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HCA 23/19 Item 4 f.1v Annotate
First transcribed 20 May 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 1  +
Parent volume HCA 23/19  +
Side Verso  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 20/05/2012  +
Transcription 6. Itmm : interr. Whether did the partie 6. Itmm : interr. Whether did the partie that prormed the [?GXXX]<br /> or deputy of Saint Manes Castle, or did any other on his behalfe<br /> Agree with the said Governo:r or deputy to give him satisfact<br /> Tion for his paines and Charges that hee should nee att, as<br /> Stay of the said shippe, And what satisfaction hath been<br /> Given or is promised for the same; Et fiat at sup:a. 7. Itmm:interr, Whether Before the said shippe ''Nativity''<br /> was stayed neere ffalmouth had nott they whoe were in<br /> possession of her beene by the space of 1. 3. 5. Or more monthes<br /> weeks, or daies sailing and ?roaving up and ddowne in the<br /> English Channell and used and imployed the said shippe as<br /> a Man of warre to take pXXXXX, And within that time in<br /> and with the said shippe had nott Michell p:rtending hm<br /> -selfe Captaine thereof, and the Company of the said shuppe<br /> taken and dubdued and gott into theire possession some other shippe<br /> or shippes and goods, and spoiled the Right Owners thereof<br /> att least had indeavoured soe to doe, and were aiding abetting<br /> or assistant to the Commander and Company of some other shippe<br /> whoe seized and made spoile as aforesaid Et fiat ut supp. 8. Itmm: interr Whether Immediately before the said shippe was<br /> tayed neere ffalmouth was shee nott chased by a dutch man<br /> of Warre or some other shippe upon the seas neere the Coast<br /> of Cornwall on the West of ffalmouth and Pendennis, or Saint<br /> Manes Castle, And did nott the shippe ''Nativity'' flee from the<br /> Said other shippe, and in her flight might shee nott have made<br /> Pendennis or S:t Manes Castle or ffalmouth harbo:r her Refuge<br /> And have beene there surrXXed XX the Commander and Comp<br /> -any of the ''Nativity'' had beene true men and friends, And yett did<br /> They nott shun and avoide the said Castle and harbour and run their<br /> Shippe aground a league or thereabouts to the Eastward of the<br /> Said castle, And lett itt bee done as above. 9. Itmm: interr. Whether when the said shippe was soe stayed neere<br /> Ffalmouth, was nott the said Michell or hee that was the then re<br /> Puted Commander of the shippe ''Nativity'' and his Company or<br /> Some of them examined howe they came by the said shippe and<br /> The goods in her and howe long they had beene in possession<br /> Thereof or to such effect, and did they nott then answeare that<br /> The same were taken att Sea from a dutchman or hollander<br /> Some monethes or weekes then next before, and doe nott you knowe<br /> That the said Michell and Company did nott, nor cold then pro-<br /> -duce any Commission to warrant the taking of the said shippe<br /> Or goods, And lett itt bee done as above. 10. Itmm Lett him bee asked Whether att the time when the said ''Nativity''<br /> Was stayed neere ffalmouth and seized to the use of his Royall<br /> Highness the Lord High Admirall aforesaid by his Officers andigh Admirall aforesaid by his Officers and  +
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