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This sandbox page is for practising creating and using Templates and Forms

Copied Template from "Structural Wiki"

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Semantic drilldown

See Mediawiki:ExetensionSemantic Drilldown page

- This Semantic Drilldown extension seems very powerful once we have semanticised our wiki

- Screenshot of Semantic drilldown results page
- Displayoptions include Tag-cloud-style display and also display of data on maps
-- Map display of results would be very powerful when searching biographies
-- See screen shot of Browsing data:Cities with icons on maps marking data

- See European Public Sector Award SMW site with Drilldown
--The EPSA drill down analyses 825 projects with 7 filters (1) Award year (2) Award category (3) Award type (4) Sector (5)Type of activity (6) Level of Government(7) Country
--We could do something similar to drill down through 3000+ semantic biographies filtered by (1) Occupation (2) Geography (3) Age (4) Volume (e.g. HCA 13/71, HCA 13/72) (5) Year of deposition (6) Document type (Depositions, Personal Answers, Act Books, Miscellaneous)


See Edutech wiki - Semantic Result Formats

To work this reqyures "Semantic Results Formats" extension

{{#ask: [[Category:Semantic biography]]

Another extension to Semantic Forms of interest is "Semantic Forms Inputs"

See Mediawiki page Forms Inputs

Welcome to the MarineLives project

Four years of collaborative Public History
The MarineLives collaborative public history project was established in 2012 to digitise, transcribe and annotate the manuscript records of the English High Court of Admiralty from the 1650s and 1660s. The original records are held at the National Archives in Kew.

The project is led and advised by academics and members of the general public.

In the last four years project volunteers have transcribed over four million words, which are published on this wiki as full text transcriptions with accompanying metadata

The wiki has 26,592 wiki pages, 12,756 content pages and 12,148 manuscript images. The wiki has had 106,426 edits.

To learn more or to volunteer please contact us

The MarineLives project was launched in 2012 with the collaborative transcription of witness statements from 1656 and 1657

Useful tuition pages about Forms

See Extension:Semantic Forms/Defining forms

- This page explains 'for template' tag, 'end template' tag, 'field' tag, 'section' tag, and 'standard input' tag
- Particularly useful tips are:
-- Use of default= in 'field' tag
-- Use or rows=, columns= to determine size of text boxes, ditto 'autogrow'

Linking to Forms

See Extension:Semantic Forms/Linking to forms

This input box enables the user to create a new page or to edit an existing page using the "two-step process" by specifying the Form with which to create or edit the page:

The code is as follows:

{{#forminput:form=|size=|default value=|button text=}}

The advantage of the two-step process is that it checks that a page name does not already exist, and thus avoids overwriting an existing page in error.

The alternative "one-step process" uses #formlink instead of #forminput

Useful arguments for both the two-step and the one-step process are:

form= If left empty a drop down menu appears to select form; but if specified user goes to specified form

For example:

{{#forminput:form=SemBioLongInfoBoxThreeWithBanner|size=|default value=|button text=}}

This creates the following input box and button:

size= Specifies the size of the text input (default is 25)

button text= The text on the "submit" button - the default is "Create or edit page"

popup Opens the form in a popup window

placeholder= Specifies "placeholder" text to appear in input box

Here is an example using these three parameters

{{#forminput:form=SemBioLongInfoBoxThreeWithBanner|size=50|default value=|placeholder=Type name of an Admiralty Court deponent|button text=Create or edit a MarineLives biography|popup}}

The following ommits the popup instruction:

Problem with Forms?

Rowan (and Thierry) - Is there a problem with how Semantic Forms has been implemented, or am I making a mistake?

I have done the following:

(1) Created a set of properties, which I have defined as either Text, Page or Date, as appropriate

(2) Used Special:CreateTemplate to create a simple Infobox style template for use on my trial semantic biography pages

- I have named the Template "SemBioLongInfoBoxTwo"
- The template has two columns and sixteen rows
- The first column lists the Property; the second column lists the Value of that Property
- I have not mastered how to suppress the rows if the value is blank, so the Infobox is quite large and has blanks when filled out

The Template is called in the format

|First name=
|Last name=
|Birth year=
|Birth place=
|Res street=
|Res parish=
|Res town=
|Res county=
|Deposition start page=

(3) Used Special:CreateForm to create a simple Semantic Form to fill out the Template [1]

- I have named the Form "SemBioLongInfoBoxTwo"
- When I inspect the Form after its is generated and before saving, the sixteen row items appear with the correct labels, and mainly with the correct input types (Text with autocomplete (default)", and in the case of the Field:"Birth year" (Date (default)
- However, the Field: Res county shows as Input type "Transcription (default). I think "Transcription (default) is coming over from either a Template or Form which Rowan created when he set up the MarineLives wiki, though for the life of me I don't see how the way I have set up the Property:Res county is triggering this default. (CSG, 27/07/2016, 10.04 a.m.: This problem is now reslved - the "Property:Res county" was wrongly set to "Text" and should have been set to "Page", which I have now changed and this resolves this specific issue)

Extract from SemBioLongIndoBoxTwo Form prior to saving

- A second problem occurs after I save the Form and then try to create a new semantic biography page using the Form (which calls on the associated template)
- My test page is for the grocer "James Jauncy of the parish of Saint Lawrence Jury London citizen and Grocer of London aged 34 yeares"[1]
- I name the page "James Jauncy"
- As you can see from the image below, the blank form generated contains sixteen rows, but the label "Title" has been replaced by "Deposition start page". All the other labels are correct, but "Title" is replaced by "Deposition start page", despite "Deposition start page" being in its correct position as the last row.

Create new page James Jauncy using SemBioLongIndoBoxTwo Form (and associated template)

- After filling out the form, I inspected the filled out form in Preview, and miraculously the label "First name" has reappeared in the correct place
- You can see the finished page at:
- I had to add the Category:Semantic biography, but I think that can be generated automatically
- I also added in the command, but as on a number of pages I have created this magic word doesn't work with the James Jauncy page - it is a mystery to me why, since it is a simple page
- If you browse the semantic properties you will see that they have been created correctly:

Preview the creastion of James Jauncy page once data is filled in
  1. HCA 13/72 f.463v

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