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HCA 13/72 f.580v Annotate
First transcribed 6 February 2018  +
First transcriber Dominic Webb  +
Folio 580  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Transcribed 06/02/2018  +
Transcription the United Netherlands did permitt or impothe United Netherlands did permitt or import, or used words and<br /> expressions to that or the like purpose, as neere as the deponent<br /> now remembreth the same, All which offers and presentations<br /> were refused by the said Dutch Commander or Admirall, who<br /> said he must not so doe or to that effect, whereupon the said<br /> Captaine Stanton publiquely protessed [?against] the said Dutch Admirall<br /> to this or the like effect and and purpose, to witt that if the said<br /> Dutch Admirall would not so visit or cause his said shipp ye<br /> ''ffrederick'' to be visited as aforesaid, the he did [pXorXeX] against<br /> him and against all [?pretence] whatsoeX, that upon occasion of his<br /> goeing to Bantam roade with the said shipp or any thing<br /> therein might avise or happen And presently after the said Dutch Admirall [cXXXd]<br /> his Admirall shipp called the ''[DrouedaXXe]'' to be cleared from <br /> the said shipp 'ffrederick', which thereuopon went directly for<br /> the said roade of Bantam, all which premisses this deponent sawe and hearde which is all this deponent can<br /> at present remember materially to say to this Interrogatorie To the 20th Interrogatorie hee saith, That the said Captaine upon<br /> said Dutch Admiralls refusall to receive the said power and<br /> Musketts so presented as aforesaid did Cause the same to be [?thrown/e]<br /> into the sea withe full sight and view of the said Dutch fleet<br /> then being close by them, and before such throwing of the same<br /> overboard, did cause the barrells of powder to be broken up to<br /> ye number of 19 barrells or thereabouts to the end that the said<br /> Dutch Admirall and Command[abv?] might see and take notice thereof<br /> as undoubtedly they must and did. Of the premisses he saieth he<br /> was, as aforesaid, an Eyewittnesse and thereby [knoweth] the [said/same]<br /> to be true. And further deposeth not to this Interrogatorie To the 21st he saith, That the said shipp the ''ffrederick'' did <br /> (as this deponent now remembreth the time) stay about [six]<br /> weekes in Bantam roade in taking in her lading; consisting<br /> and of 159 Tunns of black pepper of the best sort, three and<br /> thiry batts of white sugar, and three hundred and six hundred<br /> and some odd weight more of the like pepper, fourehteen []<br /> of Cloves, tenn baggs of nuttmegs or thereabouts, all for the [an...]<br /> of the imployers of the said shipp the 'ffrederick' or of the said Captaine<br /> thereof, as this deponent was at the time of the lading there[]<br /> credibly informed, and that there were [XeXeorer] laden and []<br /> on board the said shipp ''Frederick'' at the place aforesaid [?for]<br /> [?pirolls] or thereabouts of white pepper, whereof seaven []<br /> belonged to this deponent, ten piralls to one John Clare [theXX]<br /> of the said shipps Captaine, and seaven Piroll to John<br /> Burdocke the masters mate of the said shipp, and the reste<br /> amongst the said shipps [marin/abv.] and also a great quantity of [marin/abv.] and also a great quantity of  +
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