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HCA 24/112

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Item: 125: Samuell Nellist vs. John Stevenson

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Samuell Nellist master of the Amity}
of Whitby against John Stevenson}
master of the Alexander, Suckley Smith}

Upon which day
Suckley as Proctor
for the said Samuell
Nellist did to all
intents and purposes
in fact and lawe in
all better wyaes and formes
alleadge and propose as

1) Imprimis That in the moneths of Aprill
may and June last 1655. the said Samuell
Nellist was the master and Part owner
of teh said shippe called the Amity of Whitby
and had the care charge and government
thereof committed to him as the master, and
did employ the said shippe in fetching of
coales from Newcastle and Sunderland and
bringing the same to this port of Lodnon
and soe hath beene employed as master of the
said shippe for these foure yeares last
past, And this was and is true et cetera And hee
alleadheth ioyntly severally and of every particular

2) Item That within the tyme aforesaid and more
especially upon or about the thirteenth day of
June 1655. the said vessell the Amity was
laden with coales att or neare Sunderland and
was comeing with the same to this port of
London, and the said John Stevenson (with
his said shipp the Alexander) being neare
unto the Amity did upon the said 13th day
of June 1655. in a violent manner come out
of his owne shippe on board the said shippe the
Amity accompanyed with tenne other
persons and in a very furious way assaulted
and abused the said Samuell Nellist and tooke
him by the throate and beate him upon the
breast and dragged him out of his said shippe
on shoare and turned the said shippe and coales
on ground to the great dammadge of the said
shippe and ladeing, And this was and is true et cetera
[?XXXXX] hee a;;eadgeth as aforesaid


Folder: 110_10 Image: IMG_2214

(3 Item That teh said John Stevenson and [?XXX GUTTER]
associates did soe inhumanely beate
and bruise the said Samuel Nellist [?XX GUTTER]
his breast and chest that hee was [?XXX GUTTER
for the preservation of his life to [?have GUTTER]
the helpe and assistance of two [?expert GUTTER]
Chirurgeons and doctors for divers [?XXX GUTTER
together and they found the bloud of the
said Samuel Nellist soe clotted and gongealed
by the beateing and bruisesing which hee
received from the said Stevenson and
company and the payne and [?anguishe GUTTER
soe mucgg to encrease thereby for [?XXX GUTTER]
five weekes tyme together that they
were in very great doubt and deares of
the life of the sad Samuell Nellist
and did expect every houre when hee
sjould have dyed by reason of the extremity
of the beateing and bruiseing which hee
had soe received from teh said Stevenosn
and company And hee alleadgeth [?XX GUTTER]

(4 Item