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HCA 13/71 f.78v Annotate
First transcribed 28 November 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 78  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 28/11/2012  +
Transcription with his sayd shipp the ''Cesar'' arived swith his sayd shipp the ''Cesar'' arived safely at Petras in the Morea<br /> that Thomas Oliver arlate came aboard the sayd shipp and after some discourse<br /> with the sayd Captaine ffudge hee the sayd Oliver told the sayd ffudge that<br /> the Curranse of the Morea and Nathalagoe were all bought and [?counted GUTTER]<br /> for and that hee hoped to dispatch the ''Cesar'' away with those currans [XXX GUTTER]<br /> after the harvest were over, or the sayd Oliver spake words to the same effect<br /> in the presense of this deponent And further to this article hee cannot depose To the 11th hee saith that hee knoweth that the sayd Captaine ffudge sayled<br /> with his sayd shipp the ''Cesar'' to Nathalagoe arlate, and had the Coffie and pepper<br /> predeposed of remayning aboard her at his coming thither, but whose [?order GUTTER]<br /> hee sayled thither hee knoweth not and further to this article hee cannot depose/ To the 12th article hee hee saith hee well knoweth that after the arrivall of the<br /> ''Cesar'' at Nathalgoe aforesayd the Consull William ffowke arlate<br /> came aboard her and there publiquely on the deck of the sayd shipp in presense<br /> of this deponent and divers others of the Company of the ''Cesar'' did by word<br /> of mouth order the arlate ffudge to make his sayd shipp ready to<br /> receave aboard her the Nathalagoe curranse for that hee intended<br /> very speedily to lade them aboard her, or hee spake words to that effect<br /> And hee saith that sacks were brought aboard the ''Cesar'' for carrying<br /> Currans aboard her which sacks as hee hath heard and beleeveth were sent for and<br /> brought from Petras for that use by order of the sayd Consull And further to this article hee cannot<br /> depose/ To the 13th article hee saith hee sawe the shipp the ''Elizabeth and Anne'' at Nathalagoe<br /> arlate while the ''Cesar'' lay there, and sawe the sayd William ffowke goe aboard<br /> her the ''Elizabeth and Anne'' And further hee cannot depose not being aboard her nor<br /> knowing what passed betwixt the sayd Consull and the arlate Langford and hardwick<br /> aboard her./ To the 14th and 15th articles of the sayd allegation hee saith hee well remembreth that<br /> upon or about the first or second of September 1651 the arlate William<br /> ffowke came aboard the ''Cesar'' the sayd Captaine asking him how hee did hee answered hee was not well, and then and asked the sayd Captaine ffudge [?whether GUTTER]<br /> his sayd shipp were ready and withall told him that hee had bin with<br /> Vivonda and paid him for the Currans (meaning as this deponent beleeveth for the<br /> Curranse there to bee laden aboard the ''Cesar'') and shewed the sayd ffudge<br /> a paper which (as hee the sayd William ffowke sayd) was a [?Tasker] or receipt<br /> under the sayd Vivondas hand for the sayd money and alsoe told the sayd<br /> ffudge that his Currans which were there at Nathalagoe to be laden would<br /> be brought to the ''Cesars'' side within two or three dayes, and that hee [?hoped GUTTER]<br /> speedily to dispatch the sayd ffudge there; that hee might returne with his<br /> shipp to Morea to take in the Currans which were there to be taken in [?his GUTTER]<br /> sayd hee had sent hamett Bashaw (a Janizary and his servant) to the Morea to prepare the same<br /> there in a redines against the ''Cesar'' came thither to lade them And these [?XXXX]<br /> heeade them And these [?XXXX]<br /> hee  +
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