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HCA 13/64 f.19r Annotate
First transcribed 23 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 19  +
Parent volume HCA 13/64  +
Side Recto  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 23/08/2013  +
Transcription Eadam dia. [23rd November 1650] Super LibEadam dia. [23rd November 1650] Super Lib XXXX examinatas. '''4us''' '''Nicholas Smyth''' da Ratcliffe in Com Middlesex Nauta<br /> aetatis 23 annXXX aut XX XXXXter testis productus et<br /> Xoratus Ad prima et 2us arlos deponit et dicit that within that time aclate the aclate<br /> Robert Page was owner and lawfull proprietor and in possession of a certaine<br /> Negro and of a beaver hatt, and died possessed thereof on or about the<br /> 23th day of June last on Mevis one of the Caribbe Islands<br /> All which hee knoweth because hee this deponent was then boatswaines mate<br /> of the shipp the ''Fountain and Abigail'' whereof the said Robert Page was commander<br /> to the time of his death, and was acquainted with the said Pages buying the<br /> said Negro at the Barbadas of a Dutchman for 1000 weight of sugar<br /> and the said beaver hee had of one Liuetenant hooker there, this deponent<br /> fetching the same from the said Lieutenant to and for the said Page<br /> at the Barbada's. And the said Captaine Page soe leaving<br /> the said Blackmore and beaver hatt behinde as his owne merchandize<br /> the aclate John Ma?miford within two or three dayes next after the<br /> death of the said Captaine Page tooke the said beaver hatt and possessed<br /> himselfe thereof, of this deponents sight and knowledge seeing him wear<br /> the same and convert it to his owne use. But for his seizing or<br /> taking away the said Negro hee cannot depose being then ashore, alr<br /> nescit, saving the said Page was at the time of his death commonly<br /> accompted the owner and proprietor and lawfull possessor of the said Negro and<br /> beaver hatt./. Ad XXXX arXXXX dei Libell deponit et dicit that the said Blackamore at such<br /> tyme as the said Robert Page bought him cost 1000 li weight of sugar<br /> and soe much hee saith hee was very well worth hee being a young lustee<br /> healthfull youth and the said Beaver hatt hee saith at the tyme of ?their<br /> tyme of the said Mamfords disposall thereof as aforesaid was well<br /> worzj the vallew of 5:li sterling in Tobaccoos and sugars.tThe said 1000<br /> weight of sugars being worth 30:li sterling And for soe much the said<br /> Negroe and Beaver might have bin sould by the freinds of the<br /> said Page after his decease, in case the said Mamford had not taken<br /> away and disposed of them as hee did. Et alr. nescit deponere Ad 4u deponit that B?ren?adict Page the producent in this cause is<br /> the Relict of the said Robert Page, and for such is comonlie<br /> reputed and taken. Et alr. nescit Ad Interria./ Ad prima rendet quad venit rogatus p produnew ad testificand in<br /> in her sua in qua nilib comadij aut incomodi expectat XXXXX<br /> in XXXXXX obtinXXXit. And saith hee for his part knoweth [XXXX and ?favoureth] all the parties<br /> litigant a like in relation to this suite, and wisheth that XXXX take its<br /> place therein. Et alr rendet negative. Ad 2u rendet that hee hath knowne the said Maniford by the space of<br /> theise two yeares or thereabouts. Et alr nescit saluis preparte suis ad<br /> que se nescit./ Nicholas Smith [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]cit./ Nicholas Smith [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]  +
Transcription image P1090523 <em><small>(Image not found)</small></em>  +
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