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Transcription software

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19/08/12: CSG, created page

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We are currently testing the opensource transcription software Scripto, which Giovanni has implemented within Wordpress.

Your can access this at:

We have uploaded a limited number of digital images to the platform, which we will experiment with at Monday's kickoff meeting and afternoon training session


2012-08-20 18:53:04 nbsp Had a go with this in the last half an hour or so. I felt it was easy to use and seemed a nice simple way of doing things. Zooming in/out and moving the document around all very easy etc. This is, of course, from the point of view of transcribers. I'm sure Colin will tell me more about how it works from a facilitator point of view when we talk on Tuesday. Can everyone including associates see everyone else's transcriptions? Discussion page is good too. I assume we would distribute documents according to expertise (eg if docs in foreign languages or Latin throughout give them to those with required expertise).

I assume also where it says 'changed by' and says either '' or '' etc or 'editor' this will be replaced with personalised names so that we can see who is doing what in each transcription?

I also wondered if, when transcribing a document, it would be useful to have the terms and dictionaries links on the main page down the side as links which, when clicked on, automatically opened in a new window so as to avoid interrupting transcription in the tab you're using.

That's all my thoughts for now! - Users/williamtullett

2012-08-21 08:57:16 nbsp I've just had a look at the website, looks wonderful and very useful, esp. the zooming in and out tool. --Users/sarahlaseke

2012-08-21 20:17:21 nbsp Thanks for the useful comments on the transcription tool. Both of you (and I) like the zoom function, which is a joy to use. Yes, everyone will be able to see each others transcriptions, which I believe is for the good. Indeed, there is nothing, other than politeness, stopping someone simply editing another's transcription while it is in progress. More to the point, if you are stuck, someone could come in and fill in a couple of gaps, or solve a question mark, or help with formatting.

We facilitators need to design the process(es) by which we are going to interact with our team members around the tool; how we are going to provide advice and support, as well as what sort of signoff process, and how to pull in help from say a MarineLives wide latin expert, or someone who is ace on certain vocabulary. This includes thinking through numbers of pages and types of pages according to willingness, developing palaeographical skills, and available time etc.

I suspect that Giovanni could put together a set of userprofiles, so that when you log in the "changed by" is recorded as a person's name, not an IP address (as happens in the MarineLives Project Manual , for example)

I agree that terms and dictionaries links should be on all pages, not just the front page. Giovanni has given me admin rights, so I was going to have a go doing this (it doesn't require coding). I agree too that it would be useful to have side links open in a new window, so that you don't by mistake move from the main window (though of course you can simply right click and chose "open in new window"