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sayd shipp did happen in this deponents judgement and as he verily beleeveth
through the ignorance or neglect, or alsoe through the mates and [?XXXXX GUTTER]
[?nes] of him the sayd James Waring; which he deposeth for that he [?saith GUTTER]
the sayd dammage so done and same and knoweth the quality of the goods so
dammified and is well assured that the said Pilot had he done his duty might
have prevented the sayd dammage, by putting into the Channell [XXX XXXX XXX GUTTER]
served well for that purpose att that tyme, and another shipp which
was a head of the Exchange did safely putt into the Channell att that
tyme, and escaped that danger which the Exchange by not altering
her course rann into; And otherwise he cannot depose.

To the 8th article he cannot depose.

To the 9th he saith he referres himselfe to the Acts and words of the Court.

To the 10th he saith the sayd Waring is generally reputed to be an
Englishman and subject to the Jurisdiction of this Court

To the last he saith his foregoeing deposition is true.

To the Crosse Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING]

To the 1st Interrogatories he saith that the sayd James Warren hath had the repute
of a sufficient Pilot to conduct a shipp out of this River into the downes
and accordingly hath pilotted severall shipps as that Rendent hath heard
And further having not had any personall knowledge of the sayd Warren
or Experience of his Pilotting before the voyage in question he cannot

To the second Interrogatorie he saith the said James Warren did Pilot the said shipp
and brought her safely to Gravesend, and she was there cleared upon a
Saturday, and the same Saturday might as he now remembreth or the next
morning she was unmoved in order to fall downe to the Hope. And att that
tyme the wind was very high, howbeit other shipps as well of the Exchange
then likewise departed from Gravesend, and the said Warren Pilotted the
Exchange into the Hope without difficulty so farr as this Rendent
observed. And further knowing nothing of the interrogat passages
betwixt the sayd Wilkinson and Warren, he cannot depose.

To the third Interrogatorie he saith that the shipp Exchange was of about two
hundred tonnes burthen and twenty four men are a competent number
to sayle such a shipp upon such a voyage as was then intended and
that there were twenty four men as Mariners in the sayd shipp Exchange
the tyme in question, besides two boyes all being of her company. And [?that GUTTER]
otherwise not remembering to have heard the sayd Warren to have compl[?ained GUTTER]
of lack of men, or that the said Wilkinson threatened him with making or [?threaten= GUTTER]
ing to make a Mutiny or any thing to that purpose, or of any import[?unity GUTTER]
or force used to the said Warren to sayle out of the Hope, he saith [?hee GUTTER]
cannot answere.

To the 4th Interrogatorie he saith that the sayd shipp being upon her sayd voyage
departed from the Hope (to the best of his remembrance) upon a Sunday morning
next after the fore mentioned Saturday, and sayling by the Redsand [?were GUTTER]
over the fflatts that morning, and att that tyme there blew a very strong
wind from the North west and By west, but the sayd shipp came not to the [XX GUTTER]
narrow nor did edge in as is pretended by this Interrogatorie, but ćame [?neare GUTTER]
to the Woollpack which is out of the narrow, and there struck and left [?her GUTTER]
rudder, after the losse whereof the said shipp beat over that sand
and then cast anchor but not lyeing safely thene, but beating upon
another saw the Cables were of necessity to be cutt, and so the shipp [XX GUTTER]
over that other sands; And he saith it is true that the said Warren did steare [XXX GUTTER]
South East for the Redsand, and did afterwards and after that he [?had GUTTER]
mist or left his Course to the narrow whither he should have gone, [?endeavoure GUTTER]
to edge into the shoare South East and by South but that endeavour be [XX GUTTER]