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The 11th of May 1657.

Ewen against Prior aforesaid.}

Exámined upon the fore said libell.

Rp. 2

Anthony Deane of Greenwich Shipwright aged 25 yeeres or
thereabouts sworne and exámined.

To the first article hee saith hee well knowne (sic) the arlate wharfe and bancks
theise twenty yeeres last and well knoweth the producent Mary Ewen, who is
nowe imployer and commonly accounted owner of them, and hath soe bin ever
since her husbands death which happened betweene seaven and eight yeeres since, or

To the second hee saith the arlate Richard Prior whoe
was and is a low waterman by common repute, but this deponent doth not know
him, and other wise cannot depose saving what followeth.

To the third article hee saith that for five yeares last or thereabouts this deponent
living at Greenwich neere the wharfe arlate hath frewuently seene lighters
imployed neare unto the wharfe and bancks libellate of the said Mary Ewen
in taking up ballast, and in working and taking up of such ballast the
persons imployed therin by digging have made diverse and sundrie greate
pits or holes, neere the shore and wharfe and bancks aforesaid, some of
which pits or holes were and are foure foote deep at the least, which hee knoweth
because hee this deponent hath measured severall of them, and found them soe
deep, and that within eight rodds of the said wharfe and bancks. And saith
there are diverse and sundry hills raised betweene the said pitts or holes by
reason of such digging and taking up gravell or ballast, for that by meanes
of the said hills, it is dangerous for shipps, boates and other vessells to passe,
and come neere the said wharfe, but that any lighter or lighters of the said
Prior wrought or were imployed in taking up gravell there or not, hee saith hee
doth not know, saving that about three monethes sinse there being an arrest
laid upon a lighter there, the said Prior claimed the same, and as this deponent
hath heard bailed her, which lighter this deponent then sawe at worke in
taking up gravell in or about those holes neere the said wharfe and bancks.

To the fourth hee saith that by reason of the said digging or taking of gravell
or ballast and making holes as aforesaid, the bancks of the said mris Ewen
her wharfe have broken and fallen or calved in and doe soe from time to
time, and would soone be quite spoiled and made uselesse, by reason of the
said taking up of ballast and making holes, if shee were not at the cost of
continual repaire thereof, as hee saith shee hath bin and is, having
daily (saving Sabbath and feaste dayes) three a foure men at worke in the said
repaire of this deponents sight for two monethes together last, and
frequently before; and much boarding, timber and other materialls have
bin spent and imployed thereabout, and as the common report goeth, shee
the said Mary hath spent and laid out foure hundred pounds therein within
theise seaven yeares last, and of this deponents knowledge shee spent
and hundred pounds thereabouts this last yeere, most of which cost
and charge hath bin occasioned by reason of the said working of lighters and
taking up ballast as aforesaid neare the same, and making the said pitts
and holes, all which hee knoweth living neare the same and taking notice of
the premisses.

To the fifth hee cannot depose.

To the 6th hee refereth himselfe to the Registrie of the Court.




Anthony Deane

"Anthony Deane of Greenwich Shipwright aged 25 yeeres"


"Woolwich (chargeable)

Mr Christopher Pett 10 hearths
Mr Jeymy Blackman 15 hearths
Mr Antho[ny] Deane 7 hearths

Anthony Deane states in his Admiralty Court deposition that "hee hath lived above twenty yeeres at Greenwich aforesaid, and hath for 13 yeeres of that space used his trade of a shipwright in the way of getting his livelihood"[2]

B.M Crook in Henning (1983)[3] states that the later Sir Anthony Deane was born ca. 1633, which is consistent with the deponent Anthony Deane of Greenwich being 25 "or thereabouts" in May 1657. Henning states that he was the second son of Anthony Deane of London and of ?Elizabeth, daughter of William Wright,a barber surgeon of London. Educated at Merchant Taylors, he married twice. Firstly to Anne (d. 1677), and secondly to the widow of Sir John Dawes in 1678. He was knighted in 1675. By 1660 he was assistant shipwright at Woolwich, which is consistent with the record of Mr Antho[ny] Deane 7 hearths in Woolwich, near to Christopher Pett's residence. According to the Wikipedia entry on Sir Anthony Deane, drawing probably (but without clear reference) to the ODNB entry on the same, Deane had been apprenticed to Christopher Pett.[4]

A portrait exists of Anthony Deane by Godfrey Keller (1690), which is held at the National Portrait Gallery, London


Primary sources

National Portrait Gallery

Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt, oil on canvas, 1690, 29 1/4 in. x 24 3/4 in. (743 mm x 629 mm), Purchased, 1926 NPG 2124
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