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HCA 13/66 Silver IMG 118 07 2456 Annotate
First transcribed 2 September 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 4  +
Parent volume HCA 13/66  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 02/09/2015  +
Transcription The 11th of November 1652. [CENTRE HEADINGThe 11th of November 1652. [CENTRE HEADING] The keepers of the libertie of England}<br /> by authoritie of Parliament against}<br /> the ''Sampson'' of Hamburgh} '''Rowe dt.''' '''.j.''' '''Hance Heytman''' of Hamburgh Mariner<br /> master of the shipp the ''Sampson'' of Hamburgh<br /> aged 47 yeares or thereabouts sworne before<br /> the right worshippfull John Exton doctor of lawes one of the Judges of<br /> the high Court of the Admiraltie and examined upon certaine<br /> Interrogatories ministred on the behalfe of the State touching the said<br /> shipp saith and deposeth as followeth, videlicet. To the first Interrogatorie hee saith and deposeth that Garret<br /> Booremaster, hendrick Cordes his heires, John Eykehoff, Matthias<br /> heyndrick, hendrick heytman, and hee this deponent all Hamburgers<br /> and natives and dwellers there all their times have bin and are the true<br /> and lawfull owners of the said shipp the ''Sampson'' of Hamburgh and of<br /> her tackle and furniture, namely the said Garret Booremaster of a<br /> fourth and each of the said other persons of an eighth part thereof<br /> And saith they are all subiects of the free state of Hamburgh. And<br /> otherwise hee cannot depose. To the secpnd Interrogatorie hee saith that in the ueare 1636 the said owners<br /> and the predecessors of some of them (to whom they are heires) willing to<br /> set out a shipp to sea and understanding that there was one neare built<br /> at Lubeck and to be sold, sent this deponent thither to but the same for<br /> them which hee did accordingly and ever since hee hath bin master thereof and<br /> constituted master by the said owners, and saith hee bought the same of<br /> one hanse ffouck of Lubeck who built her, and had a bill of sale<br /> thereof made by the said ffoucke to his said owners, on whose behalfe<br /> this deponent paid the money for the same. To the fourth hee saith that the said shipp never belonged to Amsterdam<br /> or other place of the dominions of the States of the United Netherland<br /> Provinces, and that shee began this present voyage outward from<br /> Hamburgh in July last, and came last before her seizure from<br /> Malaga. To the fifth hee saith his lading consists of wine and fruite<br /> and more particularly hee saith that hee had aboard<br /> at the time of the said seizure three hundred eightie foure pipes and<br /> halfe pipes of Malaga wine for his merchants all Hamburgers, and<br /> for accompt of him selfe and shipps company sixteene pipes, and for<br /> his merchants sixe hundred [?corses] or frailes of raisins and for himselfe<br /> thirtie and for his companie about tenn frailes of raisins, and about<br /> 200 barralls of raisins for his said merchants, all which hee saith were<br /> laden at Malaga by severall merchants and factors<br /> and consigned to severall merchants in Hamburgh all mentioned in his<br /> papers and bills of lading seized and delivered at Dover to the<br /> States officers, to which hee referreth himselfe in that behalfe, and<br /> saith that some small part of the said goods belonge to merchants of<br /> Malega,a nd the rest to Hamburgers, according to his said bills and papers<br /> And further that hee had 14 guns aboard, eight muskets, 8 pikes, 8<br /> broadswords and some powder, ball and match. And otherwise hee cannot<br /> depose. To the sixth hee saith hee signed bills of lading for all his said goods<br /> received aboard for merchants accompts, but not for those for accompt of<br /> himselfe and companie, which his bills came to the hands of the States<br /> officerse hands of the States<br /> officers  +
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