Index of London buildings in horse lists

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Index of volume(s) SP 28/131/3, SP 28/131/4, SP 28/131/5
Index of subject(s) Places

This index lists named buildings in London given as addresses by subscribers in the horse lists. Spelling of building and street names has been regularised in this index, but original spelling is retained in the transcribed folios linked to. Identification of streets is subjective and could be wrong.

Most of the building names are signs, such as "The Anchor" or "The White Bear". These were used by all kinds of premises in seventeenth-century London and should not be assumed to be inns or taverns. "The" is omitted from the index to make sorting easier.

Building Name In Folios
Anchor Friday Street 3 f.1v
Anchor Lombard Street 3 f.11r
Angel Cheapside 3 f.2r, 4 f.33v, 4 f.46v
Angel Fleet Street 3 f.124r
Angel Gracechurch Street 3 f.131v
Angel Lombard Street 4 f.29r, 5 f.4r, 5 f.5v, 5 f.6v
Angel Paternoster Row 3 f.103r
Angel and Star Cheapside 3 f.42v
Antelope Watling Street 3 f.10v
Artichoke Cornhill 5 f.5v
Artichoke Newgate Market 3 f.38r
Austin Friars 3 f.118v
Axe Aldermanbury 5 f.3v
Barge Fleet Street 3 f.16v
Basket, near Dice Key Thames Street 3 f.104r, 5 f.4v, 5 f.5v
Bear, at the Bridgefoot London Bridge 3 f.23r
Bell 4 f.39v
Bell Gracechurch Street 3 f.43r
Bell London Bridge 3 f.18v, 5 f.7r
Bell Paternoster Row 3 f.86r
Black Bell St Giles in the Fields 3 f.13r
Black Boy Southwark 4 f.48r
Black Boy Thames Street 5 f.1r
Black Bull Cheapside 3 f.14r, 3 f.31r, 3 f.63v
Black Bull Cornhill 5 f.5r
Black Bull Fish Street 3 f.17v
Black Greyhound Watling Street 5 f.1v
Blackamoor's Head Watling Street 3 f.30r
Blackwell Hall 3 f.130v, 4 f.41v
Blackwell Hall, over against Basinghall Street 5 f.6r
Blossom's Inn Garlick Hill 4 f.7r
Blue Anchor Lombard Street 3 f.35v
Blue Anchor Soper Lane 3 f.13r, 3 f.35r
Blue Boar Friday Street 3 f.4r, 5 f.13v
Blue Boar Lombard Street 3 f.6r, 3 f.10v, 3 f.91v, 3 f.98r
Bluebell Fish Street 4 f.46r
Boar's Head Aldersgate Street 3 f.72v
Boar's Head Cheapside 3 f.101r
Boar's Head Fleet Street 3 f.12r
Boar's Head Gracechurch Street 3 f.34v, 3 f.103r
Bridewell 3 f.11r
Bridge House Southwark 3 f.58r, 3 f.74r, 4 f.42v
Bridge House Gate Southwark 3 f.26v, 4 f.46r
Buck St Laurence Lane 3 f.17r
Buckler Fish Street 3 f.21r
Bull Bishopsgate Street 3 f.1v
Camel Lombard Street 5 f.4r
Castle Bishopsgate Street 5 f.8r
Castle Cornhill 5 f.5r
Castle Fleet Street 3 f.100r
Castle Thames Street 5 f.6r
Castle, at Bishopsgate Bishopsgate Street 5 f.1r
Castle, near Shoreditch Church Shoreditch 4 f.49v
Castle, near the Wood Street 3 f.113v
Catherine Wheel 4 f.29v
Catherine Wheel Gracechurch Street 3 f.2r, 3 f.14v, 3 f.95v
Charterhouse 3 f.4r, 3 f.80r, 4 f.49v
Checquer Bread Street 3 f.101v, 4 f.40r, 4 f.48r
Christchurch, near 3 f.37r
Clement's Inn 3 f.14r
Cock Cripplegate 4 f.29v
Cock Gracechurch Street 5 f.10r, 5 f.14r
Coldharbour Thames Street 5 f.6v
Cross Keys Birchin Lane 3 f.17v
Cross Keys Gracechurch Street 3 f.1v
Cross Keys Watling Street 3 f.118r
Crown Bow Lane 3 f.124v
Crown Bread Street 3 f.42v
Crown Friday Street 3 f.13v
Crown Gracechurch Street 3 f.75v
Crown Ludgate Hill 4 f.46v
Crown Redcross Street 3 f.3v, 5 f.5v
Crown Watling Street 3 f.58r, 3 f.110v
Crown and Anchor Southwark 3 f.110r
Crutched Friars 5 f.2r, 5 f.7r
Cup Foster Lane 4 f.49v
Custom House 5 f.15v
Custom House, over against the 3 f.85r
Custome House, against the 3 f.6r
Dog's Head in Pot Cannon Street 5 f.11r
Dog's Head in Pot Wood Street 4 f.41r, 5 f.2v
Dolphin Bishopsgate Street 4 f.12r
Dolphin Bucklersbury 3 f.64v
Dolphin Thames Street 3 f.26r
Dyers Hall 3 f.16v, 5 f.5v
Dyers Hall, near 3 f.57v, 5 f.2v
Exchange 5 f.7r
Exchange, back of the 3 f.12v, 3 f.125v
Exchange, behind the 5 f.4r
Exchange, near the Bartholomew Lane 3 f.24r
Falcon Aldersgate Street 4 f.52r
Falcon Cheapside 3 f.64r, 4 f.52r
Flower de Luce Eastcheap 3 f.95r
Flower de Luce Watling Street 3 f.11r
Flower de Luce, in the Exchange Royal Exchange 5 f.2r
Flying Bull Old Jewry 5 f.9r
Flying Horse Crooked Lane 3 f.27r
Flying Horse Lombard Street 3 f.23v
Flying Horse Thames Street 4 f.50r
Fountain Tavern, next door to near the Savoy Palace 5 f.15r
Fox and Geese St Christopher le Stocks 3 f.27r
Fox and Goose 3 f.35r
Frying Pan Bread Street 3 f.82r
Gabriel Fenchurch Street 5 f.4r
George Bread Street 5 f.13v
George Lombard Street 4 f.49r
George Thames Street 3 f.3r
Goat Long Lane 4 f.50v
Goat Smithfield 3 f.78v
Golden Anchor Walbrook Street 3 f.6v
Golden Bale Shire Lane 5 f.1r
Golden Bell London Bridge 5 f.3v
Golden Bell Southwark 4 f.46r
Golden Cock Lombard Street 3 f.115v
Golden Cock Paternoster Row 3 f.66r
Golden Falcon Friday Street 3 f.13r
Golden Falcon London Bridge 5 f.8r
Golden Fleece, in the Old Exchange Old Exchange 3 f.2v
Golden Key Fleet Street 3 f.11v
Golden Key Southwark 3 f.73v
Golden Lion Cheapside 3 f.64r
Golden Lion Cornhill 5 f.11v
Grays Inn 3 f.89r, 3 f.95v, 3 f.96r, 3 f.97r, 3 f.123r, 4 f.46v
Green Bell Bread Street 3 f.14v
Green Dragon Cheapside 3 f.39r
Green Dragon Southwark 4 f.48r
Green Dragon St Laurence Lane 3 f.7v
Half Moon Bread Street 3 f.25v
Harrow Tower Street 3 f.127r
Hart's Horn East Smithfield 3 f.78r
Hatchet Fenchurch Street 3 f.14r
Hen and Chicken, on the Exchange Royal Exchange 3 f.79v
Hermitage Wapping 3 f.16r, 3 f.18r
Hind Coleman Street 3 f.23r
Holy Lamb Bread Street 5 f.1v
Horseshoe Bread Street 3 f.110r
Horseshoe Gracechurch Street 3 f.5r, 3 f.12r, 5 f.16v
Key Newgate Market 3 f.25v
King's Arms Cornhill 5 f.12r
King's Arms Lombard Street 3 f.125v
King's Head Gracechurch Street 3 f.94v
King's Head Ludgate Hill 5 f.13r
King's Head Snow Hill 3 f.24v
King's Head Southwark 5 f.7r
King's Head, in the Old Exchange Old Exchange 3 f.111r
Labour in Vain Fish Street 3 f.23r
Lamb Ave Maria Lane 3 f.38v
Lamb Billingsgate 3 f.108r
Lamb Coleman Street 5 f.12r
Leg Cheapside 3 f.108v
Lincolns Inn 3 f.27v, 3 f.80r, 5 f.11r
Little Helen's Gate St Helen Bishopsgate 3 f.8r
Lock Cheapside 3 f.108r
London Bridge, near Southwark 3 f.18v
Mace Southwark 3 f.12r
Maidenhead Ave Maria Lane 5 f.8v
Maidenhead Budge Row 3 f.101r
Maidenhead Cornhill 5 f.4r
Maidenhead Wood Street 3 f.42v
Merchant Tailors Hall, near 3 f.17v
Mermaid Billingsgate 3 f.108v
Mermaid Thames Street 4 f.33v, 4 f.40v
Middle Temple 3 f.100r
Moon Monkwell Street 5 f.2r
Moon Thames Street 3 f.91v
Nag's Head Paternoster Row 3 f.11r
New brick buildings Aldersgate Street 5 f.4r
Old Exchange Old Exchange 3 f.14r, 3 f.25r, 4 f.39v, 5 f.12r
Pelican St Mary at Hill 3 f.34r
Pest House 3 f.44v
Pheasant Friday Street 3 f.63r
Pickled Herring Southwark 4 f.49v, 5 f.9v
Pie Aldgate 3 f.58v, 3 f.104v
Plough Cheapside 3 f.14v
Plough Lombard Street 3 f.27r
Plough London Bridge 5 f.11v
Plough Newgate 3 f.110v
Plough Watling Street 3 f.13v, 3 f.22v
Plough, by London Stone London Stone 3 f.52r
Pope's Head Gracechurch Street 3 f.18v
Porridge Pot Watling Street 3 f.7r
Prince Charles, in the Exchange Royal Exchange 5 f.4r
Prince's Arms Bread Street 3 f.17v
Prince's Arms Fleet Street 3 f.93v
Prince's Arms Watling Street 3 f.25r
Priory 4 f.12v
Purse Watling Street 3 f.20r
Queen's Arms Cannon Street 3 f.10v
Queen's Arms Lombard Street 5 f.1v
Queen's Head Christ Church 5 f.9v
Ram Smithfield 4 f.52r
Ram Watling Street 3 f.35r
Raven Cheapside 5 f.11v
Red Bull Fleet Street 5 f.4v
Red Bull Little Britain 5 f.12v
Red Bull Thames Street 3 f.12v, 3 f.129v
Red Bull, near Dyers Hall 3 f.8r
Red Cross Bread Street 3 f.116v
Red Cross Holborn 4 f.28v
Red Lion Fleet Street 5 f.12v
Red Lion Holborn 3 f.26r
Red Rose Bread Street 3 f.66r
Roebuck Dowgate 4 f.49v
Roebuck Friday Street 5 f.5r
Rose Bread Street 3 f.19v, 3 f.101v
Rose Fish Street 4 f.42v, 5 f.7v
Rose Fleet Bridge 3 f.101r
Rose Poultry 4 f.52r
Rose Southwark 3 f.35r
Rose and Crown Foster Lane 3 f.17r
Rose and Crown Threadneedle Street 5 f.4v
Rose and Crown, at Aldgate Aldgate 5 f.10v
Rose and Pomegranate Friday Street 3 f.68v, 3 f.72r
Saracen's Head Cannon Street 3 f.105v
Saracen's Head Friday Street 3 f.63r
Saracen's Head London Stone 3 f.101v
Sergeant's Inn 3 f.3v
Seven Stars Bread Street 3 f.11r
Shepherd Southwark 5 f.4v
Ship Bow Lane 3 f.17r, 5 f.5v
Ship Gracechurch Street 3 f.103r
Spread Eagle Foster Lane 5 f.13v
Spread Eagle Gracechurch Street 3 f.73r
St Andrew's Church Holborn, by St Andrew Holborn 3 f.129v
St Mary Maudlin's Church, over against Southwark 5 f.12v
St Paul's, north door of St Pauls 3 f.3r, 3 f.18r
St Paul's, west end of St Pauls 4 f.29v
Star Bread Street 3 f.101v
Star Cannon Street 3 f.13v
Star Fish Street 3 f.1r, 3 f.10v, 3 f.19v, 5 f.7v
Star Gracechurch Street 3 f.11v, 3 f.12v, 3 f.20v, 3 f.25r, 3 f.84r, 5 f.5r
Star St Pauls 3 f.114v
Star, in the Exchange Royal Exchange 3 f.119r
Still Aldersgate Street 3 f.102v
Still Distaff Lane 3 f.18r
Storehouse Tower Street 3 f.17r
Sugarloaf Cheapside 3 f.109v
Sugarloaf Lombard Street 4 f.38v
Sugarloaf Southwark 3 f.75v
Sugarloaf, behind the Exchange Royal Exchange 3 f.51v
Sun Watling Street 3 f.80v
Sun Tavern Cripplegate 3 f.12v
Swan and Harp Cheapside 3 f.78v
Talbot Bucklersbury 3 f.25r, 3 f.102v
Talbot Gracechurch Street 3 f.20r, 3 f.45r
Temple 3 f.63r
Three Arrows Thames Street 4 f.29r
Three Bells Lombard Street 3 f.13r
Three Cranes Three Cranes 3 f.115r
Three Greyhounds Basinghall Street 3 f.15r
Three Hats Cornhill 4 f.41r
Three Horseshoes Aldersgate Street 3 f.115r
Three Kings Cheapside 3 f.84r
Three Kings Watling Street 3 f.10v
Three Legs Cheapside 3 f.2v, 3 f.3r
Three Legs Friday Street 3 f.19r, 3 f.20v
Three Legs Southwark 4 f.49v
Three Lions Cheapside 5 f.7v
Three Lions Cornhill 5 f.8v
Three Nuns Paternoster Row 3 f.118r
Three Pigeons Bread Street 3 f.27r
Three Ravens Bishopsgate Street 3 f.68v
Two Cats Cannon Street 5 f.3v
Unicorn Cheapside 3 f.74v
Unicorn Cornhill 5 f.1v
Unicorn London Bridge 3 f.6v, 3 f.58v
Unicorn, by Guildhall gate Guildhall 3 f.98v
Vine Bishopsgate Street 3 f.17r
Vine Cornhill 3 f.17v
White Anchor Thames Street 3 f.5r, 3 f.55r
White Bear Bread Street 3 f.74r
White Bear Cornhill 3 f.55r
White Bear Distaff Lane 3 f.112v
White Bear Fenchurch Street 3 f.79r
White Bear Lombard Street 5 f.4v
White Hart Bread Street 3 f.4r
White Hart Dowgate 3 f.100r
White Hart London Bridge 4 f.33v, 4 f.50v
White Hart Whitecross Street 3 f.130v
White Horse Cateaton Street 5 f.7r
White Horse London Wall 3 f.42v
White Horse Paternoster Row 3 f.12v
White Horse Watling Street 5 f.7v
White Lion Fish Street 3 f.13r
White Lion Southwark 4 f.47r
White Rose Bread Street 3 f.4r
White Swan Bow Lane 3 f.31r
White Swan Cornhill 5 f.4v
White Swan Gracechurch Street 3 f.116v
White Talbot Cateaton Street 3 f.5v
Whitefriars 5 f.12v
Wine Mill Bread Street 3 f.79r
Woolsack Barbican 5 f.14v
Woolsack Bucklersbury 3 f.102v
Woolsack Friday Street 3 f.59v
Woolsack Milk Street 5 f.6r
Woolsack Southwark 3 f.31r, 4 f.39v