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HCA 13/71 f.20r Annotate
First transcribed 17 September 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 20  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 17/09/2012  +
Transcription 23th Februarij 1655 [CENTRE HEADING] Exam23th Februarij 1655 [CENTRE HEADING] Examined upon the sayd Allegation '''2''' '''Henry Hughes''' of deptford in the County of Kent Rope merchant<br /> aged twenty four yeares or thereabouts sworne and exa=<br /> mined upon the sayd allegaction and Interrogatories saith and deposeth<br /> videlicet as followeth To the first Article of the sayd allegation he saith, That the sayd shipp the ''Tho=''<br /> ''mas Bonadventure'' arrived the last tyme att Cyprus the voyage in question<br /> about the first day of May 1652. and att that tyme she had on board<br /> her in Cotton Woolls one hundred baggs or thereabouts, and four<br /> hundred and odde baggs of galls. The premisses hee knoweth to bee<br /> true for that he was Purser of the sayd shipp the voyage in question<br /> and tooke an aććompt of her lading. And otherwise hee cannot depose<br /> To the second Article of the sayd allegation he saith that over and besides<br /> the sayd 100 baggs of wooll, there were laden on board the sayd shipp<br /> during her stay att Cyprus after her last coming thither, two hundred and eight<br /> baggs of wooll by Roger ffooke factor of the sayd Mr Alderman<br /> ffrederick and Company fraighters of the sayd shipp, that is to say one<br /> hundred and sixty bags for the sayd ffreighters owne Accompt [INSERTION1] and allso<br /> thirty baggs more consigned to Mr Thomas Rich here in London<br /> the freight of which sayd thirty baggs was to be made good to the<br /> sayd ffrederick Chowne and Company and they were to have the benefitt<br /> thereof, All which hee deposeth being Purser the voyage aforesayd To the third Article of the sayd allegation hee saith That the sayd shipp<br /> ''Thomas Bonadventure'' was and is a shipp of the burthen of two hundred<br /> and eighty tonnes or thereabouts, and had in her the sayd voyage the<br /> number of forty four men and noe more. which he knoweth<br /> for the reasons aforesayd. And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the .4th. article of the sayd allegation he saith, that the sayd Cyprus<br /> Woolls (as is usuall att that place) were putt in very great baggs, and<br /> did require very great labour to stow them, especially. after the sayd shipp<br /> had receyved the first 100 baggs of wooll and galls aforesayd on board<br /> her. And saith that in his Judgement. forty four men in a shipp of<br /> the burthen of the ''Thomas Bonadventure'' (there being 100 baggs of<br /> wooll and 400 and odd baggs of galls on board before,) cannot receive<br /> and steive above eight baggs a day one day with another, for hee saith<br /> that the Company of the sayd ''Thomas Bonadventure'' the sayd tyme<br /> att Cyprus did not receyve on board and steive above eight baggs of wooll<br /> eaćh day and day with another during such tyme as the sayd ffrederickes Chownes<br /> and the other thirty sackes of wooll were lading, albeit they did worke<br /> twenty howres of in four and twenty, and that with much labour and Industry<br /> of this deponents sight and observation. neyther could they have taken in<br /> more than eight baggs a day one day with another as he beleiveth, referring<br /> himselfe to the Reasons aforesayd. And otherwise he cannot depose. To the 5th. Article of the sayd allegation, he saith, That the the last of the sayd ffrederickes<br /> and Chownes sayd woolls were not brought on board and steived till<br /> about the two and twentyeth day of May 1652, And that assoone as the<br /> same were steived the Company of the ''Thomas Bonadventure'' carryed<br /> their steeving Instruments on shoare, and applyed themselves to<br /> fitt their shipp for her homewards voyage for London, and shee<br /> might have bene so fitted within two or three dayes, And her master<br /> and Company did resolve to proceed directly for London assoone as their<br /> shipp could be fitted, which he knoweth being then purser as aforesayd.<br /> And otherwise he cannot depose.<br /> To [INSERTION 1 IN LH MARGIN] as freighters of the sayd a<br /> shipp ''Thomas Bonad=<br /> venture'' and fourty<br /> eight baggs for the<br /> sayd ffrederick and<br /> Company as Owners<br /> of the ''dart frigate''<br /> HHUGHES [SIGNATURE, LH MARGIN]]t;br /> HHUGHES [SIGNATURE, LH MARGIN]]  +
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