete Master}<br /> '''6''' Robert Betts md xxxv quarters wheat, tenn quarters of}<br /> Barly and viij quarters of Oates Per Cert xviijth September ult} ''ffortune'' of ffeversham Adam Ward Master}<br /> '''7''' Edward Spillett md xl quarters Oates and tenn quarters of}<br /> wheat per Cert ij October present} ''John'' of ffeversham Esah Rye Master}<br /> '''8''' John Smith md xix quarters of wheat xij dozen of}<br /> Calveskins ij loads of howshold stuff and iiij loads of}<br /> wood per Cert ij October present} '''Woodbridg''' ''Supply'' of Woodbridge humphry Battaile Master}<br /> '''9''' Thomas Standly md iiij ''C'' xxviij firkins butter}<br /> viij ''C'' xxv Cheeses xv quaarters of Pease xx quarters of hempseed}<br /> v ''C'' xxv peeces Sackcloth and Pouldanis iiij packs wooll}<br /> a quarter of a load of howshold stuff[?s] fifty dozen of blocks}<br /> one pack of saddles Three Casks of Apples a quarter}<br /> cask of spanish wine ret. per Cert xxixth September ult} '''Rochester''' ''William'' of Newhith William [?N]aylor Master}<br /> '''10''' Edward Colvin md lxj baggs j end of hopps one}<br /> Load of Alder Poles, per Cert j October present} ''Maidstone delight'' Robert Hall Master}<br /> '''11''' Edward Colvin md lxvj baggs ij ends hopps ij tonn of}<br /> [?England] Iron and ij barr and halfe of Tallow five tonns Iron Potts}<br /> and morters per Cert xxix September ult} '''Newcastle''' ''William and Sarah'' Tobias Jewers Master}<br /> '''12''' j ''C'' and v Chalder Coales per Cert ult August 1657} '''Ipswich''' ''Desire'' of Ipswich William Clarke Master}<br /> '''13''' Denis Gauden five hundred sixty fower firkins butter}<br /> xij ''C'' weight of Cheese j barr j baskett of old metall j tonn}<br /> of [?England] pott Ashes ij barr of Wallnutts j barr of Apples}<br /> vj broad clothes j load of howsholdstuffs and ij peeces of}<br /> Raysons xxiij firkins butter per Cert jth present}  +
E 190/46/2 f.3r Annotate +'''Eodem Vth October <u>1657</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master}<br /> '''14''' John A[?n]erill md one small fardle quarter and j small bar<br /> }}<br /> quarter iiij ''C'' ells scotch Lynnen cloth per Cert 5th September ult} '''vjth October <u>1657</u>''' '''Invernes''' ''ffortune'' of hartlepoole George ffarnaby Master}<br /> '''1''' John Steward md v packs quarter iiij dozen of Goat skins xix dozen}<br /> of slaughter kids lij dozen of slaughter Lambs iiij [?xx] dozen of [?mort]}<br /> kids iiij [?xx] dozen of [?mort] Lambs ix ''C'' ells of Pladding iiij buck}<br /> and goat skinns Per Cert xth September ult}<br /> memorandum the said goods were reshipt at Newcastle into the<br /> ''Jeremiah'' of London William Bugby Master a Pred 24th ditto} '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master}<br /> '''2''' Mary Perry md vij truncks j box j hamper howshold Goods}<br /> and Apparell j pack ij bundles of bedding per Cert iiij September ult} '''Rochester''' ''Elizabeth'' of Newhite Robert Cox Master}<br /> '''3''' ffrancis Chambers md xxx baggs of hopps and xl}<br /> Mannds of ffruite per Cert iij present} '''Milton''' ''James'' of Quinbrough Robert Parke Master}<br /> '''4''' Henry Munger xv tonn of [?Copperis] per Cert xxixth}<br /> September ult} '''ffeversham''' ''Gillmore'' of Whitstable Christopher Stonehowse Master}<br /> '''5''' Idem Master five quarters of Oates one load browne paper}<br /> iij Packs of England fflax quarter iij ''C'' weight per Cert ijth September ult} '''Newcastle''' ''Vyolett'' of harwich John King Master}<br /> '''6''' xlviij Chalder of Coles Per Cert jth September ult} ''John and Barbery'' of harwich John [?h]awkin Master}<br /> '''7''' xix Chalder of Coles Per Cert j September 1657} ''Providence'' of Newcastle William Tompson Master}<br /> '''8''' xvj Chalder Coles and xv weys of salt Per Cert 9th September ult} ''Hopewell'' of Ipswich Richard Wall Master}<br /> '''9''' iiij [?per x] xiij Chalder of Coles Per Cert xiij September ult} '''vijth October <u>1657</u>''' '''Hyth''' ''Goodspeed'' of Dover William Wise Master}<br /> '''1''' Idem Master iiij loads of [?Weald] iij sacks of [?hornes] j [?bast] old brass}<br /> quarter j ''C'' weight, halfe a load of householdstuffs per Cert xxiiijth September ult}  +
E 190/46/2 f.3v Annotate +'''Eodem vij October <u>1657</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Newcastle''' ''Jeremy'' of London William Bugby Master}<br /> '''2''' Cxij Chalder of Coles Per Cert jth September ult} ''John and Jerrard'' of London William Robinson Master}<br /> '''3''' Cxij Chalder of Coles per Cert xiiij September ult} ''Hopewell'' of London Geoge Davies Master}<br /> '''4''' iiij [?xx] iiij Chalder of Coles Per Cert xvth September ult} ''Convert'' of London William Sondwell Master}<br /> '''5''' Cxxiiij Chalder of Coles per Cert xi September ult} '''Milton''' ''James'' of Milton Isaack Cooper Master}<br /> '''6''' James Lambert xx quarters of Barly and vj ''C'' oftrey faggottss}<br /> per Cert iij present} '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master<br /> '''7''' John Smith md xxvij barr of Tallow quarter fower}<br /> Thousand eight per Cert iiijth September ult} '''ffeversham''' ''Dorathy'' of ffeversham William [?Iles] Master}<br /> '''8''' Henry Hill md xv quarters of Barly xl quarters wheate Per}<br /> Cert xxixth September ult} '''Rochester''' ''William and Andrew'' of Millayle John Hawkins Master}<br /> '''9''' Edmond Colvin md iiij [?xx] ix baggs and ends of hopps tenn}<br /> Sacks of Thred j barr of returnes Raysons j Trunnck}<br /> of wearing Apparell five Ma[?u]nds of ffruit and halfe a<br /> Load of Weld per Cert vth present} '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master}<br /> '''10''' John Kempe md ij packs quarter xij ''C'' kidd and lamb skinns}<br /> and one Matt quarter xvj Otter skinns per Cert ixth September ult} '''ffeversham''' ''ffortune'' of Whitstable John Barber Master}<br /> '''11''' John Payne xxxix quarters of wheate per Cert jth present} '''Rochester''' ''Remembrance'' of Maidstone John Maynard Master}<br /> '''12''' Robert Brooke md hath laden in his Port xxiij baggs}<br /> England hopps xx ma[?u]nds of fruite halfe a load of [?weld]}<br /> fower load of paving stones per Cert iijth present} '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master}<br /> '''13''' William Clasbrook md one pack of scotch Ticking quarter}<br /> five hundred yards per Cert iij September ult}  +
E 190/46/2 f.4r Annotate +'''Milton''' ''Thomas and John'' of Milton Edmond Smith Master}<br /> '''14''' Richard Starr md viij baggs of hopps quarter xviij ''C'' weight}<br /> tenn hundred weight of Ironmongers wares, five quarters wheat}<br /> one load Turners wares one barr soape and five hundred}<br /> weight of grocery wares per Cert vth precedent} '''Newcastle''' ''William and Thomas'' of Dunwich ffrancis Nunn Master}<br /> '''15''' xliiij Chalder of Coles Per Cert ult August 1657} ''Comfort'' of Ipswich Samuell Brunnwell Master}<br /> '''16''' Cxij Chalder of Coles per Cert xvj September ult} ''Mary'' of Aldbrough Edward Burwood Master}<br /> '''17''' lvj Chalder of Coles per Cert xiiij September ult} '''viiijth October <u>1657</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] ''Marchant Bonadventure'' of Newcastle John Sympson Master}<br /> '''1''' eighty Chalder of Coles per Cert xix September 1657} '''ixth October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] ''Dolphin'' of Newcastle Robert Rand Master}<br /> '''2''' lxij Chalder of Coales per Cert xviij September ult} ''Hopewell'' of Newcastle Marke Cooke Master}<br /> '''3''' Cxx Chalder of Coles per Cert iiij September ult} ''Anne and Dorathie'' of Newcastle Mathew Bates Master}<br /> '''4''' xxxij Chalder of Coles and xij Chalder Grinstones per cert the}<br /> 10th September ult} ''Allotted Providense'' of Newcastle John Partridge Master}<br /> '''5''' Cxiiij Chalder of Coles Per Cert viijth September ult} ''Allotted Providens'' pred}<br /> '''6''' Thomas Young nd five caskes quarter one Tonn of tallow}<br /> Per Cert vij September ult} ''Allotted Providence'' of Newcastle pred}<br /> '''7''' Thomas Jeffry md iiij casks quarter one Tonn of Tallow}<br /> Per Cert viij September ult} ''Robert'' of Ipswich Robert Cockerell Master}<br /> '''9''' Thomas Young md fower Casks quarter one tonn of Tallow}<br /> Per Cert xxiiijth September ult} ''Invention'' of Newcastle Timothie Lowry Master}<br /> '''10''' Ciiij Chalder of Coles per Cert xvijth September ult} '''Rochester''' ''Hopewell'' of Maidstone Morgan Hall Master}<br /> '''11''' Peckman Johnson md tenn baggs hopps ij tonns of}<br /> sussex Iron two load of [?Weld] tenn maunds of fruit}<br /> and two load of Oaken bark Per Cert vjth present}  +
E 190/46/2 f.4v Annotate +'''Eodem ixth October <u>1657</u>''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Milton''' ''Prosperous'' of Milton Thomas Knott Master}<br /> '''12''' Thomas Cooper md xx quarters of wheate fifty quarters}<br /> meale, xiiij baggs hopps quarter xxx ''C'' weight per Cert vth prededent} '''Stockton''' ''Prosperous'' of Whitby Mathew Wiggins Master}<br /> '''13''' Thomas Wright and as nd xj ''C'' and tenn firkins of}<br /> butter and xv tonns of England Allome per Cert iiijth of}<br /> September ult} '''Whitby''' ''Dilligence'' of Whitbye John Nenas Master}<br /> '''14''' Andrew Holliburton lx Tonns of England Allome}<br /> and six hundred thirty five firkins of butter, more one}<br /> hundred firkins of butter per Cert xvj September ult} '''Leith''' ''Hope'' of Leith James Lockhart Master}<br /> '''15''' Samuell Eldred md Two packs of kilmornock stockins}<br /> quarter vij ''C'' [?pare], one chest and two small boxes waearing apparell}<br /> Per Cert iijth September ult} ''Hope'' of Leith pred}<br /> '''16''' Thomas ffairholme md ij packs quantity xxviij Ells scottish}<br /> Linnen cloth Per Cert vth September ult} ''Hope'' pred}<br /> '''17''' John Beynton md iiij Casks quantity xxij ''C'' weight of Tallow}<br /> Per Cert vth September ult} '''Margate''' ''Sarah'' of Margate James Trapham Master}<br /> '''18''' William [?P]erry md fifty quarters wheate iiij baggs wooll}<br /> quantity x ''C'' weight iiij ''C'' pelts iiij Sayes Per Cert viij precedent} '''Southampton''' ''Imployment'' of hampton Thomas Mansill Master}<br /> '''19''' Idem master vij load barke Per Cert xviijth September ult} '''xth October <u>1657</u>''' '''Newcastle''' ''William and Dorathy'' of London Edmond Holland Master}<br /> '''1''' Clvj Chalder Coles Per Cert xiiij September ult} ''John and William'' of Northumberland John Morse Master}<br /> '''2''' Cxij Chalder of Coles per Cert xvth September ult  +
E 190/46/2 f.5r Annotate +'''Eodem xth October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Dover''' ''William'' of Dover James Hales Master}<br /> Samuell Var md vj baggs quantity xxxiiij ''C'' weight xij quarters}<br /> '''3''' of wheate vij quarters barley xxx sacks of shavings}<br /> and powder of hornes vj ''C'' of Bricks ij load of howshold goods}<br /> ij ''C'' of P[?XXXX] j load of browne paper xx old musketts and one old}<br /> C[?opper] quantity iiij ''C'' weight per Cert primus precedent} '''ffeversham''' ''John'' of Whitstable John Ellenden Master}<br /> '''4''' John Ewell md xl quarters wheate and xl quarters Oates per Cert}<br /> primus precedent} '''Sandwich''' ''Mathew'' of Sandwich Jeffery Ellett Master}<br /> '''5''' Isack Robins md fifty quarters wheate one hundred quarters Mault}<br /> xx sacks of Onyons halfe a load of howsholdstuffe and one}<br /> sack of Cony skins in the ''Mathaw'' per Cert jst precedent} '''Arundell''' ''John'' of Rye Thomas Oke Master}<br /> '''6''' Christopher Cole md xvj tonns plancks and barrell Boards per Cert}<br /> xvj September 1657} '''Bristoll''' ''Willingminde'' of Shoram Edw: Briggs Master}<br /> '''7''' John Morgan md one hundred and fifty barrells of Red and yellow}<br /> Earth and sixty nine barrells of Callamy quanity in all forty tonn}<br /> per Cert iij September 1657} '''Rye''' ''William and John'' of Rye Henry Mann Master}<br /> '''8''' William Crispe md xvij tonns of Barr Iron and tenn Loads}<br /> of Oaken Tann per Cert xiiijth September ult} '''Southampton''' ''Samuell'' of Hastings John Bayly Master}<br /> '''9''' Thomas farr md nine thousand of Coopers Timber}<br /> per Cert xxijth September ult} '''Maldon''' ''Dolphin'' of Maldon William Steele Master}<br /> '''10''' Roger White md 45 quarters of Oates and x quarters of wheat}<br /> per Cert. vjth October <u>1567</u> (sic)} '''Plimouth''' ''Elizabeth'' of Plimouth John Collingye Master}<br /> '''11''' Isaack Tyllor md and others iiij Butts [?2]}<br /> puncheons xj hogsheads of Barbadoes Sugar}<br /> under the degree of white Cent j hundred and vj ''C''}<br /> weight j hogshead of [?ditto] sugar quantity iiij ''C'' weight}<br /> Custome paid by John Martin 30th July past<br /> two puncheons of [?ditto] Sugar quantity xij ''C'' weight}<br /> Custome paid by John ffleming .1: August .1657 eight}<br /> Pipes eight hogsheads of [?ditto] sugar quantity eighty viij ''C'' weight}<br /> The first parcell above mentioned paid Custome 24: 27}<br /> July and 27 August last past per Cert 24 September (57).}  +
E 190/46/2 f.5v Annotate +'''Eodem xth: October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADINMG] '''Plimouth''' ''Isaack'' of Plimouth, William Thomas Master<br /> Phillip Francis and others md xij Chests of white sugar<br /> '''12''' quantity nett sixtie iij ''C'' weight and one Cask Muscadoe Sugar quarter iiij<br /> ''C'' weight Custome paid by himselfe, 19 DEcember (55) and .19.<br /> 26 December. 1656. sixteene hhe one barrell of Baradas<br /> suagar under the degree of white sixty iij ''C'' weight and iij Barrells<br /> of Indico quantity ij ''C'' and sixty pounds Custome paid by Phillip<br /> Edwards and Company: 22. 23 June 10. 28. 30th July 10th and<br /> 25 August (37) Eleaven pipes of Cacowe custome paid at<br /> London on the ''Saint Peter'' of Flushing as ple passe from<br /> pensance dated the 20th of June 1657. iij hogsheads of Ber=<br /> badas sugar under the degree of white quantity x[?XX] with Custome<br /> paid by Henry Wiseman and Tho: Yea[?b]sly 22: June. 31 July<br /> last past. one Pipe of ditto. sugar quantity vij ''C'' weight. Custome paid<br /> by John Martin 30th July last ix ''C'' weight of white Oakham<br /> Custome paid by an all. .22: July last one hogshead of Barbadas<br /> sugar under the degree of white quantity iiij ''C'' weight Custome paid John<br /> Caffin 10th August last one barr of Indico quantity one hundred and<br /> xxx pounds Custome paid Rich: Carkeete .3 and .21 Aug: last<br /> xij hogshead and one pipe of Barbadas sugar under the degree of white<br /> quantity fifty five ''C'' weight: Custome paid Timothy Alsopp and Company<br /> 2rd September instant ix Butts and twenty iij hogsheads of<br /> Brimstone quantity ij ''C'' hund nett weight . one Butt and xij hogsheads [ADD DATA]  +
E 190/46/2 f.6r Annotate +'''Plimouth''' ''Isack'' of Plimouth William Thomas Master}<br /> '''14''' Thomas Yeab[?e]ly md two Pipes of Barbadoes}<br /> sugar under the degree of white [?containing] fifty hundred}<br /> weight and one hogshead of ditto suger quantity foure hundred}<br /> weight Custome paid by Thomas Yea[?X]bly and Thomas Ball the 17th}<br /> of August last and iijrd September (57) per Cert 28. September <u>1657</u>} '''Plimouth''' ''Isack'' of Plimouth William Thomas Master}<br /> '''15''' John Trenock md Two Barrells of Indico quantity ij}<br /> ''C'' pounds Custome paid 20: 25. July last and 20th August}<br /> last per Cert 28th of September 1657} '''Plimouth''' ''Isack'' of Plimouth William Thomas Master}<br /> '''16''' John Jope and others md iij ''C'' fourty and vj [?staba] of}<br /> xiij Chests of Tyn quantity iiij ''C''. fourty ix ''C''1/2 weight seaven}<br /> chests of slattstones vj pa[?cks] bedding and other household}<br /> goods, one hogshead and halfe of Sampier in small Cask, xiiij}<br /> barrells of returned butter ij truncks and two trusses of Books}<br /> [?more] 5 hogsheads of Pilchard trayne more eighty five slobbs}<br /> of Tin quantity one ''C'' and vij ''C'' iij [?quarters] and one pound more ij Ruggs}<br /> ij Thousand of Cow hornes one hogshead of Sampier and<br /> [BLANK IN MANUSCRIPT] Kersies more xij hogsheads of sider one hogshead of Sampier}<br /> More lx slobbs of Tyn quantity six hundred and 1/2 one hogshead of}<br /> old Brasse quantity iij ''C'' weight and two brasse Murtherers}<br /> per Cert viijth September 1657.} '''Falmouth''' ''Katharine and Anne'' of Falmouth William Robbins Master}<br /> '''17.''' Peter Pendarvis md fourty and five slobbs of Tyn}<br /> quantity fourty nine hundred weight per Cert the 10th}<br /> of August 1657} '''Falmouth Harbour''' ''Katherine and Anne'' of Falmouth William Robbins Master}<br /> '''18.''' Richard Blachford md one hundred ninety three}<br /> slobbs of Tyn quantity two hundred fifty seaven ''C'' weight}<br /> a small barrell of Pilchers per Cert: 14th August .1657} '''Falmouth Harbour''' ''Katherine and Anne'' of Falmouth William Robbins Master}<br /> '''19''' Thomas Spry md and others iij ''C'' lxxxxiiij slobs quantity five}<br /> ''C'' and v ''C'' [?X] and viij pounds of Tin ij ''C'' eighty iiij tan and leather}<br /> hides a barrell of old pewter per Cert the ijnd September 1657} '''Falmouth Harbour''' ''Katherine and Anne'' of Falmouth William Robbins Master}<br /> '''20''' John Grills md 1 ''C'' xxvij slobbs quantity 1 ''C''. lviij ''C''.}<br /> 1 quarter and vij ''ll'' of Tynn, per Cert the second day}<br /> of September: 1657} '''Falmouth Harbour''' ''Katherine and Anne'' of Falmouth William Robbins Master}<br /> '''21''' William Grogor md Thirty slobs of Tyn quantity six}<br /> and xxx hundred 1 quarter xxij ''ll'' per Cert: September 4th: <u>1657</u>}  +
E 190/46/2 f.6v Annotate +'''Eodem xth: October: 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Trurow''' ''Katherine and Anne'' of ffalmouth William Robbins Master}<br /> '''22''' Degory Webber and Company one hundred fourty viij slobbs}<br /> of Tyn quantity nineteene thousand viij ''C'' and ix pounds}<br /> Per Cert August 27th 1657} '''Trurow''' ''Katherine and Anne'' of ffalmouth William Robbins Master}<br /> '''23''' Nicholas Sanders ind five slobs of tyn quantity vi ''C''}<br /> one quarter and xxv pounds Per Cert. 21 August 1657} <br /> '''xijth. October 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Margrett''' ''Anne'' of Margat Adrian Moyse Master}<br /> '''1:''' David [?Aussit] Inds fourty v quarters of mault and}<br /> x quarters of wheate Per Cert 9th October 1657.} '''Sandwich''' ''True Love'' of Sandwich John Mor[?t]on Master}<br /> '''2:''' William Hills inds fifty quarters of wheate fifty}<br /> quarters of mault xx quarters of Beanes and pease 5 quarters}<br /> of Rye xiiij quarters of Onions and one load of houshold}<br /> goods Per Cert vijth October 1657.} '''Sandwich''' ''Jane'' of Sandwich Israell Moore: Master}<br /> '''3''' Fredrick Lofoore inds lx quarters of wheate xxxx}<br /> quaarters of mault x quarters of Pease and xx quaarters of Sandwich}<br /> serges Per Cert. first day. October 1657} '''Rochester''' ''Maidstone Merchant'' Nicholas Masters Master}<br /> '''4.''' Edmund Calvill inds lxiiij baggs of hopps}<br /> ij tonns spirits one Trunck habderdashers ware}<br /> Value xx ''ll'' and ij packs of wool Cards Per Cert 8th October 1657} '''Leigh''' ''Mary and Jane'' of Hulbridge John Hoggs Master}<br /> '''5.''' Jarvis Groves imds lx quarters of Oates and xx quarters}<br /> of wheat per Cert 2ond October .1657.} '''Newcastle''' ''John and Mary'' of London John Gray Master}<br /> '''6.''' one hundred fourty foure Chaldron of Coales}<br /> per Cert xjth September 1657}  +
E 190/46/2 f.7r Annotate +'''Eodem xijth: October: 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Newcastle''' ''Robert and Ruth'' of Newcastle: William Wright Master}<br /> '''7''' Idem Master fifty moyes of white salt per Cert}<br /> xxvth day of September 1657} '''Newcastle''' ''Invention'' of Newcastle: Timothy Lowin Master}<br /> '''8''' Gregory Butler md ij Caskes quantity xij. ''C''. weight}<br /> of Tallow per Cert. xxixth day of September <u>1657</u>} '''xiijth: October: 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Feversham''' ''Jane'' of Feversham William Lawrence Master}<br /> '''1''' Robert Terry md xxxx quarters of wheate xxxx}<br /> quarters of mault xx quarters of Barlye 1 bagg of wool}<br /> quantity j hundred wight one Trunck of Apparell one}<br /> hamper of Books. per Cert viijth October 1657} '''Feversham''' ''Gift'' of Feversham Sieven Balden Master}<br /> '''2''' Jeffrey Hill md xvj Baggs of English hopps}<br /> quantity seaventeen, xxv. quaarters of flaxseed x quarters of Oates}<br /> per Cert viijth October 1657} '''Rochester''' ''Elizabeth'' of Newhithe Robert Cox Master}<br /> '''3''' Francis Chambers md xxx Baggs one end of hopps}<br /> and xx mands of ffruit oer Cert: xth October}<br /> 1657} '''Maldon''' ''Providence'' of Maldon John Browne Master}<br /> '''4''' Mathias Arminger md fifty quarters of Oates and}<br /> x quarters of wheat per Cert: viijth October 1657.} '''Margate''' ''Elizabeth'' of Margate Gabriel Broock Master}<br /> '''5''' Edward Fox md fifty quarters of mault per Cert}<br /> xth October 1657} '''Margate''' ''Isabell'' of Margrett Alexander Ellseter Master}<br /> '''6''' Valentine Morris md xx quarters of wheat and one}<br /> hundred quarters of Mault per Cert. viijth October 1657}  +
E 190/46/2 f.7v Annotate +'''Eodem xiijth: October 1657''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Southampton'''<br /> [BLANK SPACE IN MANUSCRIPT] Richard Corbell Master}<br /> Thomas Farr imds ix thousand of Cooper timbers}<br /> '''7''' Per Cert xxviij September 1657} '''Leigh''' ''Elizabeth'' of Leigh Nathaniel Goodlad Master}<br /> '''8''' Mathew Kemp xiiij moyes of Cheese and vj firkins}<br /> of Butter Per Cert: xth October 1657} '''Leigh''' ''Elizabeth'' of Leigh Nathaniel Goodlad Master}<br /> '''9''' Joseph Goodlad md lx quarters of wheat xx quarters of}<br /> Oates v quarters of Beanes xiij packs of wool}<br /> Per Cert xth October 1657} '''Colchester''' ''Robert'' of [BLANK SPACE IN MANUSCRIPT] Samuel Carter Master}<br /> '''10''' Idem ind lx Load of Austry ffagotts}<br /> and one Tunn of English pott ashe Per Cert ij October 1657.} '''Rochester''' ''William'' of Newhide William May Master}<br /> '''11.''' David Boulger ind lvj baggs of hopps and ij ends}<br /> and xxx Mands of Fruit xijth October 1657.}<br /> more x baggs of hoops} '''Newcastle''' ''Invention'' of Newcastle Timothy Lewen Master}<br /> '''12''' William Blackett inds xx ''C'' of whale finn and xij}<br /> firkins of Butter Per Cert xiiijth September 1657.} '''October xiiijth 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Rochester''' ''William and Anne'' of Millayle Richard Atwood Master}<br /> '''1''' Thomas Foaley ind one thousand iy ''C'' lv Iron}<br /> potts. being x Tunns xxxxix baggs j end of hopps}<br /> xj ''C'' weight of Cheese 2 bundles of haire cloth iiij bundles}<br /> of sacking j Chest of wearing apparell Per Cert}<br /> xth October 1657} '''Rochester''' ''Goodspeed'' of Maulin Thomas [?N]orleidge Master}<br /> '''2''' David Boulger ind xxvij Baggs of hopps 85}<br /> mands of fruit lx dozen of Earthen wares and one}<br /> Chest of householdstuffe Per Cert xijth October 1657} '''Milton''' ''Sun'' of Quinborough John Lines Master}<br /> '''3''' William Rider ind xxxx quarters of wheat and}<br /> Thirtie quarters of Oates Per Cert: xth October 1657} '''Milton''' ''Fortune'' of Quinborough Nicholas Taylor Master}<br /> '''4''' Idem ind xxxx quarters of wheat and xxxx quarters}<br /> of Oates Per Cert iijrd October 1657.}  +
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