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a very great losse and dammage by the said seizure, and interuption
of the voyage, losse of goods and of market and in other particulars
all occasioned by the said seizure. And otherwise hee cannot depose.



The same day. [CENTRE HEADING]

Examined upon the said allegation.



William Bowridge of London Merchant, aged 32
yeares or thereabouts, sworne and examined.

To the first, second, third fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth
artricles of the said allegation hee saith and deposeth that hee well
knoweth the producents John Ray, William Cockroft, Joseph
hammond and James drawater, and alsoe well knoweth the
shipp the Packet frigot arlate and likewise Captaine
Albert Cock mentioned in the said allegation. And saith that
the said Captaine Cock, (as this deponent credibly heard)
comming from holland with a Commission as a man of warr
against the enemeies of the States of the United Netherlands, and
lost his shipp wherein hee came from holland about
the Groine, and came thence to Saint Lucars and bought a
shipp there called the Golden dove, which hee brought thence
to Cadiz where this deponent was then resident as a merchant
and saw the said vessell the Golden dove there, and thence
after shee was fitted and manned the said Captaine Cock
and company proceeded in her to sea upon a man of warr
voyage. And after some few dayes that they had bin out
they retourned to Cadiz and brought with them the said shipp
the Packet frigot and her lading as prize. And that
this deponent and his precontesta nd partner James Wilkey
being then there, and understanding from Edward harrison
master of the said shipp the Packet frigot that shee and
her lading of oiles and anchovas were belonging to her said
owners, this deponent and his said partner having correspondence
in merchandize with some of the said owners, assisted the
said master in getting restitution of the said shipp and
goods being seized after the Pease made betweene England
and holland. And soe going to the said Captaine Cock
hee confessing that shee was taken on such a day, which
they knew to be after the time of seizures limited by the articles
of Pease, they demannded restitution of the said shipp and
goods by vertue of the said Pease, And the said Captaine [?XXXX ?XXX]
hee was sufficiently informed that the said seizure was
after the time limited by the articles, making delayes, and



William Bowridge

[Sep. 20, 1655]

"To his highness the lord protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging.

The humble petition of the merchants trading for Spain

V. xxx. p. 389.

That your petitioners have received certain advice from their factors and correspondents residing in several ports of the dominions of the king of Spain, that the said king hath made imbargo of ships and seizure of the estates of all Englishmen within his said dominions; and hath farther made proclamation, that all persons whatsoever in his territories shall manifest and declare, under severe penalties, what effects they have in their hands belonging to any of this nation, to make like seizure of the same; and this grounded upon your army's invading (as they say) the Indies; and that the navy, under the command of general Blake, coming into his ports, exceeds the number, which the last capitulation of peace doth allow of; and besides the goods already seized, there are some hundreds of ships laden with fish and other merchandizes, designed, and upon their way towards several ports of the said king's dominions, that cannot be recalled, which must inevitably fall into the same danger: whereby your petitioners, and many thousands more of the people of this nation are and will be utterly undone, and ruinated, and reduced to extremity, except by your highness's prudence prevented.

May it therefore please your highness, to take the premises into your highness's serious consideration, applying such speedy remedy for the conservation of the persons of our factories and estates there, and support of the commerce and navigation, as the exigency of the affairs require, and in your highness's wisdom shall seem most expedient.

Read 20 Sept. 1655.

And your petitioners shall ever pray, &c.

Nath. Manton,
Nicholas Blake,
George Torriano,
William Bowridge,
Michael Spicer,
Richard Baker,
Lawrence Chambers,
William Whittle,
Walter Radcliffe,
Samuel Wilson,
Nicholas Warren,
Thomas Savage,
Richard Lant,
Francis Dashwood,
John Turner,
John Jermyn,
Ellis Crispe,
John Paige,
John Hart,
Christopher Boone,
Richard Wescomb,
Ferdinando Bodye,
Peter Proby."[1]

"July 29 [1663] (Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs officers) Same from same to the Customs Farmers to discharge the seizure of some bales of Norwich stuffs, entered at the Customs House by William Bowridge, of London, merchant. Early Entry Book, X. p. 215.[2]


Primary sources



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