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HCA 13/71 f.239v Annotate
First transcribed 30 September 2012  +
First transcriber Cathryn Pearce  +
Folio 239  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 30/09/2012  +
Transcription of Surrey Mariner Boatswaine of the shipp of Surrey Mariner Boatswaine of the shipp the<br /> ''hopewell'' aged 29 yeares or thereabout a wittness<br /> sworne and examined saith and deposeth as followeth videlicet./ To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee well knoweth the Interrogate<br /> shipp the ''hopewell'' being now Boatswaine of her and alsoe boatswaine<br /> of her for the whole voyage when shee was last in the Streights And<br /> further to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answer./ To the second Interrogatorie hee saith the sayd shipp the voyage aforesayde tooke<br /> in part of her ladeing at Scanderoone and the other part thereof at Cyprus<br /> and was to deliver her Cargo soe taken in, part part at Ligorno and the<br /> rest at London, And saith hee this deponent at Ciprus carried on shoare<br /> certaine moneys for the Master of her therewith to defray port charges, and<br /> hee beleeveth all Customes and duties due to the Grand signior or his<br /> Agents at Scanderoone and Cyprus were paid for the sayd shipps [?Cargoes and GUTTER]<br /> goods were paid before her setting sayle from thense therewith, for that hee<br /> beleeveth it is the custome there as it is alsoe in other countries<br /> not to suffer shipps to depart till it doth appear they have paid all<br /> customes and duties And further to this Interrogatorie hee cannot depose/ To the 3: 4th 5th 6th and 7th Interrogatories he saith hee being Boatswaine<br /> as aforesayd and aboard well knoweth that the sayd shipp the ''hopewell'' sett<br /> sayle from Cyprus with the sayd Cargo of goods on board her toward<br /> Ligorno and in her course thitherward mett with very tempestious<br /> weather by violence whereof the sayd Shipps Rudder was washed [?away GUTTER] and the Ironworks thereof her<br /> ([XXXX] thereof only recovered again out of the sea) and shee spranKe two leakes<br /> at which the water came in soe fast that her company were forced to<br /> keepe two pumps goeing and bayle water alsoe soe that by reason<br /> of the sayd fowle water and leakes and want of their Rudder the Company<br /> of her were forced to make back for Cyprus and in order to the new<br /> hanging her rudder and stopping and amending her sayd leakes were constreyned<br /> to unlade there the greatest part of the sayd shipps Cargo And saith<br /> the sayd shipps Rudder being hunge and leakes amended her Master and<br /> Company began to relade her goods soe unladen and having laden some<br /> of them were hindered in ladeing the rest by the Bashawe and other<br /> officers and souldiers of the Grand signiour who pretended that the same goods being put on shoare there<br /> the Grand signior ought to have customs for them before they were<br /> reladen and soe hindered the Master and Company of her from<br /> relading the rest, which to prevent the sayd Master made application<br /> to the Interrogate Roger ffowke (who is reputed the English Consull<br /> there) who soe pacified the sayd Bashawe and souldiers that they per-<br /> mitted the sayd Master and Company to relade all the sayd goods, [?hee GUTTER]<br /> saith soe soone as they were reladen the sayd Consull in presense and<br /> heareing of this deponent and his Contest Symon Rowe and one Turner<br /> Gunner of the shipp and others demanded of the sayd Master for Consullage<br /> due as the sayd to him the sayd ffowke and for other duties due [?as GUTTER]<br /> hee sayd to the Bashawe and officers of the Grand signior for the sayd goods<br /> [?eighteene GUTTER]sayd goods<br /> [?eighteene GUTTER]  +
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