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HCA 13/71 f.306r Annotate
First transcribed 24 October 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 306  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 24/10/2012  +
Transcription and then the Master and Purser agreeing toand then the Master and Purser agreeing to pay them<br /> one Moneths pay at five shillings a doller they accepted<br /> thereof and came aboard againe, and saith there was a writing or<br /> noate made conteyning the names only of all such as consented to<br /> deserte the sayd shipp for want of pay but whether the sayd Nocks<br /> name were therein hee knoweth not, but is well assured that<br /> neither the sayd Nock nor any of the parties plaintiff in this suite saw<br /> Richard Brooke was any of the sayd defectors, but continued<br /> aboard, And hee further saith that about January 1655 the sayd<br /> shipp being ready to sett sayle from Ligorne arlate the sayd Nock<br /> and one Morecock the Carpenters Mate and some other were ashoare there after the sayd<br /> shipp was under sayle, and saith the sayd shipp did staye and turne<br /> up and downe expecting the sayd Nock and others and the shipps<br /> boate being in the meane tyme sent to fetch water the sayd Nock<br /> and those with him towards Evening came aboard in the sayd boate with the<br /> sayd water, And further to this article hee cannot depose/ To the 12th hee saith the arlate John Godden was three or fower<br /> tymes ashoare at Zant and further to this article hee cannot<br /> depose saving his foregoeing deposition./ To the 13th hee saith that the arlate denby and Brooke were sometyme<br /> on shoare, and the sayd Brooke the oftener of the two, but how many dayes<br /> or nights either of them were on shoare hee remembreth not, but saith<br /> the sayd Brooke the Cooper having bin a shoare at Zant was sick and<br /> in the tyme of his being sick the Water Caske of the sayd shipp neaded<br /> mending and the sayd Brooke not being able to mend it by reason of his<br /> sicknes, the purser hyred an other man in his stead to doe it, the sayd<br /> Brooke consenting and being willing to make allowance out of his wages<br /> for the same, And further saving his foregoeing deposition hee cannot<br /> depose./ To the 14th hee saith that some of the sayd shipps Company videlict<br /> John Goaring John Jackson Henry ffoote Richard Gallhampton<br /> and some others (whereof the Plaintiffs in this suite were none) were<br /> refractory and disobedient to the Commands of their superiors and<br /> saith that once some of the sayd shipps Company for that the purser<br /> would allowe them but a pinte of oyle a weeke to a messe did<br /> refuse to pumpe unlesse they might have a larger allowance of<br /> oyle, and hung their oyle bottles upon the pumpe, and the Master<br /> and Purser consenting to allowe them a pinte and a halfe of oyle to a<br /> messe they thereupon fell to pumpeing againe And further to<br /> this article hee cannot depose/ To the 15th hee cannot depose/ To the 16th hee saith that in the moneth of March the sayd<br /> Shipp the ''George Bonadventure'' having lost her Rudder at Sea was forced to put<br /> into Plymouth to bee fitted with a new Rudder and while shee laye there<br /> an Imbargoe came from the Lord Protector and Councell for staying<br /> allr and Councell for staying<br /> all  +
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