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HCA 13/71 f.337v Annotate
First transcribed 4 December 2012  +
First transcriber Jamie L.H. Goodall  +
Folio 337  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 04/12/2012  +
Transcription upon Safferon hill aforesaid in the house upon Safferon hill aforesaid in the house where the sayd Tobias Lisle<br /> then and now lived and liveth in presence of this deponent and the sayd Robert Banks and this<br /> deponent beleeveth and knoweth nothing to the contrary, but that the sayd bill was<br /> reall and not in trust or colourable and he rather believeth it soe to be for that the sayd Mr Lisle told him the deponent that hee had formerly lent to the GUTTER[#] [LH MARGIN AT NINETY DEGREES] [#]sayd Sampson Edwards threescore<br /> and tenn pounds and that to sayd<br /> Edwards had in consideration<br /> thereof made to sayd bill of sale<br /> to him the sayd Lisle.<br /> Arthur Minshen [SIGNATURE IN LH MARGIN] And saith hee knoweth not the Interrogate<br /> Sindersby nor did at any tyme heare him say any thing to the effect Interrogate<br /> And further hee cannot depose./ Repeated the 30th of August 1656 before<br /> doctor ffoorth Arthur Minshen [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ****************************** This 16th day of August 1656/ A matter of Examination of wittnesses on the behalfe}<br /> Of ffrancis Rose the master of the shipp}<br /> ''Abrahams offering'' against John Nicholas William}<br /> Van Brough and others the laders Of the goods}<br /> Suckley Smith} Examined upon an allegation on behalfe of the<br /> sayd ffrancis Rose./ '''9''' '''''' '''Cornelius Garretson''' of fflushing Mariner<br /> twenty sixe yeares of age or thereabouts a wittness<br /> sworne and examined saith and deposeth as follweth videlicet. To the first article of the sayd allegation hee saith hee this deponent was and<br /> is Master of a shipp called the ''Cabbidgeman'' of fflushing which shipp (as he GUTTER<br /> saith laye asterne of the ''Abrahams Offering'' at the same tyme when the sayd<br /> shipp ''Abrahams Offering'' lay in the Port of fflushing and tooke in her<br /> ladeing in question which was about the beginning of July last 1656<br /> and was often on board the ''Abrahams Offering'' both before and while shee was<br /> taking in her ladeing and thereby observed that the sayd shipp was then a<br /> tight and sufficient shipp to carry Merchants goods and also observed that<br /> when her company pumped her shee voided very little water at the<br /> pumpe for divers tydes And for a tight strong shipp the sayd shipp the<br /> ''Abrahams Offering'' was and is accompted and this deponent, lying now by<br /> her in the River of Thames hee doth and hath observed that shee is still a<br /> tight strong shipp and doth voide little water at her pumpe he this<br /> deponent haveing seen her pumped divers tymes since shee came into [?the GUTTER]<br /> River of Thames And further to this article hee cannot depose saving [?his GUTTER]<br /> subsequent deposition./ To the second hee saith hee well knoweth that the port of fflushing is a<br /> drye port and that the water goeth out of it every tyde of ebb soe that all<br /> shipps that lade there lye dry every tyde of ebb, and by reason of [?such GUTTER]<br /> their lying drye every tide of ebb shipps when they have receaved a<br /> good quantitie of ladeing on board the weight thereof doth often tymes<br /> crush them and cause them to spring leakes whereby their goods are often<br /> tymes dammaged And and yet not through any insuffciencie of [?their GUTTER]<br /> shipps or faults of their Masters or companyes is but meerely by their lying drye [?each GUTTER]<br /> tide of ebb and through the weight of their ladeing receaved And hee<br /> saith that the ''Abrahams Offering'' after shee had receaved much of her<br /> ladeing on board her was with the weight thereof at the next tyde of ebb<br /> crushed soe that she sprange a leake whereat shee tooke much water at<br /> the next tyde of fludd which her Master and company by workeing at the pumpe did<br /> discover and before her departure from fflushing caused the sayd leake<br /> of this deponents sight and knowledge to bee stopped and amended And saith that<br /> hee verily beleeveth and is perswaded in his conscience that what damage<br /> is happened to the sayd shipps ladeing happened not thereto by any defect<br /> ofd not thereto by any defect<br /> of  +
Transcription image [[File:P1130836.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/P1130836.JPG|[[:HCA 13/71|HCA 13/71]] f.337v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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