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HCA 3/46 f.1r Annotate
First transcribed 23 April 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 1  +
Parent volume HCA 3/46  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 23/04/2015  +
Transcription The office of the Judges promoted by dry}&The office of the Judges promoted by dry}<br /> against James ffrancklin Clements} Which day Clements gave an allegation in writinge<br /> which he desired to be admitted together<br /> with the allegation by him in this cause<br /> formerly given in the presence of the said<br /> ffrancklin dissentinge and alleadging that the same<br /> ought not by law to be admitted and desiring the<br /> same to be rejected and this cause to be assigned to<br /> sentence whereupon the Judges assigned to heare<br /> the order of the Court upon the admission of the said<br /> Clements his allegation upon Satterday next in the<br /> morninge and in case the same be not to be admitted th[?en INK BLOT]<br /> to have sentence the same time at the petition of the said<br /> ffrancklin/ A busines of examination of witnesses on the}<br /> parte and behalfe of Phillip Travers}<br /> and company, laders of a part of the}<br /> lading putt aboard the shipp the ''James''}<br /> whereof Samuel Raymond was Master}<br /> seized by the kinge of denmarke}<br /> et cetera Clements} Which day Clements [?excepteded] his proxie<br /> for the said Phillip Travers and<br /> company and made himselfe party for<br /> them and [?excepted] the originall mandate<br /> with a certificate indorsed thereon which<br /> certificate the Judges at Clements petition<br /> Continued untill this day fortnight et cetera. The like on the behalfe of the said}<br /> Phillipp Travers and company laders}<br /> of a parte of the lading aboard the}<br /> ''Edward and John'' of London whereof}<br /> Salomon Clarke was Master seized as}<br /> aforesaid Clements} The like The like on the parte and behalfe oof}<br /> the said Phillip Travers and}<br /> company freighters and laders of a part}<br /> of the ladinge aboard the shipp the}<br /> ''Imployment'' John Tully Master seized as<br /> aforesaid Clements} The like./. Taylor against Blake}<br /> Suckley Smith} Which the Judges at the petition of Suckley renewed the<br /> decree for the answeares of the said Blake returnable this<br /> day sennight./. Garland against Brand}<br /> Suckley Smith} Which day the Judges of the petition of Suckley assigned to<br /> heare this cause this day fortnight in the presence of Smith<br /> dissentinge./. Wakelyn against Allen}<br /> Suckley} Which day Suckley returned the originall mandate with the certificate<br /> and alleadged that the said Allen had bin sought and could not be mett<br /> with, wherefore he desired a decree [?rjs] et [?modus] to be served upon<br /> the Exchange returnable this day fortnightthe Exchange returnable this day fortnight  +
Transcription image [[File:CIMG1495.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/CIMG1495.JPG|[[:HCA 3/46|HCA 3/46]] f.1r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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