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Index of volume(s) SP 28/131/3, SP 28/131/4, SP 28/131/5
Index of subject(s) People

This index is intended as a finding aid and should not be used as evidence of a person's gender. Some people have no status given in the lists but have been included in this index because they have an apparently female forename. This is not strong evidence that these people were women. Some women could have been excluded from this index if they have apparently male names and no status.

Entries have only been assumed to refer to the same person if name, address and status are explicitly stated and match other entries.

Name Status Folios
Abell, Alice (Mrs, Dedham, Essex) mrs 3 f.89v, 4 f.15v
Abell, Dorothy unstated 3 f.89v
Adee, Mary (Wethersfield, Essex) unstated 4 f.28v
Adlin, Mary (widow, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex) widow 3 f.37r
Alderman, Mrs (widow, Ipswich, Suffolk) widow 4 f.34r
Aldredge, Margery (widow) widow 4 f.7v
Alett, Elizabeth (widow, Great Dunmow, Essex) widow 4 f.28r
Backler, Anne (Dedham, Essex) unstated 4 f.15r
Baker, Catherin (widow, Hillingdon, Middlesex) widow 3 f.36v
Baker, Catherin (widow, Uxbridge, Middlesex) widow 4 f.40v
Ballard, Rose (widow) widow 3 f.40v
Ballett, Margery (widow) widow 4 f.19r
Barker, Mrs (widow) widow 3 f.130v
Barnes, Abiger (spinster, Barking?, Essex) spinster 3 f.122r
Barrington, Dorothy (widow, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) widow 3 f.40r
Barron, Katherin (widow, Trumpington, Cambridgeshire) widow 3 f.77v, 3 f.117r
Baskervill, Katherin Lady (widow, Hayes?, Middlesex) widow 3 f.125r
Bentley, Mary unstated 4 f.18r
Betts, Ann (widow, Aldersgate Street, London) widow 3 f.102v
Big, Mrs (widow) widow 3 f.69r
Booth, Katherine (spinster) spinster 4 f.7r
Bowre, Widow (widow, Great Leighs, Essex) widow 4 f.27v
Bridges, Sara (widow, Clapham, Surrey) widow 5 f.13v
Bridgs, Ann (spinster) spinster 5 f.15v
Brightcake, Widow (Great Leighs, Essex) widow 4 f.27v
Brimsley, Constance (spinster) spinster 5 f.12r
Browne, Ann (widow, Bulmer, Essex) widow 4 f.38r
Browne, Mary (widow, Aldersgate Street, London) widow 3 f.119v
Browne, Susan (Maldon, Essex) unstated 4 f.16r
Brownynge, Widow (Holton, Suffolk) widow 4 f.36r
Castleton, Rose (widow, Hillingdon, Middlesex) widow 3 f.37r
Chambers, Widow (Flamstead, Hertfordshire) widow 3 f.33v
Church, Mary Mrs mrs 4 f.12v
Church, Mrs (widow) widow 4 f.12v
Cock, Mrs (widow) widow 4 f.6v
Cooke, Widow (Boston, Lincolnshire) widow 4 f.22v
Cooper, Mary (widow, Ipswich, Suffolk) widow 4 f.34r
Coote, Elizabeth Lady (widow, Wanstead, Essex) widow 3 f.65r
Cotsford, Mrs (widow, Dedham, Essex) widow 4 f.15r
Cox, Mary (widow, Coleman Street, London) widow 3 f.13v, 5 f.6r
Cranfield, Margarett (widow) widow 3 f.60v
Cromwell, Elizabeth (widow, Huntingdon) widow 3 f.86v
Cudmore, Dorothy (widow, Kelvedon, Essex) widow 4 f.20v
Davis, Jane (widow) widow 5 f.6r
Dawson, Elizabeth (spinster) spinster 4 f.29v
Denny, Margarett Lady (widow, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire) lady widow 4 f.40v
Dewse, Abigall (Great Wenham, Suffolk) unstated 4 f.35v
Dowglas, Mrs (widow) widow 3 f.128r
Dynham, Lady (Boarstall, Buckinghamshire) lady 3 f.46v
Earles, Mrs mrs 3 f.61v
Eden, Mary Lady (widow) lady widow 3 f.111v
Edlinge, Constant (widow) widow 3 f.112v
Edmonds, Mary (Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) unstated 4 f.44v
Edwards, Ursula (widow, Maldon, Essex) widow 4 f.39v
Eldered, Ann (widow) widow 4 f.18r
Elkin, Mrs (Boston, Lincolnshire) mrs 4 f.24r
Everington, Edith (widow) widow 4 f.9v
Ewer, Joan (widow) widow 3 f.110r
Ewer, Susan (widow, Shenley, Hertfordshire) widow 3 f.31v
Fant, Elizabeth (widow) widow 5 f.6r
Fant, Elizabeth (widow) widow 5 f.9r
Fant, Elizabeth (widow) widow 5 f.10v
Fant, Elizabeth (widow) widow 5 f.11r
Fant, Elizabeth (widow) widow 4 f.6v
Fant, Elizabeth (widow, Aldersgate Street, London) widow 5 f.4r, 5 f.5r
Ferrers, Judith (widow) widow 4 f.5v
Flack, Widow (Tollesbury, Essex) widow 4 f.16r
Fleetwood, Mrs mrs 3 f.45v
Fortye, Leah (widow, Greenwich, Kent) widow 3 f.116v
Foxley, Isabell (Mrs, Boston, Lincolnshire) mrs 4 f.24r
Funston, Joan (widow, Great Wenham, Suffolk) widow 4 f.37r
Garnam, Joan (widow) widow 3 f.42r
Gausfield, Ellin (widow, Takeley, Essex) widow 3 f.41r
Geery, Widow widow 3 f.115r
Gilpin, Mrs (widow, Coleman Street, London) widow 4 f.7r
Glascott, Ann (widow) widow 4 f.25r
Goodfellow, Mrs (widow, Cranford, Northamptonshire) widow 3 f.126r
Goodinge, Alice (Grundisburgh, Suffolk) unstated 4 f.36r
Goodladd, Ann (widow, Great Leighs, Essex) widow 4 f.27v
Greenhill, Mary (Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) unstated 4 f.44v
Grimwoode, Judith (Wickham Market, Suffolk) unstated 4 f.36r
Grunell, Ann (widow, Sandridge, Hertfordshire) widow 3 f.33r
Hall, Alice (Mrs, Watford, Hertfordshire) mrs 4 f.44v
Harcoote, Lady (widow) lady widow 3 f.39v
Harlackenden, Mrs mrs 4 f.12v
Harriman, Mary (Boston, Lincolnshire) unstated 4 f.24r
Harris, Sarah (gentlewoman?, London) gentlewoman? 4 f.42v
Harris, Sarah (spinster, Charterhouse, London) spinster 4 f.49v
Harrison, Margerett (widow) widow 3 f.50v
Harvell, Elizabeth (widow) widow 4 f.52v
Harvey, Widow (Great Clacton, Essex) widow 4 f.27r
Hudson, Isabella unstated 3 f.51r
Hyham, Joan (widow, Sible Hedingham, Essex) widow 4 f.28v
Jackson, Faith (Mrs, Boston, Lincolnshire) mrs 4 f.22v
Keere, Rebecke (Ruislip, Middlesex) unstated 3 f.83v
Keighly, Isabell unstated 4 f.6v
Keighly, Isabell (Mrs) mrs 3 f.124v
Kembold, Elizabeth (widow, Wix, Essex) widow 4 f.26v
Kempe, Rose (widow) widow 4 f.27v
Kentish, Rose (St Albans, Hertfordshire) unstated 4 f.43v
Kinge, Mrs (Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) mrs 4 f.44v
Knight, Elizabeth (Mrs) mrs 3 f.76v
Lacye, Rose (spinster, Ave Maria Lane, London) spinster 4 f.49r
Lane, Joane (widow, St Laurence Lane, London) widow 3 f.93r
Leake, Bridgett (Boston, Lincolnshire) unstated 4 f.22v
Lee, Agnes (widow, Woking, Surrey) widow 4 f.7v
Leman, Margarett (widow, Wetheringsett, Suffolk) widow 4 f.35r
Lewis, Joan (widow, Finsbury, Middlesex) widow 4 f.52v
Leye, Lady (Ditchley, Oxfordshire) lady 3 f.121r
Love, Mrs (Boston, Lincolnshire) mrs 4 f.23v
Lovedie, Marie (widow, Steeple, Essex) widow 4 f.26v
Lovejoy, Alice (spinster, Wood Street, London) spinster 4 f.41r
Man, Mrs (widow) widow 3 f.125r
Marsh, Margarett (widow, Barnet, Hertfordshire) widow 3 f.32r
Martin, Joan (wife, London Wall, London) wife 3 f.42v
Meazy, Widow widow 4 f.9v
Miles, Joan (widow) widow 3 f.60v
Morgan, Ann (widow) widow 3 f.97v
Neale, Bridgett (widow, Cheapside, London) widow 5 f.9v
Newill, Mary (Mrs) mrs 4 f.12v
Nicholls, Blaunch (widow, Hendon, Middlesex) widow 3 f.38r
Nicholls, Dorothy (widow, Witham, Essex) widow 4 f.28v
Oresbye, Mrs (Boston, Lincolnshire) mrs 4 f.23v
Parker, Christian (widow, Watford, Hertfordshire) widow 4 f.44v, 4 f.45r
Payne, Elizabeth (widow, Hutton, Essex) widow 3 f.91v
Penning, Elizabeth (Mrs, Ipswich, Suffolk) mrs 4 f.34r
Philips, Martha (widow) widow 3 f.34r
Philips, Martha (widow, Honey Lane, London) widow 3 f.18r
Points, Elizabeth (widow, Essex) widow 3 f.106r
Porter, Martha (Mrs, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) mrs 4 f.44v
Preston, Mary (widow, Colchester, Essex) widow 4 f.8v
Pullome, Mary (widow, Dedham, Essex) widow 3 f.89r
Purdy, (widow, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) widow 4 f.33r
Randoll, Ann (widow) widow 3 f.105r
Reade, Lady (Wrangle, Lincolnshire) lady 4 f.21r
Sacheverill, Ann (widow, Aldersgate Street, London) widow 4 f.30v, 5 f.3v, 5 f.6r, 5 f.6v, 5 f.8v, 5 f.10v
Sadler, Joyce (widow, St Albans, Hertfordshire) widow 3 f.106r
Sharpe, Phebe (widow, Lee) widow 3 f.57v
Shepard, Mildred (Leverton, Lincolnshire) unstated 4 f.21r
Soames, Elizabeth Lady (widow) lady widow 5 f.9v
Sorell, Ann (widow, Chelmsford, Essex) widow 3 f.73r
Spicer alias Helder, Ann (widow) widow 3 f.97v
Spratley, Deborah (widow) widow 4 f.24v
Stone, Elizabeth (widow) widow 4 f.26v
Taber, Marian (Mrs, Brentwood, Essex) mrs 3 f.54v
Tanner, Rose (widow, Hendon, Middlesex) widow 3 f.38r
Tatham, Elizabeth (widow, Chelmsford, Essex) widow 3 f.35v
Thornton, Lucye (Mrs, Castle Hedingham, Essex) mrs 3 f.63v
Titterill, Mersey (widow, West Mersea, Essex) widow 3 f.90v, 4 f.17v
Tokin, Widow (Boston, Lincolnshire) widow 4 f.23r
Trapes, Dorothie (widow, Bushey, Hertfordshire) widow 4 f.17r
Trenchard, Elizabeth (widow) widow 3 f.125r
Trice, Margarett (widow, Godmanchester, Huntingdon) widow 3 f.81r
Tuffnaile, Mrs (widow) widow 4 f.49r
Tufnayle, Elizabeth (widow, Southwark) widow 3 f.72v
Vanderluer, Katherin (Mrs, Boston, Lincolnshire) mrs 4 f.23v
Walker, Mary (widow, Watford, Hertfordshire) widow 4 f.45r
Wenden, Widow (Wakes Colne, Essex) widow 4 f.12v
Whitakers, Jane (widow, Ashwell, Hertfordshire) widow 3 f.117r
White, Dorothie (Dedham, Essex) unstated 4 f.15r
Whitehead, Widow (Romford, Essex) widow 3 f.106v
Wimelton, Viscountess wife 3 f.92v
Winchester, Widow (Ruislip, Middlesex) widow 3 f.83v
Wiseman, Mary (widow, Maldon, Essex) widow 4 f.10v
Withe, Widow (Little Blakenham, Suffolk) widow 4 f.36v
Wood, Elizabeth (spinster) spinster 4 f.6r
Wright, Widow widow 3 f.49r
Wyse, Mary (widow, Harwich, Essex) widow 3 f.91r