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HCA 13/72 f.319r Annotate
First transcribed 12 November 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 319  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
People <u>Robert Burdin/Burden</u> "<u>Robert Burdin/Burden</u> "April 8 [????] Robert Burden of Gillingham, Kent, Baker, Widr, abt 55, & Dorothy Collett, of the Liberty of the Tower of London, Wid., abt 60; at St Matfellon alias Whitechapel, Midd."UNIQe72fe2f190b97a82-ref-00000013-QINU<br /> - '''CSG: Date of marriage ca. 1663''' "[1664] The half hundred of Gillingham In the said Lath of Ayleford: Chargeable: '''Robert Burden 7 hearth'''"UNIQe72fe2f190b97a82-ref-00000016-QINU <br /> Item: Q/SB/12/14; Title: Correspondence; Description: From Henry Sheafe to Richard Head Esq. Concerns the irreconcilable differences between '''Robert Burden of Gillingham and his wife'''; the settlement reached between Burden and Abbott (Burden's wife's son); Date: 8 Apr 1673; Location: Kent History and Library Centre "[1677 Aug. 23.] Same from same [Warrant from Treasurer Danby] to Richard Lightfoot, Auditor for co. Kent, for a particular of all the rents and profits of the manor of Gillingham and Grain and of the bailiwick thereof, with a view to a grant of the office of bailiff thereof to '''Edward Burden, loco Robert Burden, lately deceased'''. Warrants not Relating to Money VII., p. 109." UNIQe72fe2f190b97a82-ref-00000019-QINU" UNIQe72fe2f190b97a82-ref-00000019-QINU  +
Primary sources '''TNA''' <u>Chancery</u> C '''TNA''' <u>Chancery</u> C 6/20/89 Short title: Hutchinson v Burden. Plaintiffs: Jarvis Hutchinson . Defendants: Robert Burden and Dorothy Burden his wife. Subject: property in London . Document type: bill, answer. 1664 <u>PROB</u> PROB 11/353/194 Will of Robert Burden, Baker of Gillingham, Kent. 13 February 1677aker of Gillingham, Kent. 13 February 1677  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 12/11/2013  +
Transcription The 17th day of June 1658/ [CENTRE HEADINGThe 17th day of June 1658/ [CENTRE HEADING] henry Jolfe late Master or Comander of the hoyjgh the}<br /> ''Thomas and Katherine'' of Rochester against Richard}<br /> Cleeve and Company Owners and Proprietors of}<br /> the sayd hoigh and against all others etcetera Thompson}<br /> Colquett] Examined on the libell given i on the behalfe<br /> of the sayd Jolfe./ '''Rp. 1''' '''See the answere to the<br /> said in Quire: C: 10''' '''Robert Burdin''' of Gillingham in the<br /> County of Kent Baker aged fiftie yeares or<br /> thereabouts a wittnesse sworne and examined<br /> saith and deposeth as followeth videlicet./ To the first and second articles of the sayd allegation hee saith hee<br /> well knoweth the hoigh or vessell called the ''Thomas and Katherine'' of<br /> Rochestyer and saith that in the yeares and moneths arlate or some of<br /> them the arlate Edward ffawnce whilst hee lived and the arlate Richard<br /> Cleeve were (and the sayd Cleeve still is) commonly reputed to bee the<br /> lawfull Owners and Proprietors of the sayd hoigh or vesselll And alsoe<br /> knoweth that for some moneths happening within the tyme arlate (the certayne<br /> tyme hee doth not remember but beleeveth for about halfe a yeare thereof)<br /> the arlate henry Jolfe was Master of the sayd hoigh and had the charge<br /> government and imployment thereof for the use and benefitt of the sayd<br /> Owners And for Master therefore was Commonly accompted And hee<br /> this deponent in the moneth of July last (the sayd Jolfe being then returned<br /> home to Gillingham from a voyage hee had made with the sayd hoigh)<br /> heard the sayd Edward ffawnce in presence of the sayd Jolfe and this<br /> deponent and one William Reade of Gillingham who was one of the<br /> Company of the sayd hoigh confesse and declare that the sayd heny<br /> Jolfe was then, and had bin Master of the sayd hoigh by appointment<br /> and order of him the sayd Edward ffawnce And that hee the sayd Edward<br /> had bargained and agreed with the sayd Jolfe to allowe him the sayd Jolfe<br /> twenty shillings a weeke to goe Master and Commander of the<br /> sayd hoye for the ise and benefitt of him the sayd ffawne and other<br /> the Owners of her And further to those articles hee cannot depose/ To the 3 and 4th articles of the sayd libell hee saith as is predeposed that<br /> hee knoweth that the sayd Jolfe did take upon him the Mastershipp of the<br /> sayd hoigh and went Master of her for the use of the sayd Owners for about<br /> halfe a yeare happening within the tyme aforesayd, And as hee beleeveth<br /> did performe his office faithfully and well, for that the sayd ffawn[XX]<br /> told this deponent at the tyme predeposed when hee soe acknowledged what<br /> weekely wages the sayd Jolfe was by agreement to have that hee the<br /> sayd ffawn[ce] had in regard of the sayd Jolfes case in performance<br /> of his sayd duty of Master, given him the sayd Jolfe a peece of Cotton to<br /> make his children coates, which hee sayd hee gave him for his<br /> care in his sayd imployment, over and above what should bee due to him<br /> by the agreement aforesayd And further saving his foregoeing deposition<br /> hee cannot depose./deposition<br /> hee cannot depose./  +
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