Edward Arlibear

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Edward Arlibear
Person Edward Arlibear
First name Edward
Middle name(s)
Last name Arlibear
Suffix Junior
Spouse of
Widow of
Occupation Mariner
Secondary shorebased occupation
Mariner occupation Master
Associated with ship(s) Mathew and John (Master: Edward Arlibear)
Training Not apprentice
Is apprentice of
Was apprentice of
Had apprentice(s)
Citizen Unknown
Literacy Signature
Has opening text Edward Arlibeare
Has signoff text Edward Arlibear Junior; Edward Arlibear
Signoff image (Invalid transcription image)
Language skills English language
Has interpreter
Birth street
Birth parish
Birth town
Birth county
Birth province
Birth country
Res street Wapping
Res parish Stepney
Res town
Res county
Res province
Res country England
Birth year 1622
Marriage year
Death year
Probate date
First deposition age 29
Primary sources
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Has infobox completed Yes
Has synthesis completed No
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Ship classification
Type of ship Merchant ship
Silver Ship litigation in 1650s
Role in Silver Ship litigation None

Biographical synthesis

Edward Arlibear (alt. Edward Arlibear Junior; Arlibeare; Arliber; Arlibeere; Arlabeare) (b. ca. 1622; d. ?). Mariner.

Master of the Mathew and John in 1650-1655 period.

Resident in Saint Mary Matsellon in 1651 and in Wapping in 1652 and 1656. Since part of the parish of Saint Mary Matsellon was in Wapping, he may have been at the same location throughout this period.

Evidence from High Court of Admiralty

May 1651

"The personall Answers of Thomas Jauncey Laurence Steele Samuel Atkins and John Smith made to the pretensed positions of a certaine pretensed Allegation and
schedule thereunto annexed given and admitted against them on the behalfe of Edward Arlabeere Richard Best and Company", dated May 1st 1651.[1]
- The allegation deals with a voyage of the ship the Jonathan and Abigall[2]
- Second position refers to schedule which contains the original charter party for voyage in question
- Seventh position states that before deparure of ship from River Thames gratings were made on the upper deck "for the necessary accomodation and carriadge of passingers the voyadge arlate"[3]
- Eleventh position states that ship was leaky and insufficeint and that goods and merchandizes carried for the respondents were "very much wet and damnified" on arrival in Barbados. From Barbados the ship went to Virginia, where it took in cattle and other goods and brought back to Barbados, discharged them and took on further goods to be transported to London[4]
- Twelfth position alleges that respondents were forced to acaulk am=nd amend the ship at various ports, due to its unfitness
- Fourteenth position states the Jonathan and Abigall was a ship of the burthen of 260 tons, and if tight, staunch and sufficient would have been worth let to freight the sum of £82-10 s per month[5]
- Twenty-second position alleges that by being forced to stay in Virginia for repairs, the ship arrived at Barbados after "all the Cropp of goods in the
Barbadoes was disposed of unto other shipps to bee brought to this porte of London", and was forced to stay ten months at Barbados[6]

August 1651

Twenty-nine year old Edward Arlibear, mariner in the parish of Saint Mary Matsellon, deposed in the High Court of Admiralty on August 22nd 1651. The case was "On the behalfe of John Cap[?a] and others touching the losse of the shipp Mathew and John of [XXXX) in a businesse of assurance". The assurers are identifies as "Richard Shute and ffrancis Sayon assurers".[7]

The case concerned the voyage of Arlibeare's ship, the Matehw and John, from London to the Canary Islands and back. The ship had arrived at the Canaries on December 13th or 14th 1650 and departed from the Canaries on January 9th 1651, but off the Scilly islands was attacked and seized by a Jersey man of war and later condemned as prize. Edward Arlibeare names "Edward Arlibeare the Elder" as one of eleven owners of his ship, including Edward Arlibere (the younger). Arlibeare the Elder had a one eighth share, and he, Arlibeare (the younger) had a thre sixteenth share. Walter Salmon made out all the bills of sale, with Salmon himself having "the grand bill of sale of the said ship".[8]

May 1652

Nine months later, the same Edward Arlibear, though giveing his age as twenty-eight, deposed on May 17th 1652 in the High Court of Admiralty. He was examined on an allegation on behalf of William Harris and Company in th cause "William Harris Thomas Bowyer and Richard Heaman executors and possessors of the shipp the Mathew and John of London against Thomas Walters Thomas Pursell Hugh Massye Richard Webb and Richard Best merchants".[9]

Edward Arlibear stated that the owners of the Mathew and John were William Harris Thomas Bowyer and Richard Heaman, and that he, Edward Arlibear was master of the same ship, and also a part-owner. The rest of the owners let the ship to William Harris Thomas Bowyer and Richard Heaman, and allowed them to dispose of the ship as they wished.[10]

Arlibear describes taking on a lading of fish at Newfoundland for the account of Best Walters Pursell Massey and Webb on July 29th 1650. Arlibear and his company carried the fish to Bilbao and discharged it there on October 31st 1650. At Bilbao he took on divers goods, wares and merchandises for the account of the same freighters, which he carried to the Canaries and discharged them to the freighters' factors on January 1st or 2nd 1651.[11]

At the Canaries he took on more goods for the freighters to be brought to England. However, en route for England the ship was surprised and seized on February 1st 1651 and carried to the Isle of Scilly and then to Jersey. The period in which he, his company and the ship were at the disposal of the freighters was six months and three days. At the monthly freight rate of £135 this amounted to £810.[12]

Arlibear signed himself "Edward Arlibear Junior".[13]


Entry in Acts of Court in the High Court of Admiralty dated Wednesday, April 12th 1654[14]
- Title: "Edward Arlabeere and Company against one 16th parte of the shipp formerly called the Mathew and John whereof Edward Arlabeere was master but now called the Mary and Elizabeth whereof William Thorne is master and her tackle and furniture belonging to Richard Best deceased and against the executors and administrators of the said Best in particular and all others"
- John Wyn, executor for Richard Best, alleged 1/16th of the Mary recently arrested belonged to him and produced for sureties John Hall of the parish of Saint Dionis Backchurch, clothworker, and William Trimer of the parish of Saint Benedicts Pauls wharf, dyer
- Edward Arlibeare was to answer the action against the 1/16th part of the ship


Undated interrogatories ministred on behalf of Richard Shute and ffrancis Sayon, London merchants, have been identified.[15] The interrogatories seek to clarify whether Willy Cope was a part-owner of the Mathew and John; they seek to determine when and how news of the ship's seizure reached England, and whether news reached London before February 1650 (modern 1651).;

Comment on sources


"Edward Arlibeare, a mast-maker, of Wappisg Wall, and a benefactor of St. Pauls Church, Shadwell, married Mary Williams, ot Shadwell, widow, by license, on April lOth, 1626, and Mary Cope on May 21, 1646. He was buried March 23, 1667, and his widow, Mary Arlibeare, on December 22, 1669.— Strype's Stow ; Stepney Rasters."[16]



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