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are usually of that bulke (this deponent having seene many of them) that
they cannot chuse in this deponents Judgment but take up much moore
stowage and roome in a shipp than fower hogsheads of wyne And further
to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere/

To the 14th and 15th Interrogatorie hee saith for that hee was not in the voyage
in question nor sawe her ladeing when it came home hee cannot answere to
the sayd Interrogatories./

To the 16th hee answereth negatively./

To the 17th hee saith hee is a Merchant and alsoe a Mast Maker and
a part Owner of severall shipps and by those meanes mayntayneth him
selfe and family./

To the last hee saith hee hath satisfied the contents thereof in his foregoeing
deposition soe farr as hee can and further cannot answere/

Repeated in Court before both Judges/



The 30th day of June 1658/

Blake against Page}
Suckley Smith}

Examined upon the second allegation given in on the behalfe
of the sayd Page

Rp. 5.

Thomas Bonfoy of London Merchant aged thirty seaven
yeares or thereabouts a wittnesse sworne and examined
saith and deposeth as followeth videlicet./

To the 5th article of the sayd allegation (upon which hee is by direction
of the producent examined) hee saith That the usuall price of a pipe of
wynes at the Canaries in the moneths of September October and November
was there one thousand sixe hundred fifty fower arlate (being shipped
aboard) sixe hundred and thirty ryalls or thereabouts, and that the usuall
charges of every pipe of wine at the arrivall heere in England (allowing
for Custome freight and other charges of literage portage [?rectage] [?collerage]
Cooperage and the like) did and doth amount to fower pounds eighteene
shillings per pipe or thereabouts (into which summe is neither accompted
leakage nor ensurance money) And this hee the better knoweth for
that hee receaved upwards of fower hundred pipes of wines from his
Correspondents at the Canaries being laden there in the same
moneths and yeare and as by his Accompts and letters of advice appeareth
paid there the rates aforesayd of sixe hundred and thirty ryalls a pipe,
or thereabouts and hee this deponent after their arrivall hee so paid for Custome freight
and other charges aforesayd the summe of fower pound eighteene shillings or thereabouts per pipe
And further to those articles hee cannot depose/

To the Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee knoweth that the Interrogate Gowen Painter
was for divers yeares last past Agent for the Interrogate John Page at the Canaries And
to the rest of the Interrogatorie hee cannot answere knowing nothing thereof./



Thomas Bonfoy

"BONFOY, Thomas

Dep Vintry, 1664 Ald Bread Street, 24 Jun 1664-3 Jul 1666, disch, F £920 (1) St Thomas Apostle, 1660-4, St Catherine Cree, 1666, Hammersmith, Middx, 1669 (2) DYE, PW, 1665 (3) d Oct-Nov 1669, bur ? Abbott Ripton, Hunts (4) Will PCC 133 Coke pr, 10 Nov 1669 f Samuel Bonfoy of Hayes, Middx, m Audrey Wilford, mar 1654, Lettice, da of Sir Thomas Barker (5) Merchant, Eastland C, adm by R, 1661 (6) Personalty, 1670, £9,087, Estate of Nicholas or Thomas BONFOY worth £2,000 p a in 1660 (7) Land Hunts, Norf, Oxon (4) Kt, 27 Apr 1665 (1) Capt Blue Regt, Mar 1660, Oct 1660 Bro of Nicholas BONFOY, Cous of Sir Thomas DAVIES Da Susan mar Sir Charles Caesar (8)

(1) Beaven, I, p 51 (2) VBk, St Thomas Apostle, VBk, St Catherine Cree, will (3) Beaven, I, p 51, TLMAS, V, p 447 (4) Will (5) Boyd 10520, 10519 See Nicholas BONFOY for detail of parents (6) (6) Le Neve, p 88, Hinton, Eastland Trade, Appdx C4 (7) CSB, II, 241, Wotton, Eng Barts, IV, p 320 (8) Will, Le Neve, p 88"[1]


"BONFOY, Nicholas

Co Co Bishopsgate Within, 1658, 1660 Ald Broad Street, 20 Oct 1664-7 Mar 1666, disch, F £620 (1) St Helen, 1650, Ealing, Middx, 1672 (2) CLO, M, 1665 (3) b 1619, d Nov 1672 (4) PCC Admon, Dec 1672 f Samuel Bonfoy of Hayes, Middx, m Audrey, da of John Wilford, of I o W, mar 1650, at AH London Wall, Mary, da of Nicholas Shepperd, gent, and Anne Millett of Harrow, Middx (5) Levant, cloth-merchant EIC, fr, 1669, by R (6) Personalty, Dec 1674, £8,602 Estate of Nicholas or Thomas BONFOY worth £2,000 p a in 1660 Shipping (£850) EIC stock, 1669, 1670 (7) City property and land Middx (£1,080 in 1672/3) (8) Wid Mary mar Robert ASKE Bro of Thomas BONFOY Cous of Sir Thomas DAVIES (9)

(1) Beaven, I, p 76 (2) Boyd 4088, CSB, II 346b/Inv (3) Beaven, II, p 97 (4) Boyd 4088 (5) Boyd 4088, 10519, f was s of Sebastian Bonfoy of St Andrew Holborn, merchant, and Alice, sis of Hugh Audley (6) CSB, II, 346b, Inv, Cal Min EIC, 1668-70, p 186 (7) CSB, II, 346b, Wotton, Eng Barts, IV, p 370, CSB, II, 346b/Inv, Cal Min EIC (8) CSB, II, 346b/Inv (9) Boyd 28199, 10519, 10520, will of Thomas BONFOY"[2]


Primary sources



PROB 11/331/324 Will of Thomas Bonfoy of Hammersmith, Middlesex. 10 November 1669
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