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Annotation tips

Editorial history

Created 19/06/13, by CSG


The MarineLives-Tools wiki is a companion wiki to Annotate HCA 13/72. Both wikis are made available free of charge to anyone (whether academic, student, or enthusiast) who takes an interest in the history of the Early Modern world.

The wikis are the creation of the MarineLives project team, an academic/public history group, dedicated to the transcription, annotation and use of English Admiralty Court records, 1650-1669.

The MarineLives team will be adding content to the MarineLives-Tools wiki over the next few weeks. To encourage you to sign up and to contribute to our free wikis, the content of the MarineLives-Tools wiki will be available on a taster basis, without registration, for the next seven days.

If you like what you see, and want to contribute to our project, please sign up - there is no need to wait a week. Just do it.

For more information on MarineLives and the MarineLives Annotation Project read our Shipping News blog entries:

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Registration to use MarineLives-Tools and to annotate Admiralty Court documents from 1657 and 1658

Registration is required for long-term free access MarineLives-Tools and to contribute to the AnnotateHCA1372 wiki.

You can register using the following Register to Annotate HCA 13/72 contact form, and we will issue you with a UserName and Password for the wiki.

The same Username and Password will give you access to the companion MarineLives-Tools wiki. This companion wiki provides a range of tools to assist annotation and to exolore your interest in the mid-C17th world.

Annotation challenges