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To the first Article of the sayd Allegation this deponent saith and deposeth
that he this deponent well knew the arlate Ann Muytinx an Inhabitant
of Antwerpe in fflanders the widdow of William Brudgmans who in [his]
life tyme was a Burgher an an Inhabitant of Antwerpe aforesayd
And saith that for the space of three yeares and upwards of the certain
knowledge of this deponent next before her death she the sayd Ann
Muytinx did drive a [roustant?] trade from fflanders to Calus and St. Lu[sar]
and sivill in Spaine for sylver, upon her owne Accompt, And further saith that about
seven yeares agoe she sent her sonne Hieronymo Brugmans to Sevil[l]
where he now liveth, and imployed him during her life as her Agent
or ffactor sending him goods out of fflanders whereof he was and
did make her [roustant?] returnes[?] from St Lucar and Cadiz in sylver, ma[inly?]
plate and other merchaundises, for her use and Accompt, this premissed the
deponent knoweth to be true being a servant of the sayd Hieronymo Brud[gmans]
and one that hath that the keeping and perusing of his bookes of Accompts
and thereby well understanding the trade he hath managed as an Agen[t].
for his sayd mother the arlate Ann Muytinx. And further he cannot depose.

To the second he saith that in the monethes of September October November
December and January last past 1652. the sayd Anne Muytinx
dowager whilest she lived and the sayd Ann Brudgman and Marga[ret]
Brudgman her daughters and heires after he dowage were and att th[e]
present ought to be true and lawfull Owners and proprietors
of eight great baggs of peices of eight of old peru money num[bered]
from 1 to 8 marked as in the margent. Seven of the sayd bagg[s]


conteyning in every of them one thousand peices or Royalls of eig[ht]
old peru Coyne a peice, and one of them one thousand fifty pei[ces]
of eight of like coyne, and of fifteene baggs of peices of
eight old peru coyne marked with the same marke in the marg[ent]
and numbered from 79 to 93 conteyning in all three thousand
eight hundred forty three and a halfe peices of eight, there being
putt into every of the dayd fifteene baggs two hundred and fifty
peices, and ninety three peices and a halfe more into the sayd fifteene
baggs over and above the sayd two hundred and fifty peices in
every of them severally. The premisses this deponent knoweth to be t[rue]
for that the sayd Hieronymo Brudgman bought and procured the
sayd peices of eight being in the whole eleven thousand eight
hundred nynety three peices and one halfe peice of eight with the
proceed of a quantity of fflanders lace which he had befor receyv[ed]
from his sayd mother Ann Muytinx, this deponent being privy to
and knowing of the buying of the sayd moneyes att Cadiz and saith
he told and counted the same and bagged up marked numbred and
sewed upp the baggs wherein they were putt with his owne hands And
he further saith that the sayd Anna and Margaret Brudgmans
are the naturall and lawfull daughters and heyres of the sayd Anne
Muytinx, and as and for lawfull heyres of the sayd deceased they
are aswell by the Magistrates and others of Antwerpe commonly accounted
reputed and taken and have and enioy the use and possession of their
sayd mothers goods att Antwerpe where they live of the sight and
knowledge of him this deponent And further he cannot depose.



Ann Muytinx
Hieronynimo Brudgmans
Anna Brudgmans
Margaret Brudgmans

William Brudgmans


St Lacar