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HCA 13/69 Silver 4 f.3r Annotate
First transcribed 27 August 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 3  +
Parent volume HCA 13/69 Silver 4  +
Places '''Kiddorp Street, Antwerpen (alt. Kid dor'''Kiddorp Street, Antwerpen (alt. Kid dorp; Kipdorp)''' [[File:Antwerpen Kipdorp GoogleMap 04032016.PNG|1000px|thumb|left|Antwerpen city centre, 2016, Google Map]] Triomfpoort opgericht in de Kipdorp bij de Sint-Jacobskerk, 1685, Gaspar Bouttats, 1685<br /> ets, h 172mm × b 138mm. Meer objectgegevensUNIQ9d41674b58afda34-ref-00002465-QINU Book published: "Antwerpen, By Joseph Jacops, in het Kiddorp op den hoeck vande Padde-gracht"UNIQ9d41674b58afda34-ref-00002468-QINU "WILLEMSENS, Wed. van Joris. Zij was nog werkzaam in 1703 en woonde op dit tijdstip in het (Kip) Kiddorp, over den Jesuiten Toren, In St. Ignotius. Op een ander werk vinden wij vermeld, achter den Jesuiten Toren, ook by den Jesuiten Toren, in St. Ignatius."UNIQ9d41674b58afda34-ref-0000246B-QINU Silver Ship lader and Antwerp merchant Edward Peters (, d. ca.1678) lived on the Kiddorp/Kitdorp/Kipdorp in Amsterdam. George Boschaert, another Antwerp merchant, stated he "hath personally knowne him with his family in the Kitdorp in Antwerp and formerly in Antwerp and Dover"UNIQ9d41674b58afda34-ref-0000246E-QINU Michiel Peeters, the younger son of the Antwerp merchant Eduard Peeters and of Anna Goyvaertsen van de Graef, is shown as "Décédé le 14 mars 1729", with the note "Ridder, wonende in het huis "De Sikkel" op het Kipdorp te Antwerpen (1714)". He is shown as "Marié en 1683 avec Maria Josepha VAN EELEN †ca 1702", with whom he had five children.UNIQ9d41674b58afda34-ref-00002471-QINU The genealogical record of Michiel Peeters draws heavily on the familie-archief Peeters d'Aertselaer. The marriage contract between Michiel Peeters and Maria Josepha van Eelen was dated February 10th 1683 witnessed by Michiel Peeters' maternal uncle (Adriaen Goijvaertsen vanden Graeff), who is described as "bouwmeester van Antwerpen" and "Jan van Eelen" wiho is descibed as "Ridder" (Item: P.3/41.0.0) "Brief aan Michiel Peeters wonende op het Kipdorp te Antwerpen vanwege baron d'Erquelberghe. Een intacte rode lakzegel siert de brief. Brief nog te vertalen (Franse tekst)"UNIQ9d41674b58afda34-ref-00002474-QINU)"UNIQ9d41674b58afda34-ref-00002474-QINU  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 27/08/2015  +
Transcription [ADD DATA] To the sixth and seventh he sa[ADD DATA] To the sixth and seventh he saith that the sayd plate and moneys was bought<br /> for the producents, and laden for their sole use accompt and Risco as aforesayd<br /> And noe subiect of the States of the United Provinces or King of ffrance<br /> had or hath any share part or interest therein. And saith that the sayd<br /> producents are natives of fflanders, and subiects of the King of Spaine<br /> and so accounted, And the sayd Christian Aelst is an officer of the<br /> King of Spaines mint att Antwerp where he hath his wife children and family<br /> And the sayd Hjeronimo Brudgmans for about seven or eight yeares hath<br /> lived in Sevell in Spaine; And both the sayd producents by common repute<br /> have bin subiects of the King of Spaine all their tymes respectively.<br /> The premisses this deponent knoweth being a servant of the sayd Hieronimo<br /> and having correspondence with the sayd Christian Aelst and hath bene att his<br /> howse in Antwerpe aforesayd. And further he cannot depose. To the crosse Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING] '''Row dt.''' To the 1st negatively. To the .2.d he saith he hath knowne the parties interrate, who by common repute are both<br /> natives of Antwerpe, five yeares or thereabouts, and saw the sayd Hjeronimo<br /> Brudgmans att Cadiz the tyme interrate, And saith Christian Aelst liveth<br /> in the street Kiddorp in Antwerp, and Hjeronimo Brudgmans in Saint Nicholas<br /> Street in Sevill. and are both subiects of the King of Spaine. To the .3.d he saith that the plate and moneys interrate was all of it laden in the day<br /> time, and receyved aboard by the masters of the sayd shipp respectively and was<br /> carryed aboard by Peter Classon a Spaniard a boatsman of Cadiz in the<br /> Company of this deponent a native of Bridges in fflanders. To the 4th he hath satisfyed above. To the 5. he saith the bills of lading interrate are true and reall, and otherwise<br /> negatively. To the 6. and 7th he saith that the respective Captaines of the sayd shipp made entries<br /> of the sayd money and plate in their bookes respectively, agreeable to which<br /> the sayd bills of lading were drawne, and beleiveth the sayd booke is in the<br /> Registry of this Court. And further he cannot depose. To the 8th he saith he knoweth nothing thereof. To the 9th he saith he is fully convinced in his conscience that noe subiect of the<br /> Statesthat noe subiect of the<br /> States  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_118_07_2649.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_118_07_2649.jpg|[[:HCA 13/69 Silver 4|HCA 13/69 Silver 4]] f.3r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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