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HCA 13/69 Silver 1 f.8r Annotate
First transcribed 3 September 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 8  +
Parent volume HCA 13/69 Silver 1  +
People Don Antio de Ponte<br /> Lawrence de Veles<br /> Otto George<br /> Manuel Correa<br /> Roger Kilverte<br /> Sam Delaplace<br /> Dr Exton<br /> Lewis ffernandez [Angell]  +
Places Dukes Place London<br /> Cadiz<br /> La Nova Cruz Nova Hispania  +
Ships Sampson  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; partially transcribed on 03/09/2015<br /> further transcribed by Jonathan Dent on 25/10/15  +
Transcription except the Bill of ladeing now showne him except the Bill of ladeing now showne him annexed to the sayd<br /> allegation, and he hath seene the same as he hath predeposed in the<br /> hands of Lewis ffernandez Interrate att his ladeying[?] in Dukes Place London<br /> soone after his Arrivall in this Citty. And otherwise he cannot depose. To the five and twentyeth he saith that the Interrate shipp the ''Sampson''<br /> riding att an Anchor in the bay of Cadize neer unto and under the<br /> Commaund of the fforts of Cadize, the sylver now claymed was there<br /> and not upon the open seas laden aboard her. And otherwise, saving<br /> that he knoweth not of any pasport or Cocquette aboard, he <br /> cannot depose. To the Interrogatories given in the 26th day of May<br /> 1653 [CENTRE HEADING] To the first he saith that he this deponent having for the most part of<br /> his tyme lived in the West Indies doth not know of any such law<br /> prohibition usage or Custome as is in this Interrogatory mentioned and <br /> intimated;<br /> And otherwise he cannot depose. To the second he saith and deposeth that he knoweth not nor beleiveth <br /> any part of the said Interrogatory. And further he cannot depose. Roger Kilverte [SIGNATURE, LHS]<br /> Sam Delaplace [SIGNATURE, LHS]<br /> Repeated before Dr Exton Manuel Correa [SIGNATURE, RHS] ****************** The 26th day of May 1653. [CENTRE HEADING]<br /> Examined upon an allegation on behalfe of the Claim[ant] [CENTRE HEADING] The Clayme of Anthonye da Ponte}<br /> merchant of Spayne for his Plate in}<br /> the shipe the ''Sampson'' whereof Otto}<br /> George is Captayne lately seized}<br /> by some of the Parliaments shipps}<br /> Smith} '''1''' '''Lawrence de Veles''' of Cadize in Spayne<br /> merchant aged eight and thirty yeares or<br /> thereabouts a witnes sworne and examined<br /> deposeth and sayth as followeth. To the first Article of the sayd allegation this deponent saith and deposeth<br /> that the arlate Don Antonio de Ponte whom this deponent hath knowne<br /> for this eleven years now last past in and for the tyme arlate was and [FIRST MARKE, LH MARGIN]<br /> att [part] sent is the true and lawfull Owner and proprietor of the six barrs<br /> of plate or sylver allegate; two of the sayd barrs of the first, marke [SECOND MARKE, LH MARGIN]<br /> in the margent, and four more of them of the second marke in the margent<br /> the sayd six barrs all of them conteyning in weight seven hundred eighty<br /> one markes four ounces and an ealfe[?]; all which this deponent knoweth<br /> to be true for that he this deponent being att La Nova Cruz in Nova<br /> Hispania there saw the sayd Antonio de Ponte having laden aboard<br /> a small frigat contayne merchandizes of that Country sett sayle<br /> and depart with the same for the Havana in the West Indies, whither<br /> this deponent afterwards [with?] about four or five and twenty [es] dayes<br /> after comeing with the ffleet found him the sayd Antonio de Ponte<br /> there, and with the proceed of his foresayd merchandizes there saw<br /> him the sayd Antonio buy the arlate barres of sylver, and saw them<br /> there of sylver, and saw them<br /> there  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_118_07_2562.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_118_07_2562.jpg|[[:HCA 13/69 Silver 1|HCA 13/69 Silver 1]] f.8r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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