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HCA 30/225 f.10r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window



COnozco vo Capitten Juan Martin vezino de hamburgh
que soy de la Nao que nuestro Señor salue, y guarde, nombrada [ADD DATA]
que al presente està surta, y anclada en {Labaya de [?XXX]}
presta para con la buena ventura seguir este presente viage a {oostrende}
Otorgo,y conozco,que es verdad,que tengo recebido,y cargado dentro de la dicha
Nao debaxo de cubierta della de {Pedro van huele rresidente en cadiz[?XXX]
duis petracas de ttauaco de varinas con la marca del margen de [?XXX]


Por quenta rriesgo de carlos Vincq Vez, de amberes


mas tres petrascas con la segunda marca del marjen per quintta
y rriesgo del dicho Carlos Vincq Vez, de amberes}

Y dellas me doy por contento,y entregado a toda mi voluntad.Las quales dichas mer
caderias recibo exuras,y bien acondicionadas, marcadas de la marca de afuera. Y pro-
meto,y me obligo,llevandome Dios nuestro Señor en salvamente con la dicha mi Nao
a {dicho oostende} delas dar,y entregar a vos, y en vuestro segun,y como
es vío,y cosstrumbre a {l dicho Pedro van huele,o, corniz en oostende[?XXX]}
[BLANK] o a quien su poder uviere,dando, y pagandome de Flete
de las dichas marcaderias {a quatro florines per cada petraca}
Y porque assi lo guararè,y cumplire como dicho es,obligo mi persona,y bienes aui-
auidos,y por auer,especialmēte os obligo,e hipoteco la dicha Nao,Fletes,y aparejos,y
lo mejor parado della. En firmeza de lo qual vos di tres conocimiētos firmados de mí
nombre, o del escriuano de la dicha Nao en mi nombre,todos de un tenor,el uno cum
plido,los otros no valgan Que es fecho en {ladichanas} a {5?} dias
del mes de {octubre} de mil y seiscientos y cinquenta y {dos anos}
[?XXX] [?XXXX] [?XX] [?XXX] [?XXX] [?XX] [?XXXX]



English Translation

English translation by Michelle María Early Capistrán, 13/01/2016

I recognize that I {Captain Juan Martín}, neighbor of {Hamburgh},
who is Master of the ship that our Lord may save and care for, by the name of [?XXX]
which is at present stocked and outfitted in {Labaya de [?XXX]}
is ready that she may with good fortune continue this present voyage to {oostrende}
I grant and recognize that it is true, that I have received and loaded in said
Ship, below her decks, from {Pedro van huele rresident of cadiz[?XXX]
two cases of tobacco from varines with the margin mark [?XXX]


By bill of risk of Vincq Vez, of amberes


plus three cases with the second magin mark by conscription
and risk of said Carlos Vincq Vez, of amberes}

And with these I am contented, and dedicated with all of my will.These said
goods I receive made, and well conditioned, marked with the outer markings. And I
promise, and force myself, if the Lord our God taketh me safely with my said Ship
to {said oostend}, to give them, and deliver them over to you, and yours according, and
as is seen and accostumbed, to {said Pedro van huele, or, corniz in oostende[?XXX]}

[BLANK] or whomever be there in his power, giving, and paying me for Shipping
of said goods {at four florins for each case}

And because so I shall store it, and fulfill as is said, I force my person, and goods
that I have, and will have, especially I commit them, and mortgage said Ship, Shippings, and riggings, and
what is best set of her. In conviction of which I have given thee three recognitions signed in my
name, or of the scribe of said Ship in my name, all in accordance, having one been fulfilled
may the others not be of worth. This is done in {ladichanas} on the {5?} day

of the month of {october} of one thousand and six hundred and fifty {two (year)}




This Spanish language document is one of one hundred and thirty eight bills of lading preserved at the National Archives, Kew, England, from the ship the Saint George of Hamburg (Master: Jan Martensdorp). The bills of lading use standard printed forms, which were filled out in Cadiz by the laders before the ship sailed for Ostend. Most of the bills of lading use Spanish printed forms, but there are roughly one hundred and ten bills of lading which use Spanish printed forms.

The MarineLives project team is currently uploading all 138 bills of lading for the Saint George to the MarineLives wiki. You can find clickable links to all bills of lading uploaded to date by clicking here

The Saint George sailed from Cadiz in October 1652, in the company of the Salvador of Hamburg and the Sampson of Lubeck. The three ships carried rich cargos of silver, together with some tobacco, drugs and other goods. All three ships were seized by the English. It was disputed in the English Admiralty Court as to whether the ships were bound legally for the Spanish Netherlands, or illegally for Amsterdam. The case was endowed with political as well as commercial weight - the Commonwealth, and then the Protectorate, was keen to have the bullion declared lawfull prize, but the Spanish government contested this.

For background on the ships see wiki page Three Silver Ships

Help is requested from a Spanish speaker to improve the Spanish transcription (both the printed text and the handwritten text].

Help is also requested from a Spanish speaker to provide an English language translation of the Spanish transcription

Volunteers who would like to help can either email us their suggestions, or we can give them a username and password to enter their suggestions directly into our MarineLives wiki.

Similar printed text appears in circa one hundred and ten other bills of lading for the Saint George, so help from a Spanish speaker on the printed text will help us for all one hundred and ten Spanish language bills of lading.]]