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10th March 1665/66, Letter from Thomas Tyte to Sir GO, London

BL, Add, MS. 40,708 - 40,713, vol, 235, year 1665, ff. 35-36

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Abstract & context

Thomas Tyte was a London merchant, who was probably involved in trade with Spain as well as in trade with the East Indies. He was chosen a committee of the English East India Company for 1663-1664.[1] In his will he mentions a cousin, George Tyte "Merchant now resideing in Bilboa in the Kingdome of Spaine."[2]

Thomas Tyte and George Willoughby, who was also a London merchant, were brothers-in-law. This appears to be through their respective marriages to two daughters of the London draper and alderman, Robert Lowther (b. 1595, d. 1654/55). According to a secondary genealogical source Thomas Tyte married Elizabeth Lowther (b. ca. 1636, d. 1667) on September 24th, 1655 in Little Ilford, Essex, and George Willoughby married the widowed Dorothy Lowther (b. 1633, d. 1690 at Bishopstone, Wiltshire) on April 14th, 1662 in Great Greenford, Middlesex.[3] George Willoughby was knighted much later, in 1686. George Willloughby was a cousin and probable commercial partner of Christopher Willoughby, who corresponded frequently with Sir George Oxenden.

Elizabeth Dallison reported by letter to her brother that, prior to Thomas Tyte's letter of March 10th 1665/66, Thomas Tyte and Michael Godfrey had been appointed by the Lord Chancellor as commissioners in support of Sir George Oxenden in a law suit with William Love.[4] John Buckworth and Mathew Hollworthy (alias Holsworthy) had been appointed in support of Love, with Samuel Mico as a fifth neutral commissioner.

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[BL, Add. MS. 40,708 - 40,713, vol, 235, year 1665, ff. 35-36]


Honnoured S:r

I hope my last by the S:t George came safely to your hands which I shall be glad to understand by your expected letter overland to the Compy:a, the warre w:th Holland hath procured many other Ennemies to our Nation, but we have none more to feare in the returne of o:r Shipps from India than the French, but I hope God will So Bless his Maj:tys just armes y:t he will become Victorious, & renowned S:r This Serveth cheifly to returne


my most humble & hearty thankes, for all your respects & kindnesses to my Selfe & freinds in pticular for the ?wax I have by your favo:r been made ptaker of by the last shipps, assuring yo:w that if here after I may in any Cappacity be Serviceable to yo:r Self or relations I shall accompt it my happiness & honoure; I returne yo:w allso my hearty thanks for yo:r respects and favour to my Bro: Willoughby[5] desiring the favourable continuance of them as the occasions require, Wee are new fitting out á pace [OR. "pare"?] for our next Summers navall preparations & have allready in y:e straight & narrow Seas about 60z Stout men of war & about 30 in the Hope ready to goo out, & about 60 more designed to be out about May, the greatest fleet ever his Maj:tie sent abroad & I hope we shall humble y:e Hollander & his confederates this Summer

W:th my very humble service to your Selfe presented I remain

Your most humble serv:t
Tho:s Tyte

London 10:th March 1665


Coleman Street ward, 12 hearths

"Coleman Street Ward: The Sixth precinct: Hearth tax (1662)

Thomas Tyte 12 hearths"[6]

Thomas Tyte & Saint Paul's School

A Thomas Tyte gave books in 1670 to replenish the St Pauls School Library after its destruction in the 1666 fire of London. (Samuel Pepys gave books in 1675) Note a Thomas Gipps gave books in 1673, and a Charles Chamberlayn in 1675, a Robert Thompson in 1677, a Sam Draper in 1684, a Sir Peter Vandeput in 1684… [all these are merchants I have come across][7]


1631-32. Richard Bladwell....

1637-38. William Robinson....

1638-39. William Spurstow....

1645-46. Hnmfry Brown....

1650-51. Major Thos. Chambrelan....

1657-58. William Williams....

1682-83. Michael Godfrey....

1684-85. Thomas Tyte....

1690-91. Jeremy Elwes...."

Thomas Tyte: Legal cases

"[LOOK AT PHYSICAL DOCUMENT TO CLEAN THIS QUOTATION UP] [?ca. 1663] In ans to the petition of M:r Thomas Kellond, atturney to S Richard Ans' to Tho. Ford, knight, Thomas Tyte, Robert Richbell, & Company, merchants, humbly con. desiring this Courts favour to graunt him a speciall Court for the trjall of a 1663 case or cases concerning his Imployers, sometime the next weeke, the Court judgeth it meete to graunt his petition, & leaue it to the honored GoQu' or 12 June. , . , .JJep' to appoint the time."[9]

"April 1676: April 26 [Received and read].

Replication of Sir John Shorter and others, owners concerned in the 4 ships taken and destroyed by the Dutch in the Elbe, to the answer of Sir William Holcroft, Thomas Tyte, Thomas Farrington and Edward Deering. They believe Sir W. Holcroft, Sir Philip Lloyd and Mr. Thomson have acted only as commissioners and not as proprietors, and it is likewise confessed that Tyte, Dering, Farrington and Bancks were interested in the said loss and Bancks is a petitioner with Sir J. Shorter. But the repliants deny that the four respondents have signed all just warrants, and say that, instead of reserving the sums allotted to the just claimants, they have assumed a power to give large sums as particular gratuities, viz., 500l. to the said Tyte and 250l. to Samuel Missenden, and they deny that they say in their petition that the Judge of the Admiralty had allowed 1,340l. 9s. 4d., whereas they do apply that sum to the order and instructions of his Majesty in Council, ordering that as to the freight provision should be made for the satisfaction thereof in such moderate proportion as may all come within the said sum. As to the error pretended in the account, though the repliants have no reason to apprehend there was one, they take themselves not to be concerned therein, being only owners of the ships, and their sum of 1,340l. 9s. 4d. being particularly mentioned to be distributed for the freights with equality to each owner. As to their pretending no interest or satisfaction for loss of market is considered to them, the repliants would think it very happy for their loss to receive but one-third of their principal freight, whereas all other interessants have received their full satisfaction, which had the repliants received, they had received a great deal more than the sums allotted them. Whereas they pretend the ships never performed their voyage, and therefore would debar them of their freight, the repliants cannot imagine they should be so unreasonable as to let the repliants be losers of that little freight allowed, they having received all their demands in full.

The repliants therefore again beg his Majesty to reinforce his instructions for their relief in the payment of the said 1,340l. 9s. 4d. so due to them for freight, and that a day may be appointed for them to be heard and relieved. [Ibid. No. 16.]"[10]

East Indies

"[April 16th, 1663] He then gives the names of those chosen to be Committees, which are as follows : George, Lord Berkley, Sir Andrew Riccard, Sir William Thompson, Sir Samuel Barnardiston, Sir William Rider, Sir Stephen White, Richard Reeves, John Jollife, Arthur Ingram, John Bathurst, Maurice Thompson, Robert Lant, Peter Vandeput, Christopher Boone, Francis Clarke, Thomas Canham, Christopher Willoughby, John Mascall, Thomas Tyte, Richard Spencer, Michael Davison, John Page, Thomas Papillon, and Thomas Pearle."[11]

Possible primary sources

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle Headquarters

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle Headquarters: Lowther Family of Lowther, Earls of Lonsdale [D LONS/L1 - D LONS/L2: Correspondence D LONS/L1 [n.d.]: File of letters from various people to Sir John Lowther D LONS/L1/1/18 1660-1669: Thomas Tyte, London D LONS/L1/1/18/24 29 Dec. 1663]
- Contents: Management of a lawsuit, sum of money to be advanced to Hugh Lowther. His good character affirmed by the merchant with whom he resides and the Captain of the ship

Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts

Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts: Carte Papers [MS. Carte 53 - MS. Carte 63: Papers (chiefly copies) of the 1st duke of Ormonde, relating to the public affairs of Ireland, chiefly 1662-1690 but some earlier MS. Carte 60 17th-18th cent.:]

- The Case of Sir John Shorter and others, against Thomas Tyte[?] and others, Commissioners appointed by the King for distributing the £35,000, paid by the Hamburghers [in compensation for the loss of certain ships belonging to British subjects]: written from [Whitehall] MS. Carte 60, fol(s). 242 28 June 1676
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