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HCA 13/69 Silver 5 f.1r Annotate
First transcribed 20 August 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 1  +
Parent volume HCA 13/69 Silver 5  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 20/08/2015  +
Transcription '''Silver .5.''' The 19th of May 1653. [C'''Silver .5.''' The 19th of May 1653. [CENTRE HEADING] The claime of Antonio Stephen}<br /> da Bolderas of Madrid for his silver}<br /> and woolls in the ''Saint George'' John}<br /> Martens master, and in the ''Sampson''} Examined upon the allegation and<br /> schedule on the behalfe of the<br /> said claimer: '''Rp.''' '''.1.''' '''Thomas Sanchez de orisa''' Merchant borne at<br /> Validolid in Spaine, and having his last habitation<br /> at Lima in the kingdome of Peru where hee<br /> dwelt about twelve yeares, aged 35 yeares or<br /> thereabouts. sworne and examined. To the first hee saith that hee well knoweth the arlate Anthony Stephen<br /> da Balderas and hath soe donne for theise fifteene yeares last, and<br /> saith that in the yeare 1643 or thereabouts the said Anthony Stephan<br /> da Balderas the producent came from Spaine into the West<br /> Indias where this deponent was and continued there till about<br /> the moneth of december 1651 at which time the said producent and<br /> this deponent imbarqued themselves and came thence<br /> in the fleete bound for Spaine and this deponent well knoweth<br /> that the said producent brought five severall barrs of silver<br /> a bagg of redd wooll of the severall markes allegate (now showne<br /> unto him) from the West Indias for Spaine, this deponent seeing<br /> him bringe the same from Lima to Panama, thence to Porto<br /> Ballo, and thence for Spaine in which passage from Lima to<br /> Panama and soe to Porto bello this deponent went in the company<br /> of the said producent. And saith that the said fleete from the Indias<br /> ariving at Cadiz in Spaine, the said producent tooke out the<br /> said silver and red wooll and carried the same ashore and afterwards<br /> namely about three or foure dayes after (namely in September last) hee put the same in a boate<br /> and carried the same aboard the shipps allegate namely two barrs<br /> of the first marke and one of the second aboard the ''Saint George''<br /> (John Martens master) and two barrs of the third marke allegate<br /> aboard the ''Sampson'' Otto George master to be thence carried and<br /> transported in the said shipps for Ostend, and there to be delivered<br /> to the said Anthony Stephen Bolderas or assigne for his the said<br /> producents owne accompt, which hee knoweth because hee this<br /> deponent went alonge with him and sawe him carry the said barrs<br /> of silver and wooll into the said boate and then aboard the said<br /> shipps into which this deponent sawe him deliver and lade the<br /> same, and about two or three dayes after this deponent sawe him<br /> put the said wooll into the boate to be sent aboard the<br /> ''Sampson'', and afterwards sawe the same aboard, and saith<br /> that Laurance darlez went alsoe alonge and sawe the said lading<br /> of the said silver, the said Laurence and this deponent alsoe lading<br /> silver for their owne accompt. And saith that the said Antonio<br /> Stephen da Balderas was and is the true and lawfull owner and<br /> proprietor of the said silver and goods, the same being as hee<br /> saith the said producents [?capitall], and all hee put in all<br /> the said space of his being in the West Indias where hee [?exercised]<br /> merchandize and negotaiated in [?Peru] [?XXX] of this deponents<br /> knowledge. And otherwise hee cannot depose referring himselfe to his<br /> said books for the numbers and markes. To the second article and schedule annexed now showne unto him<br /> hee saith that the same are originall bills for the said silver and<br /> goods, and the bills for the three barrs laden abaord the ''Saint George'' this<br /> deponent sawe signed aboard by the said John Martens dorp<br /> master of the said shipp, And [?there] for the two barrs laden aboard<br /> thethe two barrs laden aboard<br /> the  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_118_07_2677.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_118_07_2677.jpg|[[:HCA 13/69 Silver 5|HCA 13/69 Silver 5]] f.1r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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