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HCA 13/71 f.278r Annotate
First transcribed 27 September 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 278  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 27/09/2012  +
Transcription To the 4th hee saith that all masters and To the 4th hee saith that all masters and companies have their<br /> wages besides their said accustomed averages both in the said voyage betwixt<br /> Lisbone and the Brazila, and all other voyages, and hee never<br /> knew any saile or goe otherwise To the 5th hee hath not predeposed. To the 6th hee saith that the same average as aforesaid hath bin allowed and paid<br /> to masters by merchants living at Lisbone for voyages betwixt th[?at] and Brazila<br /> though the said merchants have themselves bin part owners of the<br /> same shipps, and were themselves parties to the making of Charterparties, And<br /> otherwise hee cannot answer saving as aforesaid. To the 7th negatively for his part, and otherwise cannot answear. Repeated before doctor Godolphin. Tho Ewen [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] *************************** the first of July 1656. Complin against Brandlin.} Examined upon the Libell '''Rp. 8us''' '''Samuel Reynolds''' of the parish of Saint Dunstans in the<br /> East London, Marchant, aged 42 yeeres or<br /> thereabouts sworne and exámined. To the second article of the said Libell (upon which allegation hee is by<br /> direction of the producent examined) And saith and deposeth that<br /> the 17th of October 1653 there were laden and were aboard the<br /> hoy the ''Primrose'' whereof William Marsh was master, and which was<br /> then lying at dice key outwards bound for Ipswich, one chest of<br /> Sugar, five hogsheads of tobaccoe, one basket packt (the contents hee<br /> knoweth not) and and another basket containing druggs, and saith the<br /> said goods were to be transprted for Ipswich (in the said vessell)<br /> and there to be delivered to Titus Camplin to whom they were directed<br /> and were marked '''TC''' [MERCHANTS MARK, WITH "C" ACROSS "T"], but who laded the said goods, or the valew or<br /> cost thereof hee saith hee knoweth not; the premisses touching such<br /> their being aboard hee saith hee knoweth, because hee this deponent<br /> being wharfanger of dice key, sawe and tooke notice in<br /> writing (in his booke) of the same, and hath nowe a note thereof<br /> with him which hee saith hee tooke out of his booke. And otherwise<br /> hee cannot depose. To the Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING] To the first hee cannot answer To the second concerneth him not. Repeated before doctor Godolphin. Sam: Reynald [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE OF PAGE] **************************************** The second of July 1656. On the behalfe of John Tivall of London}<br /> Merchant and John Page of Plimouth}<br /> Marchant touching the seizure of their}<br /> goods by ffrench in the shipp ''Noahs Arke''} '''Rp.''' '''( X.''' '''John Bellamy''' of the parish of<br /> All hallowes Barking London,<br /> wine cooper, aged 36 yeeres or<br /> thereabouts, sworne as in the<br /> Acts of Court and exámined<br /> upon certaine Interrogatories mimistred on<br /> the behalfe of the said John Tivell and<br /> John Page, saith as followeth. Tor /> John Page, saith as followeth. To  +
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