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Secondary Materials

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Appleby, John C., A Calendar of material relating to Ireland from the High Court of Admiralty Examinations, 1536-1641 (Irish Manuscripts Commission, 1992)

Browning, E., V. Lushington, Reports of cases decided in the High Court of Admiralty of England, 1863-1865 (London, 1868)

Coldham, Peter Wilson, English adventurers and emigrants, 1609-1660: abstracts of examinations in the High Court of Admiralty with reference to Colonial America (Baltimore, 1984)
Coote, Henry Charles, The new practice of the High Court of Admiralty of England: with the Rules of 1859, and a collection of forms, and bills of costs, &c., &c (London, 1860)

Dobson, David, American Data from the Records of the High Court of the Admiralty of Scotland, 1675-1800 (XXXX, 2009)
- Wilson states in his preface that he has worked largely from the Examination Books, and has omitted merchants' accounts and balance sheets

Edwards, Edwin, A treatise on the jurisdiction of the High Court of Admiralty of England (London, 1847)

Horne, Thomas Hartwell, A compendium of the statute laws, and regulations of the Court of admiralty: relative to ships of war, privateers, prizes, recaptures, and prize-money. With an appendix of notes, precedents, &c (London, 1803)

Inman, James, Nautical tables, designed for the use of British seamen (London, 1849)
- See 'The Latitudes and Longitudes of Remarkable Harbours, Islands, Shoals, Capes, &c.', pp. 380 - 400

Marsden, Reginald Godfrey, The High Court of Admiralty, A.D. 1547-1602 (XXXX, 1953)

Murphy, Elaine (ed.), A calendar of material relating to Ireland from the High Court of Admiralty, 1641-1660 (Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin, 2011)
Murphy, Elaine, The War at Sea in Ireland, 1641-1653 (Boydell and Brewer, 2012)

Prichard, M J and D E C Yale (eds.), Hale and Fleetwood on Admiralty Jurisdiction, Selden Society CVIII (London, 1993)
- Sir Mathew Hale, 1609-1676

Rodgers, N.A.M, The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain, 1649-1815 (NY; Allen Lane, 2004)
- I have linked this book title to Google Book preview (Colin, 10/08/12, 11:00)

Senior, W., Doctors Commons and the old court of admiralty (London, 1922)
- Internet Archive online edition
Shilton, Dorothy O. and Richard Holworthy, High Court of Admiralty Examinations, 1637-1638 (XXXX, 1932)


Mentz, Steve, Toward a Blue Cultural Studies: The Sea, Maritime Culture, and Early Modern English Literature, viewed 10/06/13 Undated; peer review pre-approval copy

[1] Steckley, George F, "Litigious Mariners: Wage Cases in the Seventeenth-Century Admiralty Court", The Historical Journal, 42, 2pp. 315-345 Viewed 11 April 2014