Index of alcohol and tobacco trades in horse lists

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Index of volume(s) SP 28/131/3, SP 28/131/4, SP 28/131/5
Index of subject(s) People

This index lists all people whose occupation is given as one of the following:

  • brewer
  • distiller
  • hop merchant
  • innholder
  • innkeeper
  • stiller
  • tobacco merchant
  • vintner

Inclusion is based on occupations actually given in the horse lists. Some occupations given in the lists could be livery company membership, and a person's actual trade could be different.

Name Occupation Folios
Acton, James (vintner, Aldersgate Street, London) vintner 4 f.49v
Allen, William (vintner, Tower Street, London) vintner 3 f.20r
Atkins, Thomas (vintner) vintner 4 f.7v
Barker, Nehemiah (brewer, Colchester, Essex) brewer 3 f.86r
Bellamie, William (vintner, Fleet Bridge, London) vintner 3 f.101r
Bentall, Anthony (brewer, Halstead, Essex) brewer 3 f.78v
Benyon, John (brewer) brewer 3 f.100v
Big, Richard (brewer, St Giles in the Fields, London) brewer 3 f.73r, 3 f.89r
Big, Walter (brewer, St Giles in the Fields, London) brewer 3 f.118v
Bower, Hugh (brewer, Thames Street, London) brewer 5 f.11v
Boyer, Hugh (brewer) brewer 3 f.123r
Bucknall, John (innholder) innholder 4 f.25v
Burchenhead, Henry (vintner) vintner 3 f.113r
Burgin, William (innholder, Lombard Street, London) innholder 4 f.49r
Butcher, Philip (stiller) stiller 4 f.3v
Butcher, Philip (stiller, Southwark) stiller 4 f.50r
Charles, John (brewer) brewer 5 f.8r
Charles, John (brewer) brewer 5 f.10v
Charles, John (brewer) brewer 4 f.10r
Charles, John (brewer) brewer 3 f.111v
Charles, John (brewer, Coleman Street, London) brewer 3 f.3v, 3 f.15r, 3 f.110r, 5 f.3v
Clarke, John (vintner, London Bridge, London) vintner 3 f.34v, 5 f.10r
Clever, Thomas (brewer, Isleworth, Middlesex) brewer 5 f.6v
Clygate, Nicholas (vintner, Watling Street, London) vintner 3 f.11r
Coniers, Roger (vintner) vintner 4 f.17r
Cooke, Ezekiell (vintner, Southwark) vintner 4 f.50v
Corsellis, Abraham (brewer, East Smithfield, London) brewer 3 f.78r
Dashwood, Richard (brewer, Old Street, London) brewer 3 f.127v
Dent, Henry (vintner) vintner 4 f.7r
Edwards, Thomas (innkeeper, Monkwell Street, London) innkeeper 5 f.2r
Field, Thomas (brewer, Little Britain, London) brewer 5 f.12v
Fuller, Augustine (brewer, Thames Street, London) brewer 3 f.129v
Gardford, William (innkeeper, Fleet Street, London) innkeeper 5 f.12v
German, William (brewer, Colchester, Essex) brewer 3 f.110v
Grave, Joseph (brewer, London) brewer 3 f.4r
Graves, Josephe (vintner, St Helen Bishopsgate, London) vintner 3 f.125r
Greate, John (brewer, Redcross Street, London) brewer 3 f.3v, 3 f.28r, 5 f.5v
Greene, Henry (brewer) brewer 5 f.10v
Greene, Thomas (innkeeper, Aldersgate Street, London) innkeeper 3 f.98r
Grindell, Henry (innkeeper) innkeeper 5 f.17r
Grofton, Thomas (innkeeper, Royal Exchange, London) innkeeper 3 f.111r
Hartford, Richard (brewer, Southwark) brewer 4 f.49v
Hathery, Francis (brewer, Limehouse, London) brewer 3 f.5r
Hatt, George (brewer, Bishopsgate Street, London) brewer 3 f.22v
Hawkridge, John (vintner) vintner 3 f.116r
Heacock, William (brewer) brewer 4 f.3v
Heacock, William (brewer) brewer 4 f.4r
Heacock, William (brewer) brewer 4 f.48v
Hendrickes, Oliver (brewer, Colchester, Essex) brewer 3 f.86v
Hennes, John (brewer, Colchester, Essex) brewer 3 f.106r
Heyland, Samuell (distiller, Southwark) distiller 3 f.84v
Hill, Christopher (brewer) brewer 4 f.29r
Hill, Christopher (brewer) brewer 4 f.46r
Hill, Christopher (brewer, Leadenhall Street, London) brewer 3 f.30r
Hollyday, John (innkeeper, Gracechurch Street, London) innkeeper 3 f.1v
Hooker, Raphe (distiller, St Mary at Hill, London) distiller 3 f.34r
Horton, Robert (brewer) brewer 4 f.49r
Hoskins, Henry (vintner) vintner 4 f.48r
Hughs, John (brewer, Colchester, Essex) brewer 3 f.100v
Jacobson, Rombolt (brewer, East Smithfield, London) brewer 3 f.78r
James, John (brewer, St Sepulchre, London) brewer 3 f.92v, 5 f.13r
Jaques, Robert (brewer, Whitechapel, London) brewer 3 f.118r
Jones, Richard (innholder, Fish Street, London) innholder 4 f.46r
Kempston, William (vintner, Fish Street, London) vintner 3 f.62v
Lee, Henry (vintner, Cripplegate, London) vintner 3 f.12v
Lee, Humfry (brewer, London) brewer 5 f.12v
Leonard, Leonard (brewer) brewer 3 f.70r
Markland, Oliver (innkeeper) innkeeper 3 f.113v
Markland, William (innkeeper) innkeeper 3 f.113v
Marshall, John (vintner, Fish Street, London) vintner 5 f.8r
Martin, Abraham (vintner, St Magnus the Martyr, London) vintner 4 f.13r
Moore, Pelham (vintner) vintner 3 f.98v
Moore, Pelham (vintner, Moorgate, London) vintner 4 f.51r
Mullins, William (innkeeper, Leadenhall Street, London) innkeeper 3 f.98v
Mumford, Thomas (vintner) vintner 4 f.25r
Neighbor, John (innkeeper, Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire) innkeeper 3 f.68v
Nicholson, Michaell (brewer, Southwark) brewer 4 f.48r
Ordway, Richard (vintner) vintner 3 f.123r
Parsons, Richard (vintner) vintner 4 f.48r
Pemberton, William (brewer, Garlick Hill, London) brewer 3 f.22r
Picke, John (innholder, Canterbury, Kent) innholder 4 f.49v
Popler, Samuell (brewer, Southwark) brewer 4 f.42v, 4 f.51v
Powell, Francis (vintner, Paternoster Row, London) vintner 3 f.18v
Powell, William (brewer) brewer 3 f.130r
Pym, Richard (innkeeper, Bishopsgate Street, London) innkeeper 3 f.1v
Rayner, Michaell (vintner, Friday Street, London) vintner 3 f.13r
Sambrooke, Samuell (vintner) vintner 4 f.47r
Sedgwick, Jobe (brewer) brewer 4 f.4r
Sedgwick, John (brewer, Fleet Bridge, London) brewer 3 f.10v
Smith, John (brewer, St Giles in the Fields, London) brewer 5 f.12r
Smith, Robert (brewer) brewer 4 f.3r
Smith, Robert (brewer, Wapping, London) brewer 3 f.12r
Sowthwood, John (merchant, Ironmonger Lane, London) tobacco merchant 3 f.65r, 3 f.71v
Stanly, George (vintner, Fleet Street, London) vintner 3 f.100r
Stuckly, Valentine (vintner, Cornhill, London) vintner 3 f.55r
Symons, Richard (vintner) vintner 4 f.7v
Taper, Francis (brewer, Southwark) brewer 4 f.49v
Tarleton, John (brewer) brewer 3 f.19v
Tayler, Daniell (innholder, Edgeware, Middlesex) innholder 4 f.29v
Tooley, Edmond (innholder) innholder 4 f.4r
Trattell, Ralphe (hop merchant, Thames Street, London) hop merchant 3 f.74r
Travers, Philip (vintner, Fenchurch Street, London) vintner 3 f.105r
Vaughan, Oliver (brewer) brewer 5 f.13r
Vavasour, Mager (brewer) brewer 4 f.3v
Voice, Gamaliell (brewer, Southwark) brewer 3 f.12r
Waford, Thomas (brewer, Dedham, Essex) brewer 3 f.109r
Warkeman, Laurence (vintner, London Bridge, London) vintner 3 f.23v
Webb, Jeffery (brewer, Colchester, Essex) brewer 3 f.105v
Whitborne, Edward (innholder, Bishopsgate Street, London) innholder 4 f.12r
Wilcocks, John (vintner, Smithfield, London) vintner 3 f.78v
Williams, Peter (brewer, Clerkenwell, London) brewer 3 f.64r
Woodin, Richard (innholder, Southwark) innholder 4 f.51r
Woodroofe, Abraham (brewer) brewer 3 f.130v
Wordington, Henry (innkeeper, Aldermanbury, London) innkeeper 5 f.3v
Workeman, Lawrence (vintner, London Bridge, London) vintner 5 f.10r
Wright, Peeter (innkeeper, Aldersgate Street, London) innkeeper 3 f.115r
Younge, Lewes (brewer, Thames Street, London) brewer 3 f.3r, 3 f.25v
Zacharie, Francis (brewer, Stepney, London) brewer 5 f.12r