MRP: 21st March 1662/63, Letter from Thomas Tyte to Sir GO, London

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21st March 1662/63, Letter from Thomas Tyte to Sir GO, London

BL, Add. MS. 40,708 - 40,713, XXX, ff. 34-35

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22/05/09, CSG: Completed transcription
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Abstract & context

Thomas Tyte was a London merchant most probably involved in trade with Spain as well as in trade with the East Indies. He had been chosen a committee of the English East India Company for 1663-1664.[1] In his will he mentions a cousin, George Tyte "Merchant now resideing in Bilboa in the Kingdome of Spaine."[2]

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This transcription has been completed, but requires checking

[BL, Add. MS. 40,708 - 40,713, XXX, ff. 34-35]

[f. 34]

Hon:ed S:r

Excuse mee, If I presume upon yo:r ffav:r in recomending whatsoever buisness or concearnes my Bro: M:r Geo: Willoughby[3] or any of his Relations shall desire of you w:thout yo:r prejudice, being well Assured of yo:r Reddiness to Oblidge every Civill pson uppon y:t Acco:t haveing had y:e hon:r & soe much of Satisfaction of yo:r faire & Just dealings by y:t Small Inspection I had in y:e manadgem:t & transcations of Affaires in y:e Scrutiny of those differences betwixt yo:r Selfe & y:e Committe of y:e Smirna Merch:t & now at this present upon y:e King Ferdinando & being well Assured y:t my Bro:r will not move any thing y:t may in y:e least incommodate yo:r other waighty Affaires I desire yo:r ffavo:r for him & his Relations w:ch I shall esteem as really done to my Selfe & remaine ready & willing to Serve you upon all occasions

[f. 35]

To y:e utmost of my power, ffor w:t relates to yo:r demands from the employ:es of y:e King fferdinando I shall not trouble you w:th all, being very confident y:t you will receive it at large from better hands y:r dispute being now almost brought to a Period & y:e whole Affaire upon y:e Verticall point w:ch y:t Justice may not Suffer I shall use my best endeavour:es According to my Judgement to give Satisfaction to y:e Suffering pries [Or "prios"?] w:ch is all I have at present to communicate Committing you & yo:r Affaires to the protection of y:e Almighty I Rest

Yo:r humble Servant &c:a
Thomas Tyte

London: 21:th March


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