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HCA 13/69 Silver 14 f.1v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window


saith hee being at Antwerp and there through the greate familiarities and
friendshipp betweene him and the said producent (who lived formerly longe in
this deponents fathers house in Spaine) having frequent accesse to the house and
into the countinge house of the said producent, and perusing his bookes and
advises (as hee is ued to doe) found the said orders advises and answeres
in his bookes and letters. And otherwise hee cannot depose.

To the ourth article hee saith and deposeth that in and by the said advises
and writings, and by the bills of lading to that purpose sent from
Cadiz to him the said producent who communicating them unto him under the
hands of the said factors, with whose hand writings hee is well acquainted
hee found and [?soe] farr forth and otherwise knoweth that in in or about the
monethes of May, June, July, August, September and October in the
yeere 1652, the said Gerrard [?Riper], Lopez de Molina and John
Baptista and others the correspondents and factors of the said John Nallart
and for his use and accompt did lade and cause to be laden aboard
the shipps the Sampson Otto George master, the Salvador Christian
Cloppenburgh master and the Saint George John Martenson dorp master
at Cadiz all and singular the severall quantities and parcells of
silver mentioned and expressed in the beginning of the said allegation
that is to say tenn barret[?oas] of silver in forme of a [?smalle-shell]
marked with the first marke in the margent, three barrs of silver
one of the 2d. marke no. 66: another of the 3d. marke no. 977. and the other of the 4th. marke no. 108.
and 4 barres of silver of the 5th. marke, whereof trhee are without number, and the other no.
10. and one other barre of the 6th. marke no. 9. and seaven little barres without number of the
7th. marke, and sixteene little barrs covered with linnen of the 8th marke from no. 1. to 16.
and sealed, and foure barrs of silver three of the 9th. mark, no. 238. 412. and 562.
and the other of the 10th marke, no. 452. and two barres of silver of the 11th marke no. 1249. or
1269. 1411. and five barrs of silver no. 22. 47. 117. 105. and 51. and a flatt peece of silver without
number of the 12th marke and five baggs sealed conteyning together two thousand good [?PXXX]
pieces of eight new Coyne from No. 1. to five of the 13th marke aboard the shipp the Saint
George, John Martins dorp Master, And three great barres of fine silver no. 35. [?allay]
20376. of the 14th marke, no. 527 allay 2[?0]370 of the 15th marke no. 525. allay 2[?0]366
of the 15th marke, and two barrs of silver of the 16th no. 694: 612: and five barrs of silver
of the 17th marke no. 5. 11. 35. 34. 33. three barrs of silver of the 18th marke no. 5. 11. 12
and one barre of silver of the 19th marke no. 5. and ten bundles of silver of severall [?peeces]
of plate sealed and marked with the 20th marke no. 1. 39. 28. 9. 5. 4. 16. 20. 28. 72. and
ten peeces of sylver bended of the 21th marke, and two baggs sealed containing 257 [?pieces]
of eight good new money of Peru and 43. ordinary Peru pieces of eight of the old
sort being togeather three hundred pieces of eight of the 22th marke aboard the said shipp
the Salvadore(Christian Cloppenburgh Master) And five barrs and one ball of silver
of the 23th marke, and foure balls of sylver of the 24th marke, and four barrs of
sylver of the 25th marke no. 1. to 7. 10. 12. 13. 14. And 4. barrs more covered with
linnen of the 27th marke no. 1. 2. 3. 5. and seaven barrs of sylver of the 28th marke
no. 1/ to 7. the allay 1[?0]720. no. 2. allay 1[?0]750. no. 3. allay 10750 no. 4. allay [?10XXX]
no. 5. allay 10720. no. 6. allay 10750. no. 7. allay 10690. And one Case of silver
no. 2.of the 29. marke, and 5. barres of silver of the 30th marke no. 8. 9: 10. 14. 34
aboard the said shipp the Sampson (Otto George Master)

all to be transported and carried in the said shipps from Cadiz to Ostend and there
to be delivered to the said producent or his assignes for his use, And
saith that this deponent in or about September 1652 and before the
seizure of the said shipps, having order to that purpose from the
producent tendred intimation to this Court of the said lading
or the most part thereof. And otherwise hee cannot depose.