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The nineth of Aprill 1657.

Cowse against Leone.}

Exámined upon the allegation given in on the behalfe of
the said Cowse.


John Maxfeild of the parish of Saint Edmunds the Kinge
and Martyr in Lombard Streete London Scrivener aged
twenty seaven yeares or thereabouts a wittnesse sworne
and examined saith and deposeth as followeth,

To the fowerth article of the sayd allegeation and the second schedule
in the allegation specified hee saith that hee this deponent haveing
diligently perused the schedule in this article mentioned well knoweth that
the same was and is the true originall Charterparty made betweene the
arlate Edward Keene and James Cowse and others therein alsoe specified
for the voyage arlate the premisses hee the better knoweth for that hee
was the person imployed by the sayd Cowse and Keene to drawe and
make the sayd schedule or Charterparty and well knoweth that the
sayd schedule is all written with the proper hand writeing of him this
deponent and that the contents thereof were and are true and that
the same was signed and sealed by the arlate Edward Keene
and all things had and done as therein is conteyned in the presence
of this deponent who alsoe subscribed his name thereto as a wittnesse
and alsoe in the presence of Josiah Partridge whose name is alsoe subscribed,
as a wittnesse thereof And this deponent knoweth the subscription or
words John Maxfeild Scrivener at the bottome of the sayd schedule to bee alsoe
his this deponents owne hand writing and sawe the sayd Josiah Partridge
alsoe subscribe his name as a wittnesse thereto And further hee cannot depose

To the rest of the articles of the allegation hee is not examined by
direction of the producent./

To the Interrogatories/ [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee cometh to testifie the truth of his knowledge
in this cause being soe required to doe by the producent Mr Cowse of
whome hee hath receaved nothing nor expecteth any thing for his testimony
and saith hee hath noe interest in this cause and favoureth all the parties
therein alike and desyreth right may prevaile therein And saith hee is
neither of Kindred, allyance nor servant to the producent, otherwise
than that hee was imployed as aforesayd to make the sayd
Charterparty, and saith it will bee neither profitt nor preiudice
to him which soever of the parties litigant prevaile./

To the second hee saith hee knoweth not the shipp Interrogate nor was
any of her company the voyage in question and therfore cannot answere thereto./

To the 3 and 4th Interrogatories hee cannot answere for the reasons aforesayd/

To the 5th hee saith it concerneth him not to answere thereto having
not deposed to the article therein mentioned/

To the 6th 7th 8th 9th and 10th Interrogatories hee saith for the reasons above
expressed hee cannot depose any thing touching the contents of them



Edmund and James Cowse

Extract from letter of John Paige in London to William Clerke at Antwerp


119. to William Clerke at Antwerp
6 Feb. 1657
I received yours, 28 past, from Gravesend, being very glad to hear the business succeeded so well that you had no interruption, considering the many pretenders against you. The news was upon the Exchange the next day. It seems there was a person at Gravesend that knew you who came up that tide and reported saw you embark upon the Flushing pink, which was told Mr Bradick who immediately told all that knew you. Who, with James Cowse pretends you owe them 16,000 Rs, who seem to be vexed at your going away and affect their pretence. They brought a sergeant to make an attachment in my hands for goods and monies of yours, but your release did soon cool their courage. Whereupon seeing that, they desisted. So that it was well you did it, otherwise I should have had many more of the same nature."[1]

"Sep. September 1672

Spanish and sweet wine bonds:
The names of the importing wine merchants being as follows: Sir Arthur Ingram, Henry Hawley and Charles Gregory, John Flavell, John Newton and Richard Elye. John Blofield, Richard Cheshire and William Ayliffe: Richard Holder. Symon Wilmot and Joseph Hanaley Hensley): William Smith, Jo. Dunster and Thomas Dalton (Dutton); Edward Cowse, Henry Sechell and Richard Cooper: William Goulston (Golston), John Parr and Richard Ayliffe; William Bellamy, Adam Bellamy and Robert Dodd: Thomas Canham, Mathew Datslear and Adrean Datslear; Nicho. Warren, Richard Westcombe and John Isly; William Warren, Robert White and John Condley (Conly). William Clapham; Prosper Fenton, Joseph Bowler and Tho. Worrall; Daniell Axtell, Richard Steele, William Warner, Robert Breton (Brittaine), James Bayley, Richard Sanders, Ro. Parker (Packer), Jo. Whitcomb, Tho. Ackrill, Tho. Wade, John Long and Zachary Jenings, Tho. Wilson, John Johnson. Tho. Harvey, Tho. Westerne and Samuel Terrell; Tho. Bands, Andrew Cratey and William Price; Robert Bevin, Nicolas Colburne and Robert Webb; Robert Wilson and Nathaniel Thornbury; Brun (Brune) Ryves, John Keat and Thomas Ryves; William Throckmorton and John Watson; Richard Steele, Francis Kendall, John Martin, Daniel Duprey, James Carkesse, John Ashrein, Sanford Cookesley, Anto. Hadilow, Edward Seaman, George Lawrence, Richard Hutchinson, Geo. Potts. James Hinds and John Stracey. (Total of bonds 5,122l. 19s. 2d.). Money Book (Customs). pp. 66–72."[2]

"Jan. 21. 56. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Barbados. Petition of James Cowse granted."[3]

"Cowse, James (Coowes) s. Edmond, of London, Middlesex, gent. Christ Church, matric. 29 Jan., 1646-7, aged 17; a student from Westminster School 1646, B.A. 6 Nov., 1649, M.A. 23 Oct., 1651, incorp. at Cambridge 1654, as Cowes, rector of Luddenham, Kent, 1660. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus; Burrows; & Alumni West., 125."[4]

"Cowse, James s. J(ames), of Barbados, gent. Trinity Coll., matric. 6 Nov., 1685, aged 16; bar.-at-law, Middle Temple 1692. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. [40]"[5]

1712/13 Mar. 22 James Cowse Esq:r in y:e Chancell"[6]

John Maxfeild

"London hearth tax, 1666:

St Edmund the King and Martyr: Cock Alley:

John Maxfeild 3 hearths"[7]


Primary sources

Edmund and James Cowse


C 5/32/15 Short title: Blackledge v Cowes. Plaintiffs: Jacob Blackledge. Defendants: Edmund Cowes [Cowse] and James Cowes [Cowse]. Subject: money matters, London or Middlesex. Document type: plea. 1658
C 5/33/17 Short title: Blackledge v Cowse. Plaintiffs: Jacob Blackledge. Defendants: Edmund Cowse [Cowes] and James Cowse [Cowes]. Subject: money matters, London or Middlesex. Document type: bill, two answers. 1658
C 5/475/93 Edwards v. Cowse: Devon. 1666

C 142/651/143 Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series II, and other Inquisitions, Henry VII to Charles I. Cowse, Edmund: Devon. 24 March 1624 - 23 March 1625

Secondary sources

Gragg, Larry, Englishmen Transplanted: The English Colonization of Barbados, 1627-1660 (Oxford, 2003)
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