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To the 12th Interrogatory This Rendent saith he did heare that some difference arising betw[?eene]
the sayd William ffooke and sayd Tappenho touching some moneyes which the sayd Tappenho
had pretended to from the sayd ffooke; he the sayd William ffooke had procured a
Chouse or Turkish Serjeant to arrest the sayd Tappenho. And the sayd William
ffooke did demand the sayd Tappenho from this Rendent, But being not required
to deliver him by the Chouse, and the sayd Tapponho] being his servant this Rendent
did refuse to deliver him to the sayd ffooke. And otherwise negatively for
his part. And further he cannot answer

To the .13th, Interrogatory This Rendent saith that the sayd Currants were brought on board the
Elizabeth and Anne in sackes part of which this Rendent sent a shoare for that
purpose, and hired the rest from the Greekes on shoare. And otherwise nega=
tively for his part. And further cannot answer

Hmn: Hardwicke [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]


The same say Examined upon the sayd allegation. [CENTRE HEADING]


Captaine Richard Langford of Poplar in the County of Middlesex Mariner aged
fifty five yeares or thereabouts sworne and examined saith as followeth.

To the sayd allegation in Act[?is] This deponent saith, That the arlate William Williams and
Company were and are the lawfull Owners Proprietors and Posssessors of the Currants
in question, which he knoweth for that the same were bought and payd for by and
with the proper moneyes of the sayd Williams and Company and were laden for
their accompt upon the Elizabeth and Anne whereof this deponent was Captaine or
master this last voyage:- And otherwise he cannot depose.

To the Crosse Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING]

To the 1. 2. and 3d. Interrogatories he saith he was master of the sayd shipp the sayd last voyage and so hath
bene for theis ten yeares last. And that hee this Rendent and his precontest Mr Hardwick
are the very persons interrate for whom upon account bayle is given to answer thtis Action.
And as for this Rendent he saith he hath a .16th. part in this last voyage, profit or
losse. And he saith that the sayd Currants were bought by one William Codgehill
order of the sayd Mr Hardwick who as the Currants came on board did in this
Rendents sight deliver money from tyme to tyme to certaine Greekes who were sent to fetch the same to the sayd Codgehill to pay for
the sayd Currants And the same was done on board the sayd shipp in the Road of Nathalago.
And otherwise he cannot answer.

To the 4th and 5th. Interrogatorie he saith he saw and spake with the say interrate William ffooke
on board the Elizabeth and Anne in the Road aforesayd. And the sayd ffooke
affirmed himselfe to be English Consull of Morea. and the sayd Oliver at Petras sayd he was
the sayd ffookes deputy or Vice Consull, which this Rendent beleiveth was so, and the premisses
happened within the tyme interrte. And the sayd ffooke did pretend that he had bought
all the Currants in Morea, but the Contrary soone after appeared, so as this Rendent
doth not know or beleive that the sayd ffooke had bought the same. howbeit he saith that at
Zant hearing the sayd ffooke say that hee had bought upp all the Currants, this deponent
sayd iestingly or in a merry way. that he came for Currants, and Currants would have
or else he would scratch for them. or to that purpose. And otherwise he cannot

To the 6. and 7th. he saith he did heare that the sayd ffooke ćarryed some moneyes a shoare out of the
Caesar. And further for his part he cannot answer.

To the .8. 9. and 10th he saith that the Currants in question were the more part of them laden
before the sayd William ffookes death which happened not long after his returne from
the shoare on board the Casar, but the day and moneth he remembreth not, nor heard
of any report that he dyed by poison. nor of any [?ioye] made upon his death by any person.
And further otherwise than negatively he cannot depose.

To the 11. 12. and 13th. Interrogatories he saith that the better part of the Currants were laden before Mr
ffookes death as aforesayd, and that the sayd Mr Hardwick did employ the interrate Tappenho and
Codgehill in bringing on board and lading the Currants aswell before Mr ffookes death as
after, and that he this Rendent receaved the same on board him, and that the sayd Mr ffooke did demand
the sayd Tappenho [XXX]ing he had a warrant for him, and that the sayd Currants were brought
on board in sacks the greatest part whereof were sent from aboard the Elizabeth and
Anne as belonging to the sayd shipp and her Owners, And some few sackes, as he taketh were
procured from shoare by the sayd Codgehill. And further otherwise than negatively
he cannot answere.

Repeated with his precontest before the 2 Judges in Court

P Richard Langforde [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]


Primary sources



PROB 11/408/200 Will of John Langford, Mariner of Wapping Whitechapel, Middlesex 29 January 1692

PROB 11/447/120 Will of Thomas Langford, Mariner of Stepney, Middlesex 10 August 1698

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