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HCA 13/71 f.130v Annotate
First transcribed 4 October 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 130  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 04/10/2012  +
Transcription The 5th of Aprill 1656 [CENTRE HEADING] BThe 5th of Aprill 1656 [CENTRE HEADING] Betson against dixon aforesaid.} Examined upon the fore said allegation '''Rp. 2.''' '''William Anderson''' of Newcastle Mariner aged 21 yeares<br /> or thereabouts sworne and examined. To the first second third and 4th articles of the said allegation hee saith and deposeth that<br /> within the time arlate the arlate Thomas dixon was master of the shipp or vessell the<br /> ''Mary'' arlate and for such commonly accounted, And saith the producent John<br /> Betson was shipped in her to serve in her as a mariner for her then intended voyage<br /> which was to goe from Newcastle to dantzike, and thence to retourne either for this port<br /> of London, hull or Newcastle and that to which soever of the said three ports<br /> of London, hull or Newcastle the said shipp should first come upon such her retourne<br /> there her voyage was to end, which hee knoweth because hee this deponent was alsoe<br /> shipt at Newcastle for the same voyage to serve in the said shipp, which hee did, and<br /> saith the said shipp went accordingly from Newcastle to dantzike and thence<br /> came to this port of London, and here the voyage ending, this deponent who was<br /> hired as a common man or fore mast man for the summe of six pounds tenn<br /> shillings for the said voyage, was paid off here at London by the said dixon the master<br /> And saith the said John Betson served alsoe the said voyage from Newcastle<br /> to dantzicke in the said shipp, and back again to London, as a common man or foremast<br /> man alsoe, and the common report aboard was that hee was alsoe hired and<br /> shipt at 6 ''li'' 10 shillings for the said voyage, and soe much hee saith hee very well<br /> deserved, for hee saith the said Betson is an able Sea man, and behaved<br /> himselfe very well and as a skilfull and faithfull sailer ought to doe during<br /> the terme of the said voyage. and further that this deponent was shipt aboard<br /> the said vessell at Newcastle in ffebruary last was a twelve moneth and [LH MARGIN] the said Betson about the<br /> beginning of March then next following and saith that shee returned from dantzike and came to London in or about the moneth<br /> of June next following, and here made effectuall delivery of her goods<br /> brought from dantzike. To the fifth hee saith that it is tenn monethes or neare thereabouts<br /> since the ending of the said voyage, and that the said John Betson might<br /> in that time have well earned twenty pounds in going to sea, at the least, and<br /> soe much this deponent conceiveth him damnified in losse of that time by<br /> following the businesse for getting his said hire, over and above the hire it selfe<br /> as aforesaid, and besides the charges and expenses hee hath bin at, which hee<br /> this deponent cannot estimate. To the Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING] To the first it is donne as required, and hee answereth that on the<br /> sixteenth of May last or thereabouts and while the said shipp or vessell lay at<br /> Elsenore and was nearly cleared of customes the said dixon the master<br /> went ashore and carried this deponent and the said Betson and others of the company<br /> with him to [?rXXX] him and to fetch necessaries, and after their comming ashore<br /> the said Betson and this deponent and the other sailers that went ashore with the<br /> master went several times betwixt the shoare and shipp to carry such things<br /> as the master had provided, and in the evening the master being gonne to drinke<br /> the said Betson and the rest (saving this deponent) went to refresh them selves<br /> and drinke together, and shortly after they were so gonne the master full<br /> of drink went to the waterside, and insisting his men sent this deponent<br /> to call them, which hee did and they came presently away, and albeit this deponent<br /> ran back without staying, yet the master was gonne off, and two of the men<br /> hired another boate and rowed after him, and the next day {the} boate came<br /> ashore and fetched the said Betson and this deponent and others aboard<br /> , and saith the winde was faire all that day they went ashore and<br /> all the next night, and the next day in the fore noone, but by the masters<br /> neglect they lost their voyage for severall weekes. And otherwise saving as<br /> aforesaid hee cannot answere. To the second hee referreth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition and cannot otherwise<br /> answer To the third it doth not concerne him. To the last hee saith some of the men that were alsoe ashore referred<br /> their businesse to arbitament as hee hath heard, And otherwise hee cannot<br /> answere./ Accounts made up [XXXXX]<br /> with the Judges Registrars<br /> and proctors./ Repeated before doctor Godolphin William Andersen [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]hin William Andersen [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]  +
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