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HCA 13/71 f.114v Annotate
First transcribed 6 November 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 114  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 06/11/2012  +
Transcription The same day, Examined upon the sayd allegThe same day, Examined upon the sayd allegation '''2''' '''Jan Peterson''' of Hamburgh mariner Stiersman of the sayd shipp<br /> the ''Fortune'' aged three and twenty yeares or thereabouts sworne<br /> and examined saith as followeth. videlicet. To the .1 .2 .3 and 4th Articles of the sayd allegation This deponent saith, That the sayd shipp<br /> ''Fortune'' sailing from France with her lading of wynes under the Command of<br /> his Precontest as Master of her and ćoming for the duines was about the end of<br /> January last past seized by the ''dartmouth frigot'' arlate. And he saith That<br /> of his certayne knowledge and by vertue of his Oath that the shipp ''Fortune''<br /> or her Master or Company did not any way oppose the sayd frigot nor fly away from<br /> her, but being summoned did strike her maine topsayle and soone after<br /> her foresayle and willingly submitted to be visited and seized by the Company<br /> of the sayd frigot that came on board her for that purpose. And that the sayd<br /> sayles being so strucke continued so till the seizure, and that there was noe<br /> fault in the sayd Master or Company of the ''Fortune'' or any neglect of duty as<br /> concerning the striking of their sayles. Which this deponent being the<br /> Steersman of the sayd shipp and seeing the sayd passages knoweth to be true<br /> And otherwise cannot depose. To the Cross Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING] To the 1 and 2. Interrogatories he saith there was neyther Chase, nor flight in the busines in<br /> question, and saith that he guesssed the sayd frigot to be about a mile from shore<br /> when he first saw the same, and the ''Fortune'' when she was boarded was<br /> about a mile from shoare. And the Frigot he saith shot twice, and the ''Fortune''<br /> att the first shot immediately struck her maintopsayle, and upon the second shot<br /> immediately stuck her foresayle, And the sayd shipp and frigott att such tyme of<br /> striking were att an ordinary shotts distance, the sayd frigott wearing the<br /> English Colours all the tyme. And otherwise saving as aforesayd he cannot answere [?Jon PXXXXon] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ******************************* The same day Examined upon the sayd allegation '''3''' '''Jan Dirickson''' of Modenblick in holland Mariner aged one<br /> and twenty yeares sworne and examined saith. as followeth. videlicet To the sayd allegation and severall articles Therein, This deponent saith. That about the<br /> end of January last past the sayd shipp ''Fortune'' and her lading of wines were seized<br /> by the ''dartmouth frigot'' arlate. And he saith That the sayd shipp did make noe [?manner GUTTER]<br /> of opposition against, nor did fly from the sayd frigot att all, but was visited and<br /> seized. without any force, or opposition of her master daniel Egerson or any of<br /> his Company. ffor he saith That immediately upon the first warning the sayd Egerson<br /> caused his maintopsayle to be lowered, and soone after struck his foresayle and<br /> continued both the sayd sayle so strucken, so as some of the company of the sayd<br /> frigott came presently on board the ''Fortune'' without any opposi[?tion GUTTER]<br /> and so seized her and her lading and brought the same in to the downes. And there<br /> was noe fault or neglect in the sayd Egerson or his Company at all in the premisses<br /> And this he knoweth to be true being Cooke in and of the sayd shipp and seeing<br /> and well remembring the foresayd passgaes. And otherwise he cannot depose. To the Crosse Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING] To the sayd Interrogatories hee saith. That the sayd frigot, from her first discovery by the ''Fortune''<br /> to the sayd seizure, had out the English Colours and there was not any chase made att all<br /> but the ''Fortune'' sayled up directly for the duines meeting the sayd frigot that ćame that [?way GUTTER]<br /> and the sayd frigot was neere the shoare att her first being so discovered, and took[?e GUTTER]<br /> the ''Fortune'' about a small dutch mile from the shoare, And further he saith [?that GUTTER]<br /> the ''fortune'' upon her first summons by a shott from the frigot presently lowered her<br /> top sayle, and soone after upon a second like summons lowered her foresayle<br /> att which tymes the sayd shipp and frigott were about musket shott assunder or [?not GUTTER]<br /> much more. And otherwise he cannot answer. Jan dirckson [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]answer. Jan dirckson [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]  +
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