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The 13th of March 1656.

Robert Browning against Tilley}
and others. Clements.}

Exámined upon the Libell.

Rp. 1.

Thomas Browning of Wapping Mariner, aged
35 yeares or thereabouts sworne and exámined.

To the first article hee saith hee well know the shipp the ffortune
arlate from Aprill 1654 till Aprill 1655 or thereabouts, and was for
that time Master of her, and thereby well knoweth that the arlate Adrian
Vanderpost, Joseph Tilley, Robert Cordell and company were for all the
said time the true and lawfull owners and proprietors of the said shipp
ánd of her tackle apparell and furniture and for such commonly accounted.

To the second and third árticles hee saith and deposeth that within the
time aforesaid namely, on the tenth of May 1654 the said Adrian Vanderpost,
Joseph Tilley and Robert Cordell, in the name of themselves and the
rest of the said owners did agree with and hire the said Robert Browning
to goe Masters Mate and assistant to the Sopra cargo of and in the said
shipp the ffortune in her then intended voyage from this port for
Salley in Barbary, thense to other ports and places beyond the seas, and
back againe to this port, at the rate and for the wages of foure pounds
per month for every moneth hee should soe serve in the said shipp
as Masters mate, and moreover fourtie shillings per hundred of and for
every hundred pounds worth of goods that the said shipp should carry
out thense or take into her in any port or place beyond the seas for
his wages or hire in assisting the Sopra cargo, which hee knoweth being
at the Bell in Saint Nicholas lane on the said tenth of May, on which
day hee the said Robert entred into pay for the said voyage. And saith the
said Robert accordingly went out with and served in the said shipp in the
qualities aforesaid and arived therewith at Salley in Barbary in the moneth
of August 1654, and there delivered part of her outward cargo, and thense
sailed to Santa Cruse in Barbary and there delivered the rest, and there
tooke in other lading, and intended to saile therewith for Salley
afore said, but was by streasse of weather forced into Tituan in the
Streights, where shee delivered certaine passengers and goods, and thense
endeavoured to saile againe for Salley, but by extremitie of weather (which caused
the losse of the shipps anchors, and endangered the mens lives), shee was
forced into Cadiz, and there delivered the rest of her lading or the major
part thereof. All which hee knoweth going master of the said shipp
and seeing the premisses soe donne.

To the fourth article hee saith that the cargo of goods which the said
shipp carried from this said voyage, cost and was worth, as
this deponent heard the said Vanderpost, Tilley and Cordell (to whom
with their company the same was belonging) say and affirme, thirteene
hundred pounds of sterling, And otherwise hee cannot depose.

To the fifth hee saith the said shipp tooke up into her in Barbary
in bees wax, almonds, dates, skinnes, feathers gold and Amber-Gr[?eese]
to a good valew, but howe much hee knoweth not./




Thomas Browning (of Wapping, mariner, age 25)
Adrian Vanderpost,
Jospeh Tilley and Robert Cordel (Owners of the ffortune)
Robert Browning (Masters Mate and assistant to the Sopra cargo of the ffortune)

Robert Cordel(l)

Adrian Vander Poest

"[1667] April 5. Lime Street, London

87. Adrian Vander Poest to Williamson. Sends a letter from Lime Street, Hamburg; would have delivered it at the post-house, but they would not receive it." [1]


The the Bell in Saint Nicholas lane (London)
Salley (in Barbary)
Santa Cruse (in Barbary)

Saint Nicholas Lane

"[Candleswicke street warde] ...On the north side of this warde, at the west end of East cheape, haue yee saint Clements lane, a part whereof on both sides is of Candlewike streete ward, to wit, somewhat North beyond the parish Church of saint Clement in Eastcheape. This is a smal Church, void of monuments, other then of Francis Barnam Alderman, who deceased 1575, and of Benedicke Barnam his sonne, alderman also, 1598. William Chartney, and William Ouerie, founded a Chaunterie there. Next is saint Nicholas lane for the most part on both sides of this ward, almost to saint Nicholas church. Then is Abchurch lane, which is on both the sides, almost wholy of this ward, the parish Church there (called of saint Marie Abchurch, Apechurch, or Vpchurch as I haue read it) standeth somewhat neere vnto the south ende thereof, on a rising ground..."[2]




bees wax



Primary sources



C 5/46/61 Bridges. Short title: Tilley v Clarke. Plaintiffs: Joseph Tilley. Defendants: Edmund Clarke and others. Subject: property in Cannon Street, London. Document type: bill, answer. 1665
C 5/414/39 Short title: Tilley v Clarke. Plaintiffs: Joseph Tilley. Defendants: Edmund Clarke. Subject: money matters. Document type: bill, two answers, certificate. 1665


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