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Nummer Toegang: 1.01.02; Archievbloknummer: 5550 f.3r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window


ende oft het mochte gebeuren dat hare hooch mogende
daerinne eenige diffeculteijt mochten maecken
ten aensien van seeckere contracten conditien oft
andere verbintenisse die met eenige Coningen
Prinsen Republijcquen oft andere mochten zijn
gemaeckt, dat dan inzulcken geval bij haer hooch
Mogende belast mocht werden, dat de gemelte
schepen tot voorde haven van oostende van
onse schepen geconvoijeert ende in [zalvo] gebracht
mochten werden om de coopluijden deser lande
van daer haere goederen ende silver tedoen thuijs comen
op dat de selve niet en vervallen in handen vande Engelsen
want souden anders haer daer mede tegens desen staet
dapper verstercken ende behalven dat zoude het
hier een seer groote schade geven ende ruijne
van veele causeeren, twelck doende [etc.]


Nicolaos Van Hulten [SIGNATURE]
Henriq Mathias [SIGNATURE]
Philips Pelt [SIGNATURE]
Jacomo Rulandt [SIGNATURE]
Floris Visscher [SIGNATURE]
Daniel Desmazieres [SIGNATURE]
Guilliam Momma [SIGNATURE]
Albert Lemmerman [SIGNATURE]
Gerbrant Dobbessen [SIGNATURE]
Jan van brouck [SIGNATURE]
Cornelis Gijsbert van Goor [SIGNATURE]
Jan Ernst Van Basten [SIGNATURE]
Jacques Martin [SIGNATURE]

English Translation

Summary of three page document (NNA 1.01.02 Vol.5550 f.2r; NNA 1.01.02 Vol.5550 f.2v; NNA 1.01.02 Vol.5550 f.3r)

Thirteen Dutch merchants fear the English will capture the ships, under pretence that they want to check if there are no goods of enemy states, and the merchants fear it will then be virtually impossible to get the goods back. To prevent such inconveniences they ask for the admiralty to recommend to the States General to send a convoy to bring the ships safely to Amsterdam/the Netherlands. If that would cause the Republic problems with other states due to previous agreements, then they ask for a convoy to bring the ships safely to Ostend so the Dutch merchants could pick up their merchandise and silver there. That would ensure it will not end up in English hands, which is a benefit for the Dutch state as it would otherwise strengthen the English cause and ruin the Dutch merchants.



This unfoliated three page document is from the incoming correspondence of the States General from the various Dutch Admiralties [the foliation in page title is artifical].

The document was sent by thirteen leading Dutch merchants trading with Spain, who were expecting delivery of Spanish silver bullion being transported to them them in neutral ships of Hamburg and Ostend. War had broken out between England and the United Provinces and the Dutch merchants were fearful that the English would seize neutral ships.

The signators were Nicolaos Van Hulten, Henriq Mathias, Philips Pelt, Jacomo Rulandt, Floris Visscher, Daniel Desmazieres, Guilliam Momma, Albert Lemmerman, Gerbrant Dobbesen, Jan van Brouck, Cornelis Gijsbert van Goor, Jan Ernst Van Basten, Jacques Martin.

Thanks are due for their help in deciphering the signators names to @AdvanderZee, @SjoerdBeelen, @SLevelt, @BelaudDuBellay, @HLJLooijesteijn, @stefanjji, @sneuperdokkum, @_mapnu, @hs_coates and @suzezij.

Gerbrant Dobesen

Probably "G. Dobbessen", a correspondent of Nicholaas de Groote. See Rolan Baetens (1976)[1]
  1. Roland Baetens, De Nazomer van Antwerpens welvaart: De diaspora en het handelshuis De Groote tijdens de eerste helft der 17de eeuw, vol.1 (XXXX, 1976), p.41`, fn.40 "IB 108, N. de Groote aan G. Dobbessen, 3 september 1648. Daaar ze een asiento van 500.000 dukaten hadden afgesloten kwamen ze vlug vrij, ef. M. VAN DURME, o.c., dl. II, blz. 502, Te Sevilla werd de jood Manuel Dias Santilian het slachtofffer van de inquisitie (IB 127, N.D.G.-Meerts aan J. de la Haye, 19 december 1643).