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To the second he saith and deposes that in one of the monthes arlate
videlicet in September or October last past but whether of them he rembers not
the sayd Lorenzo da veles by himself did lade aboard the sayd shipp
Salvador riding then in the Bay of Cadize the sayd twenty four baggs
of peru money marked as aforesayd, this deponent being aboard
Antonio de ponte and his servant Pasquall Andrada were then likewise
present and aboard, and observed the passages[?] as this deponent believeth.
And further saith that he this deponent observed them and tooke notice
that the sayd Lorenzo da veles did lade the same, videlicet twenty of
the sayd baggs to and for the Accompt of him the sayd Lorenzo to be
transported to Ostend there to be delivered to the sayd Lorenzo for his owne
Accompt. and four other of the sayd baggs to and for the Accompt of the
sayd pedro and Andrea Hannekaerts to be transported likewise to Ostend
and there to be delivered to the sayd Lorenzo for the Accompt of the sayd
Pedro and Andrea, the sayd Lorenzo delivering himselfe to the same [effect?]
and purpose att the tyme of lading the same as aforesays. And otherwise
he cannot depose.

To the third he saith and deposeth that after the lading of the the sayd money
videlicet about the beginning of the October last the Master of the sayd shipp
Salvador Christian Cloppenbergh signed severall bills of ladeing for
the sayd twenty four baggs of money of [quo tenet???] this deponent
being then present also his sayd predeponent Don Antonio ponte and Pasqua[ll]
Andrada and some others whom this depondent remembreth. And saith that
the Bill of ladeing signed by the say Cloppenbergh remaining in the
Registry of this Court[?] and now showne him att the tyme of his examination
was and is as this deponent beleiveth by the marke in the margent one of
those originall bills of ladeing which this deponent saw the sayd Christia[n]
Cloppenbergh signe as he hath predeposed[?]. And further to this article
he cannot depose.

To the fourth he saith that he hath credibly[?] heard and verrily beleiveth the
Contents of this Article to be true, and otherwise he cannot depose.

To the fifth he saith that the sayd shipp the San Salvador was bound for Ooste[nd]
and there if she had safely arrived the sayd baggs of sylver should and
would have bene delivered to the sayd Lorenzo da veles of his Agents to an[d]
for the respective Accompt by him this deponent formerly sett forth. And
otherwise saving his former depositions he cannot depose.

To the sixth he saith that the sayd Lorenzo de Veles was bourne at Duinke[rke]
and for theis seven yeares now past hath bene an Inhabitant in Cadize
and hath for that tyme aforesaid merchandize and trading betwixt Spaine
and the Indies as is arlate. And saith that he hath credibly heard that
the sayd pedro and Andrea Hannekaert are Inhabitants of Antwerpe in
fflanders and so accounted. And otherwise he cannot depose.

[CENTRE HEADING] To the Crosse Interrogatories

To the first negatively.

To the second he saith that he this Rendent hath knowne the Interrate Lorenzo
de Velus for seven yeares or thereabouts, and saw him in Cadize and after
aboard the shipp Salvador in and about the tyme interrate. And further
he cannot depose saving that he saith John Baptista Stain was and is
a feigned name under color[?] whereof the sayd Lorenzo de velus laded
the sayd baggs of money. And otherwise he cannot depose saving
that he saith he knoweth not the Interrogatory Padro Hannekaert.

To the



Lorenzo de Veles
Christian Cloppenbergh
Andrea Hannekaerts
Antonio da Ponte

Pasquall Andrada