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HCA 13/70 f.566v Annotate
First transcribed 19 November 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 566  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 19/11/2014  +
Transcription To the thirteenth Interrogatory he answereTo the thirteenth Interrogatory he answereth that the<br /> interrate Perera is (as he beleiveth) a marryed man<br /> and that before he lived at Amsterdam, he lived<br /> (as this Rendent hath heard) in the West Indies<br /> And further to the sayd Interrogatory he cannot answeare./ To the fourteenth Interrogatory he answereth that sometimes<br /> Letters of advise and bills of Lading are made colourable,<br /> but he saith that the Letters of advise, which this Respondent (sic)<br /> received from the said Perera concerning the goods in<br /> controvery were not colourable, And further or otherwise<br /> he cannot answere./ To the fifteenth Interrogatory he answereth that the bills<br /> of Exchange by him predeposed of were at the time he<br /> saw them in the hands of his precontest Antonio<br /> ffernandez Carvaiall, where he beleiveth they still<br /> remaine, And further he cannot answeare./ Augustin Coronel [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ******************************** On the eighteenth day of August 1655 [CENTRE HEADING] Michael de Rutter, Everard Ghislinge}<br /> and Abraham Van Pe[?XX] of fflushing}<br /> concerning the losse or seizure of the}<br /> shipp the ''Golden Popingay'' of fflushing.}<br /> ffrancklin} Upon Interrogatories ministred<br /> in this behalfe on the part<br /> and behalfe of the said Michael<br /> De Rutter and others. '''Jean Dannelson''' of fflushing in Zealand<br /> Skipper, where he was borne and ever since<br /> hath inhabited, aged about 24 yeares a wittnes<br /> produced and sworne and being examined he deposeth<br /> and answereth to the said Interrogatories as followeth<br /> videlicet To the first Interrogatory he answereth and deposeth that he was<br /> Skipper of the interrate shipp the ''golden Popingay'' in the<br /> voyage wgerein she was taken and seizd, and that he hath<br /> knowne the said shipp for theise sixteene months last past<br /> that she now belongeth to the Port of fflushing where the<br /> Owners of her namely Michael de Rutter (Vice-Admirall<br /> of holland) Everard Ghisling a Burgomaster there and Abraham<br /> Van P[?eene] a Lord of the said Towne of fflushing doe dwell, who<br /> were alsoe the Owners of the Lading that was in her at the<br /> time she was seized, and he saith that she was built at<br /> Eadam, but by the aforenamed Owners (who are subiects to the<br /> Lords the States of the United Provinces) bought at fflushing<br /> And further he cannot answeare to the said Interrogatorye saving<br /> that itt may not be taken for a untruth or contradiction that<br /> he hath sayd that Michael de Rutter One of the Owners<br /> is Viceadmirall of holland and an Inhabitant of fflushing,<br /> he desireth to explaine that the same is a truth and that<br /> although the said De Rutter is for the most part (when not<br /> at Sea) at Amsterdam being busied there in his place<br /> ofg busied there in his place<br /> of  +
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