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This page lists Templates and Forms developed by Colin Greenstreet

Some of the templates and forms are purely exploratory, some are intended for operational use


Template:AddLocatedIn defines Category:Semantic parish
-Small piece of code to insert Property "LocatedIn" to text at start of Form:SemParishNonLondon

Template:BannerParish defines Category:Semantic parish
- Green banner with name of page inserted in middle, used in both Form:SemParish and Form:SemParishNonLondon

- Float box with purple header which includes a create/edit form button to create/edit semantic biographies
- This Template is combined with green banner Template:BannerParish and semantic query in Template:SemParishQueryOnly in the Form:SemParishNonLondon

- This template was copied from mediaWiki site
- Template establishes geographical relationships, using "Located in" properties
- Template also uses second template Template:Invert-property/Separator

- Used in Template:Invert-property

- Contains code to insert TranscriptionImage functionality (coded by Rowan Beentje) into a plain text page

Template:PageKeywords defines [[:Category:Pages]
- This Template doesn't work propertly
- It was intended to insert two fields with properties "Ship keyword" and "Event keyword", noth with "Has type:Text" into the standard Form for Pages
- It successfully does so, when the Form:Page is modified, but I can't get the keywords to display when the final page is rendered, though any input keywords are visible in the Form
- The Properties are specified as arrays, to allow multiple words to be entered

Template:SemBioLongInfoBoxThree definesCategory:Form3withbanner semantic biography
- This is the main template I use to create semantic biography pages
- It includes the [:Template:Banner], which inserts a blue banner above the rest of the page
- It includes an Infobox with a purple header and also three sections and a free text area

Template:SemParish defines Category:Semantic parish
- This is the template used to create Semantic parishes which are IN LONDON
- The Template contains text which specified the Proiperty "Located in:London"
- The Template contains a green banner for parishes and also a semantic query

Template:SemParishQueryOnly defines Category:Semantic parish
- This template contains just the semantic query which is specified in Template:SemParish

- Some musings about how to organise prosopographical data by decades
- This template is incomplete and has not been used

- This template is incomplete and has not been used



This form uses Template:NewPageTranscriptionExperiment


This form uses Template:SemBioLongInfoBoxThree


This form uses Template:SemOccupation


This form uses Template:SemParish


This form uses Template:BannerParish, Template:SemParishQueryOnly and Template:CreateBio