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HCA 13/68 f.22v Annotate
First transcribed 2 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 22  +
Parent volume HCA 13/68  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 02/08/2013  +
Transcription to Venice and there to be delivered unto Dto Venice and there to be delivered unto Don Augustin de ffonseca<br /> for the use and Accompt of the producent, and the proceed thereof to<br /> be imployed in the service and upon the Occasion of his sayd Catholique<br /> Majesty in Italy and fflanders, the premisses this deponent knoweth to be<br /> true for that hee is under paymaster Generall of the King of Spaines<br /> Army in fflanders, he did about ffebruary last past 1652, receyve<br /> letters of Advise from the Correspondents of the Producents living<br /> att Madrid wherein they did certify this deponent that the fowrsayd<br /> wools of the respective markes aforesayd were about the tyme aforesays<br /> laden att Alicant in the sayd shipp ''Saint Augustin'' to be transported to Venice<br /> and there to be delivered for the use and Accompt and for the service<br /> aforesayd, And this deponent having had for many yeares past<br /> constant correspondence with the sayd Assentista, the producent knoweth,<br /> that he the sayd producent doth usually cause his wools to be marked<br /> with th respective markes afore sett forth. And otherwise he cannot depose. To the fourth article of the sayd allegation This deponent saith that he hath credibly<br /> heard and verily beleiveth it to be true, that the sayd shipp the ''Saint Augustin''<br /> after lading of the sayd woolls did sett sayle therewith towards Venice<br /> and in her course thither was together with the sayd wools then on<br /> board her seized by force of the shipps of this Commonwealth under<br /> the Command of Captaine Badily, and that by reason of the sayd seizure<br /> the wools aforesayd came into the hands and possession of the sayd<br /> Captaine Badily. And otherwise cannot depose. To the fifth and sixth Articles of the sayd allon This deponent saith<br /> that the sayd 120 sackes of wools were really laden and provided for the<br /> Accompt aforesayd and the proceed thereof were to have bene really<br /> employed for and in the Affaires of his Catholiq Majesty. And this<br /> deponent himselfe about July last past did deliver to the Spanish<br /> Ambassador here Resident a Letter from his sayd Majesty touching the<br /> foresayd woolls and the seeking after restitution thereof. And saith<br /> that albeit the sayd wools in the bills of lading for the same found<br /> aboard the sayd shipp be ontrue (sic) for the Accompt of Augustine da ffonseca<br /> of venice, yet the same was and is done onely to secure the same from<br /> the ffrench, and saith It is usuall for the sayd producent so to secure<br /> his wools which this deponent knoweth by the correspondence hee holds<br /> with the sayd producent and the sayd Augustine da ffonseca with both<br /> of whom he hath familiar Acquaintance. And otherwise he cannot<br /> depose saving that noe dutchman subiect of the State of the united<br /> Provinces of ffrenchman subiect of the ffrench King had or hath any<br /> right title or Interest in the same or any part thereof. To the seventh Article of the sayd allegation This deponent daith that the sayd<br /> Sebastian da Cortizo was and is a Spaniard borne and lives in Madrid<br /> where he was borne and hath in habited for theis 20 yeares last and<br /> indeed all his tyme. and was and is a subiect of the King of Spaine<br /> and so accounted. And saith the sayd Augustin da ffonseca is likewise<br /> by birth a Spaniard but by habitacon of Venice where he hath lived<br /> for about .16. yeares now past, and was and is a subiect of the State<br /> of Venice and so accounted, all which this deponent well knoweth by his<br /> acquaintance & Correspondencyes with both the sayd paties. And otherwise<br /> he cannot depose.nd otherwise<br /> he cannot depose.  +
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