Index of print trades in horse lists

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Index of volume(s) SP 28/131/3, SP 28/131/4, SP 28/131/5
Index of subject(s) People

This index lists all people whose occupation is given as one of the following:

  • printer
  • stationer

Inclusion is based on occupations actually given in the horse lists. Some occupations given in the lists could be livery company membership, and a person's actual trade could be different.

Name Occupation Folios
Bellamie, John (stationer, Cornhill, London) stationer 4 f.11v
Burroughes, John (stationer) stationer 4 f.5v
Burrowe, Robert (stationer, London Bridge, London) stationer 5 f.11v
Dawson, John (printer, Queenhithe, London) printer 4 f.48v
Fane, Luke (stationer) stationer 3 f.112r
Fetherston, Henry (stationer, Blackfriars, London) stationer 5 f.2v
Hunscout, Joseph (printer) printer 4 f.7r
Husbands, Edward (stationer, Fleet Street, London) stationer 5 f.13r
Latham, George (stationer) stationer 3 f.124v
Overton, Henry (stationer) stationer 4 f.6r
Overton, William (stationer, Popes Head Alley, London) stationer 5 f.15v
Triplett, Ralph (stationer) stationer 4 f.5v
Triplett, Ralph (stationer, Distaff Lane, London) stationer 3 f.18r
Uphill, Anthony (stationer) stationer 4 f.7v