Saint Mary Matfelon alias Whitechapel

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This page summarises data in the MarineLives wiki regarding the parish of Saint Mary Matfelon alias Whitechapel.

The parish of Saint Mary Matfelon alias Whitechapel is located in Stepney.

This table aggregates data from all semantic biographies in the MarineLives wiki relating to the parish of Saint Mary Matfelon alias Whitechapel
Full nameTitleFirstnameLastnameSuffixBirth yearDeath yearBirth placeRes streetRes parishRes townRes countyOccupationMariner occupationHas literacy
Edward BranstonEdwardBranston1607Saint Mary Matfelon alias WhitechapelLondonRopemakerSignature
Mathew ClementsMathewClements1616WappingSaint Mary Matfelon alias WhitechapelLondonBlockmakerSignature
Lewis CoxLewisCox1625WappingSaint Mary Matfelon alias WhitechapelMiddlesexMarinerMaster's mateSignature
John HawkerJohnHawker1614Saint Mary Matfelon alias WhitechapelLondonMiddlesexMarinerMaster's mateMarke
John StokesJohnStokes1630Saint Mary Matfelon alias WhitechapelLondonMarinerMaster's mateSignature
John Taylor JuniorJohnTaylorJunior1625WappingSaint Mary Matfelon alias WhitechapelShipwrightSignature
Jeremiah WarrenJeremiahWarren1613Saint Mary Matfelon alias WhitechapelMiddlesexMarinerMasterSignature